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When your dogs pancreas fails to produce enough insulin, sugars build up in the bloodstream. General Information about dog diabetesGeneral Information About Dog DiabetesMost people are confused about what dog diabetes really is. All natural dog diabetes remedyAll Natural Herbal Dog Diabetes Treatments And RemedyFind out more about all natural Blood Sugar Gold today! Canine diabetes is a life-threatening disease that occurs when the body is unable to produce enough insulin to metabolize food for energy. Canine diabetes is a lifelong condition caused by an absolute or relative deficiency of insulin.
If left untreated, this condition can lead to dehydration, blindness, malnutrition, neuropathy, and death.
Good and bad foods and treats to give your diabetic dog videosHealthy Foods And Treats For Diabetic Dogs Youtube VideosIf your dog does have diabetes, it's important to put him on a new diet that will help control his blood sugar level. Below are two great Youtube videos that show what types of food are good and bad for canines with diabetes. Return to top of pageCopyright 2011 Dog Diabetes Treatment • Read all about dog diabetes here. Like all fungi, the ringworm fungus proliferates in climates that are hot and humid, and you may think that ringworm infections most likely occur in the hot summer days. If your dog is infected with the fungus, spores from his hair can be shed into the living environment (e.g.
As you can see, these symptoms mimick a number of other skin conditions, such as mange and other allergic conditions, that's why it is important to consult a vet for a proper diagnosis.
A common diagnosis is to use a special black light called Wood's lamp to look for the fluorescence of infected hairs. Another way and probably the most accurate diagnosis is to collect some dry scales and lesion crusts from the skin and coat and perform a culture. For local infections, an antifungal ointment is usually used to treat the lesions two times per day. For more serious or generalized infections, in addition to the topical treatment, antifungal shampoos or even dips will also be used. Natural remedies (such as herbs, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids) can be used safely and effectively to alleviate itching in dogs. Before even considering how to ease your dog's itch, the most important thing to do is to get her to the vet to try to identify the underlying cause. Oat: If your dog's itch is NOT caused by yeast infections, you can use oat to help alleviate her itch. Alternatively, washing your dog with a shampoo that contains oat can also help alleviate the itch.

This shampoo is effective in providing relief in dog itchy skin, skin problems such as excessive dryness, dandruff, and certain types of dermatitis (e.g. Alternatively, if you have a tincture of calendula, you can make a spritz by adding 10 to 15 drops of the tincture to about 4 oz. Immune-boosting herbs (such as echinacea, Oregon grape), as well as herbs that have blood purifying effects (e.g.
Vitamins A, C, and E: These vitamins are also effective in helping to alleviate dog itching.
It is heart-wrenching to see our dog suffer - especially if he keeps scratching himself until he bleeds. Also, you may think that using conventional anti-itch drugs such as anti-histamines can bring faster relief.
Using the above suggested natural itch relief for dogs works, but it takes longer to see the result; however, the result is usually long-lasting. While some of them can be straight-up pseudoscience, there are some at-home remedies that people have sworn by for weight loss, acne, and a slew of other ailments. Excess sugar in a dog's bloodstream can then cause many other diseases, up to and including death. All natural Blood Sugar Gold is a great herbal remedy that helps stabilize blood sugar levels, maintains a healthy liver and good eye health. Here is detailed information about this disease, including what causes it, symptoms, how a dog gets it and the cure or treatment of canine diabetes. Miniature Schnauzers, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, and German Shepard dogs have the highest incidence.
Although this condition can not be cured, it can be successfully managed with proper medication and changes in diet and lifestyle.
Most people don't really understand what it is, how a dog gets it, how it's treated and so on. With a healthy diet and Blood Sugar Gold supplement you can manage the insulin levels in his body. You don't want to give your best friend food or snacks that will upset the insulin levels in his body greatly.
So check out the first one below and see what foods are healthy for a diabetic dog and what ones are bad. If you have a dog with ringworm, therefore, use extreme care when handling and treating your dog. These lesions, which may or may be itchy, usually start out small and round, but can keep growing in size.
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It might be tempting but try not to scratch your dog's itchy spot, and try not to rub the skin with a towel. Read all the great information inside here about what causes dog diabetes, the symptoms of it, what it does and how to cure or treat it the all natural, herbal way for quality of life for your best friend! Insulin deficiency results in glycosuria (high urine sugar) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). All natural Blood Sugar Gold is one of the best ways to help your dog keep a stable blood sugar level and insulin levels. This goes without saying, but be sure to check with your vet before self-diagnosing and treating your pup.1. To Prevent Yeast Infections and Keep Upset Tummies in Check: Plain YogurtJamie Lee Curtis and doctors alike preach about the wonderful benefits of yogurt for your digestive tract.
It is also great as a preventative measure for yeast infections, to which puppies can be especially prone. Getting Burs out of Fur: Crisco All-Vegetable ShorteningIf you and your pup fancy yourself outdoorsmen, you’ve probably encountered burs, twigs, and who knows what else lodged into your pup’s fur.
Put gloves on (to protect yourself from also getting pricked), and then slather the bur and fur around it with Crisco. Be sure to wash your pup afterwards to prevent grease stains from showing up all over their favorite lounging spot.3. For Itchy Skin and Hotspots: Calendula TinctureIf your dog is constantly itchy or his skin appears red, a little herb called calendula can work wonders. Calendula possesses anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, so it is helpful for dogs with skin allergies or over scratched areas.
As an ear cleaner: Apple Cider VinegarApple Cider Vinegar has been popping up as some sort of miracle worker on a lot of health blogs, and it turns out it can be helpful for your pup, too. If your dog suffers from itchy ears or has long, floppy ears, a solution of half ACV and half purified water can be an ideal ear cleaning solution. Soak a cotton ball in the solution and gently wipe out your dog’s ear until there is no more gunk or debris shows up.5.
For a natural way of repelling the blood suckers, take the juice of a freshly squeezed orange or lemon and rub it onto your pet’s fur.
These extracts contain limonene, which IS a good insect repellent, but is extremely irritating to the skin and can wreck severe damage to your pet’s liver.

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