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We massage therapists use hands not gadgets and can quickly detect areas of cold, heat and tension.
Before we massage a horse we watch it walk, trot and canter in straight lines and in circles; walking and trotting in hand, all three gaits ridden. In that first session we get to know and feel the horse so that we can plan its individual programme. Massage benefits all equines from the leisure pony through endurance mounts, native trekkers, draught horses, show jumpers, trotters, hunters, top eventers to the thoroughbred racer .Horses are basically social, plains animals evolved to roam up to 20 miles a day, grazing for 16 hours. To sum up: the benefits of massage include increased circulation, lymph drainage and venous return, improved coat and joint mobility and enhanced muscle tone. A highly successful brand from Australia, Cottons has a range of 100% natural cotton tampons, liner and pads which have no dyes, or chemicals in them and the range ishypo-allergenic.
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Now they are tacked up, harnessed, ridden, driven or, worst of all, stabled for hours at a time. The programmes can stimulate or relax the mind as required and, if performed by owner or regular carer create a bond between horse and human. Ware cat furniture satisfies the feline friends natural instinct to scratch, climb, perch or hide.
Heat denotes over energy and cold the opposite so any horse massage programme must take account of these differences.
When we feel a lump we investigate straight away: is it an insect bite, horse nip, kick wound, scratch, or a rash?
Some owners buy made-to-measure saddles which fit the horse at that time but horses change shape with the seasons, with work regimes and with maturity.
Some other 'clients' may just need warming up before strenuous exercise and then a relaxing treatment afterwards to prevent stiffness setting in.

If we are to continue challenging them the least we can do is prepare their minds and muscles beforehand and ease away stresses and strains afterwards. I have seen one pony lay down on its side and sleep following a post dressage massage, another literally drool with delight and relief. After this assessment of horse, saddle and rider we like our client to be brushed down and secured in a quiet place ready for the initial hands on.

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