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Modern research has shown that garlic has antifungal, antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-parasitic and anti-cancer effects.
The odor of garlic is due to the sulfur containing compounds that account for most of its medicinal properties. This plant has been used for centuries in many cultures for treating burns and healing wounds. Each leaf contains a jellylike substance which works toward rapid regeneration of tissue on wounds and burns. Aloe plants can be easily found in the nursery, and require little care to maintain in a home. Rather than being troubled about all those dandelions on your lawn, you can use them to make a healthy tea infusion and detoxify your dog’s liver. Dandelion leaves are also specific medicine for the kidneys, while the root is a remedy for liver detoxifications. I would recommend that you do not use dandelions from lawns that have been sprayed with herbicides.
IN box: Two to three tablespoons of the leaves can be placed into one cup of water and brought to a boil. Sidebar: Cranberries and Blueberries, which are in the same genus prevent bacteria from adhering to the cells on the bladder wall.
Additionally, cranberries are excellent as a general health tonic, balancing the acid-base balance in the body. In the Middle Ages almost every Monastery had a physic garden which contained the herbs they needed for cooking and healing. Sidebar: Phytochemicals are compounds found in plants that are used by our bodies for nourishment when we eat the plant. The plant kingdom is abundant in rich resources that can be added to your dog’s diet to aid in preventing disease.
It may surprise you to learn that some of the plants you may typically purchase for your perennial garden are medical plants. In this next section, we will make it easy for you to plant a healing garden that will provide you with healing herbs throughout the growing season in a 4 foot by 4 foot space.
These herbs have been used for centuries as natural cures and to help maintain good health.
Be sure to harvest these herbs before they begin to fade at the season’s end, and dry them in bunches hanging upside down. Sidebar: Perennials are plants that have a lifespan of more than two years and, if the climate is right, will return year after year. Sidebar: The Romans coined the name Calendula to reflect the herb’s blooming schedule, for it would flower on the calends, or new moon, of every month. In Europe, calendula flowers are a common ingredient in ointments and creams used to treat cuts, mild burns, inflammations, sores and bee stings. In box: When making your own calendula infusion it is best to use the petals alone, for this makes a better product.
Recipe: Pour one cup of boiling water onto 1-2 tablespoons of the petals and steep for 15 minutes.

Echinacea is the well- known herbal remedy that many start to take the minute they feel a cold coming on, because it is effective against both bacterial and viral attacks. Echinacea is made from popular Purple Coneflower that one often sees growing in perennial gardens. While some people take it all winter with the intent of warding off the flu, its best use is at the very start of a fever or infection.
Some say the fresh plant is much more effective than the dried herb and I would fully agree. Sidebar: To boost the immune system place 1-2 teaspoons of the root and one chopped flower in 2 cups of water and bring it slowly to a boil. Fennel is a wonderful digestive aid and was used for this purpose in Australia and Spain for hundreds of years. Parsley works to detoxify the body and a teaspoon or more in every meal adds that chlorophyll that is so healthy. Sidebar: Throw some bits of rosemary and lavender on your floor and vacuum them up as you clean.
It is excellent to add into an external rinse for your dogs coat because it promotes hair growth and brings out the luster and color tones in the fur. A lavender rinse after a bath, or placing some of the tea in a spray bottle works to decrease both the sebum and bacteria and keep that odor at bay. Dog treats Tip There are dog foods and dog treats that promote good oral health in dogs.
While men tend to gain upper belly fat, women are susceptible to suffer from lower belly fat.
It supports the digestive tract, helping support and revive those good bacteria in the gut and wards off worms. The Aloe originated in tropical Africa, where it was used as an antidote for poison arrow wounds.
Apply the green tinged clear jelly like inside of the split leaf to burns, wounds, fungal infections and insect bites.
Some chopped dandelion in a meal works to clean a relatively healthy liver and simply make it even healthier. At that time, the definition of physic meant medicine or healing as an art or a profession. It was commonly used by the Native Americans of the Great Plains region of North America for its powers of wound healing and immune boosting. Diet plays an essential role in restricting the calorie consumption and thus preventing accumulation of belly fat. If you cut a leaf and use part of it the remaining parts of the leaf needs to be stored in the refrigerator.
Halitosis can signal that your dog has gingivitis, periodontitis, an abscessed tooth, a bone stuck in the mouth, an oral ulcer, mouth tumors, a lung disease or kidney disease. While any type of exercise helps calorie burn and burns away belly fat, there are particular exercises that are more effective than others in losing belly fat.
The dandelion root works as a very powerful diuretic, removing excess fluid from the body, but also replaces potassium that is lost in the process.

Fresh herbs have a much higher concentration of phytochemicals than dried up herbs sitting in a jar on a supermarket shelf.
Working in your herb garden is a good excuse to get back in touch with nature while getting a nice tan. Dry the herb quickly so the flowers retain their rich pungent scent, but do not dry them at too high a temperature.
You see, bacteria begin to grow in the excess sebum and the bacterial growth in the greasy coat is responsible for that musty, smelly, old shoe odor that some dogs seem to have. It’s best to have your dog examined by a veterinarian before chalking up the offensive odor to doggie breath.
If, however, your dog simply has stinky breath, there are natural remedies for eliminating the problem. She graduated from Campbellsville University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in English, journalism and political science. Practicing yoga can help specifically in the reduction of abdominal fat and fats throughout your entire body. Taking one to two tablespoons orally three times a day acts as a tonic for the intestinal tract. A few drops given a few times a day can aid in removing fluid in dogs with heart conditions. Some poses have been shown improve spine health and improve flexibility through the entire core region.Cat Cow PoseThis popular pose may also be referred to as the cat camel or simply just the kitty pose. It is great for beginners, not requiring much effort.The kitty cow pose will really have you feeling stretched and open. This movement will condition your abdominal wall and can give your abdominal organs a pleasant massage.Cobra PoseAnother great exercise for those levels of yoga, the cobra pose really strengthens and elongates the stomach. You’ll will also get a good spine exercise in by compressing the spine which can help increase blood flow. A rise in blood flow to the abdominal region can help in toning as well as flexibility.Abdominal LiftAn excellent move that can be done anywhere, even sitting on line at the grocery store! How to Get Rid of Dog Eye Tear Stains How to Rid Dogs of a Musty Dog Smell We Also Recommend Why Do Dogs Pant?
Your circulation will improve during your entire thoracic cavity.Strength TrainingStrength training helps to get ripped and the greater the muscle mass, the greater is the energy burned to maneuver these muscles.
As the stored fats are transformed into energy, there is a reduction in the accumulated fats, thus assisting to lose stubborn belly fat in the process.CardioBelly fat is stubborn fat as well as a good amount of highly intense workouts to get rid of.
So, if you want to lose belly fat, as opposed to the regular cardio, you must decide to perform high intense cardio. However the more effective way of losing belly fat would be to perform high intensity cardio in intervals.

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