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2 Ingredient Dog TreatsPublished on September 4, 2014 by 4sonsrusDog treats can get expensive, but neither your budget or you pup have to suffer anymore. Natural Flea Shampoo For DogsPublished on July 24, 2013 by 4sonsrusDawn is well-known around the veterinary and shelter communities as a flea killer and flea deterrent.
Also, as a friendly reminder,  no children, pugs, or husbands were harmed in the making, usage, or smell-checking of this recipe. All-Natural Flea And Tick Spray for DogsPublished on June 28, 2013 by 4sonsrusWe have an almost 4 year old pug named Bentley. Spray onto your pet’s dry coat, staying away from sensitive areas including eyes, nose, mouth, and genitals. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Natural Pain Remedies give you and your Veterinarian time to be more hands on with your pet compared with traditional medicine and that along with some deep tissue massage or Acupuncture stimulation might be all your pet needs in order to be running around the backyard again.
NATURAL CHOICE Small Breed Senior Dry Dog Food features our unique SENIOR SUPPORT SYSTEM Formula that was created specifically for older, small breed dogs. I knew massage was a good thing for dogs, but it never occurred to me to look on YouTube for techniques. An immune-related condition, pannus is an inflammatory progressive disease of the eyes in which blood vessels invade a dog's corneas, conjunctive tissues and, in atypical cases, the third eyelids. Certified herbalist Sharon Hubbs, AHG, advises treating pannus with an eyewash of eyebright to clean the affected eye and combat infection. Add vitamin A to your dog's food both to boost his immune system and to protect the protective surface linings of his eyes. Use the Chinese plum flower homeopathic formula Ming Mu Di Huang Wan to treat your dog's eyes. Protect your dog's eyes both from bright sun and from exposure to snow glare or water glare on sunny days. Several visits to the vet to fix the problem in my dog garnered the standard treatment - antibiotics and medicated shampoo (a secondary problem from dermatitis is often bacterial infections from all that licking). Whether the cause is seasonal allergens like pollens and the like, or deficiencies in diet, or your dog happens to be one of the reactive breeds that is prone to react to irritants, these reactions are an indication that your dog may need extra nutritional support.
I noticed a difference in my dog after only three days of supplementing his diet with 3 grams of spirulina in his dinner (he is a 30kg dog) and dousing the irritated parts of his body with paw paw cream.
A tip: if you put a pair of your own socks on your dog's feet to stop him licking, go for an old scungy pair.
You can create your own on the cheap with a very simple recipe that only requires TWO ingredients: flour and baby food. Vinegar removes oils from the coat and skin while leaving fluffy, irresistibly soft fur behind.
Let it help remove those pesky hitch-hikers, keeping your fur baby(ies) flea free, and leaving your pet with a scent-free, fluffy coat to boot. When pets are outdoors generally to use the restroom only, spray the solution onto the animal’s coat once per day.

Old age, arthritis, and certain weather conditions can aggravate pain in dogs and make them quite miserable.
With a few quick and painless pricks, the needles can help focus on painful areas and offer relief.
You are not likely to turn a Senior Dog into a puppy but you will be able to give them back some quality to their lives.
Many smaller dogs live up to 20 years, so they'll benefit from our premium blend of natural antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and protein to support their immune systems and meet their energy needs.
Pannus occurs most often in German shepherds, but Labradors, poodles and border collies are susceptible. Corticsteroids are the conventional pannus treatment, but there are some natural treatments for the disease.
Then use an eye dropper and apply a few drops directly into the eye to soothe and hydrate it. This simple, two-ingredient recipe can also be customized like nobody’s business, so get creative and have a little fun (all while pampering your pooch)! Consider including grated carrots or sweet potatoes, maybe a little bit of parsley (which supposedly helps with bad breath), some fresh fruit, or (for an added treat) some peanut butter! Techinically, not everything listed is toxic, but each one provides an explanation of why you may want to avoid it.
I believe my exact words to him (in my best Billy Crystal accent) were ,”Dahling, you look mahvelous. While we all have our own favorites and readily use them as part of our summer arsenal to stop the heat’s oppressive assault, pets are often left out of this kind of treat.
Instead of allowing them to suffer try some natural pain remedies that might just help them get a bounce back in their step. Oils are simple to use and often just require you to apply the oil to the dogs paws or massage it into their ear flap. Made for smaller mouths that are prone to overcrowding, our premium dry dog food kibble can help naturally reduce plaque and tartar buildup. If your dog must be outdoors at other times, confine him to a shady area or purchase special dog-fitting UV-proof sunglasses. He, literally, goes until he can’t go anymore, falling over in a heap of exhaustion for a cat-nap that, at most, will only last 5 minutes.
The first thing you will want to do for your dog no matter what age they are is to put them on a good high quality Joint Support.
I used to work at an Animal Hospital and saw quite a few dogs that could barely walk when they entered the Hospital who were ready for a nice long walk after an Acupuncture Treatment. Lavender Oil can be used directly on the sore area but check with your vet before using essential oils as a remedy for chronic pain or acute pain as there may be something else going on that needs medical attention. You can start helping them at the first sign of limping or slowing down as none of these methods will endanger their liver or other vital organs. However, even though our Bentley is very near and dear to my heart, I couldn’t bring myself to continue to pay the high costs just for a bag of frozen dog treats, especially when I read the ingredient list and realized how simple it would be to make my own.

While we all enjoy watching him frolic through the grass, chase bugs, fetch sticks and so on, all this play time outside meant he was a constant tick magnet.
Glucosamin and Chondroitin are not just buzz words and they are not just for use in Senior Dogs. They are a great way to take care of common pain issues and is relaxing to your dog and allows some extra bonding time. Before you begin any treatment at home we urge you to visit your Veterinarian and have a full Senior workup done on your dog to ensure that everything else is in order as the condition might be something very treatable or could suggest something else that is going on and not just old age. Like an over-protective parent, I’m always worried about what others will think upon first meeting him. Literally, he set one paw outdoors, he had already attracted at least four of the little blood suckers.
Glucosamine and Chondroitin help promote the creation of your dog’s natural joint fluids that helps absorb the shock of your dogs movement.
So even if your vet doesn’t think it will do anything to help your pet they will not object to your spending some quality time with your pet and helping them relax. We used to buy over the counter products to help keep him bugger free, but aside from the expensive costs, we had another reason to seek out an alternative remedy.
This is something that all dogs need no matter their age for their body to unction at 100%. With our toddler, and other young children always in and out of our home, we just couldn’t risk the hazards of any one of them loving on the dog, and then ingesting harmful, toxic chemicals when those chubby baby hands went straight in their mouths. I love them even more because it helps me sneak some more protein into his diet without resorting to a wet food supplement.
With this new concoction all mixed up, and approved by our vet, we set off for the bathroom. I actually carried him to each of my children, and my poor husband, and made them smeeeeell him. When applied to Bentley once a day and rubbed lightly into his coat, we haven’t seen a single tick. Allow to cool completely before storing in a paper bag (storing in an air-tight container will make them soft, but they’re still edible).
There’s also been no scratching that would indicate any other unwanted squatters trying to take up residence.
I don’t have to worry about the little ones wanting to love on, and give kisses to, the dog. Make up your own batch today and serve an all natural, affordable eviction notice to the bugs.

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