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When an animal infected by rabies bites an individual, the virus in the animal gets transferred to the human body. You will be hocked to know that a person will start to show the rabies symptoms about 2 to 3 months after the entry of the virus in the body.
This is a harmful viral infection which attacks the nerves as well as the brain of the human beings. This is one of the common initial symptoms of rabies which includes fever with slight temperature, feeling fatigued, headache, body pain and chills. Even though the wound would have been healed well, there might be irritation and extreme pain in the place of the injury. You will notice that the person affected by the rabies becomes very hyperactive and begins to throw things which are placed in front of him.
When a person is infected by rabies, he might also show gastrointestinal symptoms that are associated with the condition.These include pain in the abdomen, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

As an individual affected by rabies advances to the neurological stage from the prodormal stage, he or she will notice that the severe symptoms of rabies begin to emerge. You will begin to notice that the infected person would experience recurring seizures which might be very difficult to control even with medications of intravenous administration. If you strain yourself, you can have a relapse, due to which the recovery from the disease becomes slow. In mumps, the jaws become sore due to which you may have difficulty and pain in eating hard foods.
LONDON: The customary stiff upper lip is making half of the Britons over the age of 50 ignore potential symptoms of cancer.
People are failing to heed the early warning signs of cancer because they fear they may end up wasting their doctor’s time over trivial symptoms, a study has found. The most shocking news is when the symptoms start to show, the illness already has taken the fatal form.

However, you must keep in mind that these signs are usually experienced during the prodormal stage in rabies. The throat muscles begin to exhibit spasms which make it difficult to swallow, and drinking liquids would provoke the condition.
This leads to drooling situation as the individual experiences difficulty to swallow the saliva.
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