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Although OTC analgesics and certain narcotic drugs like codeine are popular remedies for wisdom teeth, a good number of home remedies can also help subside the its symptoms such as pain, bleeding or swelling.
It has strong anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties that fight the prominent symptoms of wisdom teeth problems – pain, swelling and fever. Using wheat grass juice as mouthwash for relief from pain and swelling caused by wisdom teeth is a popular remedy. Onions have amazing astringent properties that remove the bacteria that thrive in the cavity between gums and wisdom teeth. An age-old remedy for various dental problems, salt-water gurgle also provides relief from pain and swelling caused by wisdom teeth. Irrespective of the area and the kind of infection throat infections almost always necessitate use of antibiotics to deactivate the virus or bacteria.
This herb has been used since ancient times to treat throat irritations resulting from infection. Many people have found this remedy to be very effective remedy for toothache and also one of the quickest ones.
For some, this method might make working hard literally impossible and for such reasons it is advised to consult a doctor. Another typical remedy that has been found effective by many and is very simple and can be done from home is the use of garlic. One more that can be added to the list of home remedies for toothache is the use of fresh peppermint. Whiskey is also one of the prescribed remedies for toothache as the alcohol content in it causes numbness. The infection spreads from the root of the tooth to the bones supporting the tooth and causes inflammation of the tissues within the tooth. This is really the easiest and cheapest way to bring relief in the symptoms of tooth abscess. Salt has antiseptic properties which remove the infection and provide relief in the pain and swelling.
Neem has been used since time immemorial for curing all types of bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Mustard oil has very strong antiseptic anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which make short work of the bacteria and provide relief in the pain and swelling. Now massage your gums and teeth with this mixture for five minutes after which rinse your mouth with warm water.
Bacterial infection is a major threat for human beings that cause lots of health risks and troubles.
Apart from bacterial infection, foreign materials usage is the major cause for pus accumulation that results in pain and spreads the infection to nearby cells. It is the major cure for destroying bacterial infection that reduces the formation of pus near the cavity. Whenever people want to get relief from any bad activities of bacteria, this drug becomes the first choice of physician. This drug is used after carrying out surgical actions on the cavity to remove pus that are contaminated with bacteria invasion. It is important to treat a person having abscess tooth calamities with the help of antibiotics like metronidazole.
People who are operated for abscess tooth have to take proper medications to eliminate risks.
Eruption of wisdom teeth is often accompanied with pain in the area in which case the teeth are extracted.
Cloves contain an active agent called eugenol that has strong anaesthetic and antiseptic properties. Tea contains an active agent called tannic acid that contracts the bleeding vessels and form clots thereby stopping bleeding. Just crush a garlic clove and apply the juice directly on the affected part.Apply the juice in such a way that it completely coats the wisdom tooth.

Just take an ice pack and keep it pressed against your cheek where the wisdom teeth has caused swelling.
Wheat grass removes toxins from the mouth and hence prevent or delay bacterial action on the teeth as well as gums. One of its unique features is calcium antagonism that relieves pain caused by wisdom teeth.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
It contains a chemical known as allicin which is found to be responsible for all these properties. It can provide a soothing and cooling sensation to the throat lining and douse inflammatory responses. The first and the best remedy that comes to my mind as we discuss is to hold an ice cube against the tooth that is stinging or causing any kind of trouble. For this reason, let’s look at some of the methods of getting rid of toothaches in home itself. Garlic is considered a very effective remedy and a natural wonder when it comes to medication. This miracle plant has innumerable healing and curing powers because of its powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Take a teaspoon of this mixture on the palm of you hand and with your clean index finger rub it gently all over the gums and the infected tooth. It abounds in antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties that curb the infection and bring swift relief in the pain and swelling.
Among various threats, abscess is the most frequently occurring infection that affects tooth cavities causing pain. So, it is important to treat the tooth infection at the earliest to get relief from pain and other aftereffects. This antibiotic has to be used according to physician’s advice at preferred dosage level that gives instant relief from pain.
By using these antibiotics for abscess, it takes an initiative in creating an immune shield against bacteria and completely destroys them. This dilutes the pus infection on the tooth cavity that gets cured within few days of treatment.
It helps in reducing the risks of causing cellulitis, a disease that spreads the infection to different parts of the body. This drug’s composition has components that act dynamically in damaging bacterial activities inside the body. Since, root canal treatment is used in removing bacteria infected pus in the jaw, it is necessary to follow up using antibiotics like Clindamycin. The pain is caused by partial eruption of these teeth since they are not properly placed along the tooth line.
Cloves reduce the pain caused by erupting wisdom teeth and prevent any infection that may be caused.You can apply clove oil directly on the gums for relief from the pain. You know the garlic has started working on the affected tooth once you feel heat in the mouth. You can wrap the ice pack or compress with a piece of cloth to avoid deep freeze burn on the cheeks. Just slice the onion into few pieces and bite onto one such piece till the onion juice coats the gums and teeth completely. The best way to use peppermint as a home remedy for wisdom teeth is to brew its fresh leaves into tea and sip it from time to time. Some viruses or bacteria can grow immunity to these antibiotics, and in that case treatment becomes difficult.
Because of these properties it has been used since ancient times to treat infections including throat infection. If you combine it with some honey the combination can become a potent weapon against throat infection.

It can result from either trauma to the tooth or if the enamel gets chipped openings form into it which allow the bacteria to infect the pulp of the tooth. The main symptoms are sensitivity to hot and cold, continuous pain in the tooth, bad breath, pain when chewing, swollen gums, fever and bitter taste in the mouth. Apply twice in the day and keep it overnight.  Black tea has anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to neutralize the bacteria.
This pain is caused by the formation of pus near cavities that gets stuffed up causing infection. To treat this, there are antibiotics for abscess prescribed by physicians, which helps in providing relief from pain and destroys bacterial threat to the cavities with ease. This drug is allergic and sensitive to certain people, in such cases contact the respective doctors in knowing alternatives. For different people, the dosage level of Codeine can be varied accordingly, which reduces bacterial invasion without causing any side-effects.
People having allergies, liver problem and myasthenia gravis are not advised to use this drug, as it may cause serious complications in future. After cleaning the cavities, penicillin works to re-build and re-construct the tissues present near the tooth which helps in the long-term. It has to be taken under physician’s observation that can help in clearing the tooth cavity infection in no time. This drug has to be consumed for a long period according to doctor’s prescription, which can improve the immunity, thereby increasing the ability of the body to fight against bacteria in the future.
Clove oil is often mixed with garlic juice and a pinch of rock salt to increase its effectiveness through the antiviral and antiseptic properties of garlic.
Place the ice pack on the affected part for 15 to 20 minutes and give it a rest for another 20 minutes. Sip the tea several times during the day to find relief.You can also chew the ginger root in a manner that it coats the teeth as well as the gums. However, one limitation to this remedy is that it works only in cases when the wisdom tooth has completely erupted from the gums. Gargling with plain water is also recommended for this helps in removing food particles that may have stuck in the crevices of wisdom teeth. You can also add some salt to the mixture of warm water and peppermint leaves and find relief from wisdom teeth worries. You can also have infection and consequent inflammation of the tonsils, the epiglottis, or the uvula. Take one teaspoon of this herb and soak it in two cups of warm water for at least 15 minutes. It is necessary to treat the abscess right away to prevent further damage to the tissues and bone. Though there are various types of antibiotics used, few of them are frequently used at specific dosage level for clearing bacterial threat to teeth.
Proper dosage level and diet has to be maintained by the patients, which promotes efficient curing of bacterial infection.
Repeat this process with an interval of 20 minutes till the ice pack reaches room temperature. Eruption of wisdom teeth result in inflammation of lymph nodes. You can also place fresh peppermint leaves on the affected part of mouth for at least 15 minutes.
Whatever be the part that is infected you are likely to have an irritated and inflamed throat. The frequent usage of this liquid will remove the pain and also any swelling or inflammation. Your voice may become chocked and swallowing a nightmare. Air borne viruses and bacteria due to common cold are mostly responsible for sore throat.

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