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You can experience the various symptoms of Syphilis only when the infection is active but this does not imply that you do not have syphilis when the infection is inactive.
Also, you need not have any sexual intercourse to get infected with syphilis, even getting close to the genitals, rectum or mouth of the person who is affected with syphilis can cause this disease. Recovering pulmonary embolism - expect, Recovery from a pulmonary embolism often begins in an emergency room or an emergency squad.
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Most dangerously, even when you don’t experience any symptom of syphilis, yet you can pass this disease to another person.

Some of the important symptoms of syphilis include chancre, rashes, sore throat and weakness.
It mostly appears after 3 weeks of the infection but it can develop between 9 – 90 days after you have been infected with syphilis. When syphilis in the primary stage goes untreated, then the infection reaches to the next stage. Once a person is infected with syphilis, the incubation period begins and remains for around 21 days before any signs of this disease appear. A chancre is painless and mostly appears inside the body, so it becomes difficult for you to notice it.
They are not always same in their appearance, as some are flat where as others could be raised.

But, when left untreated, it can cover the whole body that usually appears after 2-10 weeks of appearance of chancre. Though hair loss can occur due to many reasons but if you notice significant amount of hair loss along with other syphilis symptoms like fever, sore throat and rashes, then you should understand that you are suffering from syphilis. Most of the times, rashes and sore throat come along together, making it more difficult to manage.

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