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When an irritant causes inflammation in the walls of sinus cavity and traps the mucus within, it is referred as a nasal infection. By understanding the early signs of a developing nasal infection, one may be able to treat it early and get over the tedious and irritable symptoms, thereby preventing chronic infection.
At the initial stage of a nasal infection, the sinus cavity gets irritated by swelling and cuts off the usual nasal drainage and airflow.
One may feel facial pressure, while leaning or during head movements as the inflamed sinus membranes and mucus, puts off the correct perception of the brain, giving a feeling of ‘off balance” and fullness of the face. Mucus drips at the back of the throat as an early nasal infection sign, known as postnasal drip.
A colored mucus discharge from the nose or through throat is an indication of nasal infection. Bad breath or Halitosis can be the byproduct of the nasal discharge that clogs in nasal passage and drains down the throat. Productive cough is a sign of a nasal infection that is usually mistaken for bronchitis or cold.
Build up of pressure within the head may even reach teeth, giving impression of a toothache. The natural ability to smell gets obstructed as signal does not reach the brain efficiently. Sinus infections are the worst, but there are numerous all-natural ways to get sinus relief, like using a neti pot, eating hot foods and changing your diet.

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Though, usually nasal infections are mere result of common cold or seasonal allergies, at times, it could develop into a chronic sinus infection. Most of the acute sinus infections get clear up with time after using OTC (over-the-counter) medicines, but certain persistent cases, demand antibiotic therapy. But, during a sinus infection, these tiny passages get plugged and an increased nerve pressure results in pain and heaviness of head, eyes, ears and face. It is majorily caused by cold or allergies and can lead to chest congestion, sore throat and sour stomach, on drainage of excess mucus down the neck. Coughing from sinus infection gets worse in the morning and at night, whereas that of bronchitis is consistent throughout the whole day.
Fever is normally low grade and is just an outcome of immune system fighting off the infection. It is usually bilateral, occurring on both sides of the face and there is no actual pain in the teeth, but a little uneasiness.
One may also not able to relish tastes, though differentiating extreme taste like sweet and salty, is still possible. Simply boil some water in a large pot, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil, and then inhale the steam. All you need to do is boil some water, add a ton of salt and then filter the salt water into one nostril and out the other, after the water has cooled of course. A stuffy nose due to sinus infection usually stays for long than when it is a symptom of a cold.

If fever does not appear initially and suddenly appears or get worse, one must consult the doctor. At times, this mucus can get infected, causing the sinuses to become blocked and inflamed. When the mucous is not drained, it can causing pain and swelling.
While there are numerous medications you can take to relieve a blocked sinus cavity, there are also natural remedies for sinus relief. I have been using the remedy now for eight days and I no longer have that embarrassing itch or soreness.
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