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Facial skin irritation happens due to many reasons like a bad reaction to artificial fragrances, dyes or preservatives in beauty products. There are also natural cures to relieve skin irritation like using lavender essential oil, chamomile and arnica Montana, all derived from the flowers and buds of the respective plants. Razor burn is also called razor rash, shaving rash, barber’s itch, barber’s rash, shaving burn, shaving bumps or razor bumps.
Razor burn symptoms include red, rash-like appearance of skin after shaving, raised red bumps accompanied by skin itching, pain and irritation and infected follicles.
Using a razor with a dull blade and having to shave the area multiple times to remove all the hair can irritate the skin and cause razor burn.
Skin that is infected is more susceptible to razor burn and should be treated with extra caution if shaving is necessary. Razor burn can be prevented by using care before, during and after shaving, although there are certain risk factors that make razor burn more probable.
Dry shaving should be avoided at all costs to prevent risk of razor burn, nicks and cuts and taking off the outermost layer of skin. Use a fresh blade to shave, not a dull or old blade, and definitely use a clean and preferably sterilized blade. Do not rush through your shaving routine or neglect to use warm water and moisturizing creams and gels. Don’t shave too closely or push the razor into the skin, especially around cheekbones, ankles and knees. Apply a soothing moisturizer with aloe vera after shaving to cleanse and refresh shaved skin.
Stop shaving for a while to completely avoid razor burn, especially if skin is sensitive, infected or injured in any way. Use a depilatory cream or waxing instead of shaving if razor burn is a particular problem for your skin. My name is Kim Wang and this site is my work in progress helping to pass on some of the things my mother has taught me over the years.
No more razor burn, no more irritation, almost never a nick or cut, never any razor bumps, just fantastic, comfortable and very affordable shaves. Hives is an irritation of the skin that is characterized by itchy, swollen, inflamed welts that form on the exterior of the skin. Hives can be caused by exposure to many different activities and substances, the most common of which are related to allergic reactions.
Any form of hives that lasts longer than the 6 to 8 week period that defines acute urticaria is called chronic urticaria. Physical urticaria is a form of hives that is caused by a physical stimulation of the person’s skin such as intense exercise or sweating, extreme heat or cold, or prolonged exposure to the sun. This is a form of hives that can be inflicted on a person if there is an intense scratching or stroking of the skin. The most common symptom of ordinary or acute urticaria, or hives, is the appearance of red, itchy welts throughout the body that flare up randomly and disappear within a short period of time.
In rare cases, hives may be accompanied by other illnesses that may cause a high fever, nausea, diarrhea, sore throat, and other problems. The cause of each individual case of urticaria, or hives, can be one of many different activities or substances. Along with these causes, some antibiotics have been shown to infect their patients with hives. Penicillin, anti-inflammatory drugs, some vaccines, and birth-control pills have also been shown to be related to some cases of hives. There are a few ways of predicting if someone has a good chance of contracting hives at some point in their lifetime.
Some reports show that close to 20% of the population may develop some form of urticaria at some time during their lives.
For most people, the best way to prevent hives is to avoid anything that they are allergic to. If you have previously contracted hives, try to remember what you were doing at the time the spots began to appear.
It is important to discuss allergies with your physician prior to taking any prescription drug for any type of disease. If you notice large, itchy splotch marks on your skin that appear and disappear a short while later, then you have probably contracted hives. It is important that you do not scratch or rub the red welts, no matter how itchy it becomes. Calamine lotion is known to relieve itching sensations caused by many different situations.
Milk of magnesia is a common alkaline solution and has a similar affect as the calamine lotion. Aloe vera lotion is a good source of vitamin E, which is a vitamin that our skin needs in order to be healthy. Cayenne pepper, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc tablets are all full of nutrients and minerals that will allow your skin to heal as quickly as possible. The most important thing to remember when treating your hives at home is that nothing has been proven to get rid of the rashes. Most of these medications can be purchased at over-the-counter drug stores and will cost around ten dollars for a few weeks’ supply. Epinephrine would only be required in cases of a severe attack of hives and acts as an adrenaline shot.
Other medications are still being researched and include drugs that support the immune system and other drugs that treat allergic reactions and asthma. There is currently no type of surgical treatment for any case of hives that has been proven effective.
Skin tabs refer to small sized growth on the body, which appear like skin flaps attached to the body. People suffering from the problem of skin tabs want to get rid of them as soon as possible, so as to avoid the embarrassment caused due to them. The following steps would help in getting rid of skin tags without causing any bleeding or pain. It is suggested to wash the area around the skin tab properly with water while having bath. The string should be allowed to stay around the skin tab for a few days until it drops off automatically. The string and tab should be thrown away after the tab falls off, and thereafter the skin should be cleaned properly with alcohol.
The affected area should be cleaned properly with alcohol, and thereafter the skin tab should be clipped with clean nail clippers or nail scissors.
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Fur mites, otherwise known as Cheyletiella mites are larger than most other mites affecting dogs, and can actually be seen by the naked eye if you look closely enough.
Fur mites can live in the environment without a host for up to 10 days and so it is fairly common for bedding and carpeting to become contaminated if your canine has fur mites. Fur mites on dogs and cats are very contagious and are easily transmitted from pet to pet through direct contact or through contact with contaminated environments. For mites can often be detected by the naked eye if you look closely enough, however, they are still quite small and a magnifying glass is often necessary. In the past, most conventional flea programs could be used to control both fleas and fur mites in dogs and cats. An injection or oral dose of ivermectin is also a possible treatment; however, this is not an option for herding dogs such as collies as normal dosages of this drug could be fatal for these breeds.

Fur mites are highly contagious and can be picked up at socialization and training classes, as well as public kennels or other contaminated environments. Ivermectin is commonly used to treat mange mites however; it can be fatal to certain breeds and should not be used in Collies and other canine herding breeds to treat mites. When you notice thin red lines running across your skin you are suffering from broken capillaries. The essential oils used in aromatherapy treatments are effective in reducing the appearance of these capillaries. When suffering with spider veins you must reduce your alcohol intake; this causes the capillaries to dilate and spread. You must eat a healthy well balanced diet that consists of fiber rich foods; these help to eliminate waste from the body effectively and prevent breaking of capillaries. It can also be caused when certain cosmetic products get exposed to sunlight react negatively, like an allergy. Don’t exfoliate more than once every 3 days, and make sure there is at least a two-day break each time. The main advantage of using plant-based products is that are appropriate for oily, dry or sensitive skin, and are less likely to aggravate your irritated skin any further.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Razor burn is a common effect of shaving, causing uncomfortable stinging, itching, burning and raised red bumps.
The medical term for inflammation of the skin and hair follicles, cuts, abrasions, irritation and ingrown hair caused by shaving is pseudofolliculitis barbae.
The rash may resolve in a few days by itself in mild cases or in more serious cases may develop into ingrown hair when hair starts to grow back, even forming infected bumps. Use a fresh, sharp shaver with a lot of warm water and moisturizing cream or an electric shaver to get a clean shave after passing over the skin just once without applying too much pressure. Shave in the direction the hair is growing instead of the opposite direction to avoid pushing the hair into the follicle.
Gently wash the area to be shaved with a mild soap and warm water and apply an emollient shaving cream before using a razor. The hair follicle snaps back into the skin after shaving if cut too short, and curly hair may grow under the skin after shaving. Risk factors for razor burn include extremely sensitive skin, thick, curly hair, skin conditions like eczema, infected skin, or sunburn, very dry skin and dry shaving. When shaving curly hair, use extra warm water and extra creamy moisturizing shave gel and lotions to soften hair and protect skin. Prescription creams or lotions for skin conditions should be used before shaving skin with any medical or disease conditions.
Water and moisturizer is very important during the shaving process and shouldn’t be skipped. Old razors may accumulate soap scum and tiny hairs from previous use, harbor bacteria and fungus or have rust. Doing so increases your risk of nicks and cuts, as well as drying out and irritating the skin.
Electric shavers are gentler on the skin and have blades covered with mesh foils for safer shaving. Using moisture is one of the best ways to ensure a smooth, injury-free shave and avoid razor burn. Shaving this way avoids pushing the hair shaft into the follicle, causing bumps that can get infected or ingrown hair. A dull blade may not cut all the hair in an area on one swipe, requiring you to shave over more than once to get all the hair, but this risks scraping off the top layer of skin cells and irritating or damaging skin. This removes any dirt, dead skin cells and built-up body oils and plumps up the top layer of skin. A doctor will examine the skin closely, and if red bumps are filled with pus or fluid, samples from skin scrapings will be tested for bacteria and fungus. Its itchy red bumps and it stings and burns and it looks like little red blisters all over my legs. Though, if the problem goes untreated for long periods of time and does not subside, hives can leave lasting scars and other marks. These welts can range in size anywhere from a few millimeters in diameter to over a foot long.
This process of reappearing and disappearing welts often continues for less than six weeks if the patient is inflicted with acute urticaria.
If these symptoms do not subside or cause extreme discomfort, it is important to contact a physician or health care provider as soon as possible.
Scientists are still debating the precise cause of hives, but have been able to identify a few of the most common culprits of the illness. While these antibodies can be related to hives, there are generally other factors involved such as an allergic reaction to a chemical that is part of the antibody. A person who has had hives or angioedema previously is at a much greater risk of contracting the itchy welts again. There have been documented cases of hives among people of all different races, ages, and lifestyles. Since allergies are the most common cause of hives in the world, avoiding these allergies such as peanuts, shellfish, pollen, and others, is the best way to avoid the disease. If you can remember what you ate or where you were, you may be able to determine the allergy that caused the hives to appear. Prescription drugs, antibodies, and other medications have been known to cause hives if the patient has an allergic reaction to the medicine.
Stop taking any prescriptions that may cause an allergic reaction and avoid environments where you may be susceptible to another type of allergic reaction.
This can be done by holding a wash cloth under cold water for a few seconds and allowing the cloth to rest upon the sores. The lotion is relatively cheap and can be purchased at most local pharmacies and department stores.
Simply put a little bit of milk of magnesia onto a wash cloth and dab it onto the affected areas. Apply the aloe vera lotion at least twice a day and it can be applied as needed to reduce the itching. Peppermint, passionflower, chamomile, and valerian teas have been used to calm the nerves of someone infected with hives.
Your physician may suggest that you purchase one of several antihistamines that can reduce the swelling, itching, and inflammation caused by the hives. If the itching does not subside within a given period of time, your physician may feel it is necessary to take other treatments such as H2 antagonists (Pepcid AC), oral corticosteroids, antidepressants, and epinephrine. Most of these other medications are only prescribed in the case of chronic urticaria and occurrences of intense pain and itching. Few studies have been performed on these types of drugs and they are still not recommended by most clinical physicians.
Surgery will most likely never be an option for patients who have contracted hives due to the external nature of the problem. They are usually found on those areas of the body where the clothes and skin frequently come in contact with each other, thus causing itching and irritation on the skin. However, it is essential to make sure not to rub the skin excessively; else the skin may get itchy and irritated. This treatment would cause some bleeding, which should be instantly stopped by placing a cotton wool.
These mites can cause Cheyletiella mange which is characterized by skin irritation, hair loss, itching, and dandruff. In addition, fur mites can also temporarily affect humans causing itchiness and skin irritation, and even painful skin lesions in severe cases.
The entire life-cycle of the fur mite is approximately 3 weeks and during this time the female will lay a number of eggs.

However, newer, safer flea products tend to be less effective that the older pyrethrin-based flea treatments. While avoiding these areas and activities is not always possible, it helps to know if your pet may be at risk so early signs of infestation can be picked up.
Because these mites are so contagious, it is important to treat each pet in the household as well as all bedding, collars, pet brushed and carpeting your pet has come in contact with.
Make an appointment with your pet’s vet at the first sign of severe itchiness or hair loss. Many prescribed products can suppress the immune system and cause toxicity build up in your pet.
This happens when the veins break inside skin and is commonly caused by over exposure to the sun, extremely cold weather or heat blasts on your face due to smoking.
Peppermint, geranium, parsley and lemon oils are commonly used in order to treat this condition.
This means that you need to avoid going to the sauna at the gym or spa, avoid getting facials where you need to steam your face and even stop smoking. You also need to control your stress levels as stress has an adverse effect on your skin and the condition as well.
These vitamins effectively strengthen the capillaries and prevent them from further damage. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in order to keep your skin healthy and prevent damage to the skin. Protecting yourself with a sunscreen that has SPF-15 or higher will help prevent sun irritation. Almost everyone who shaves with a razor may experience razor burn occasionally, and possibly nicks and cuts too. There are different types of folliculitis, some caused by staphylococcal bacteria, some caused by different fungus infections. Shaving habits and techniques, preparation of skin and hair before shaving, methods of after-care, presence of bacterial or fungal infection, and shaving hair too close causing ingrown hair all have a big impact on skin condition after shaving. Use short strokes without pulling the skin taught to avoid scraping the top layer of the skin and causing a rash. If you don’t want to wash the skin, soak a thick, clean wash cloth in hot water and some moisturizing oil and use it as a compress on the skin before shaving to avoid skin damage.
If skin has cuts or nicks, clean them with an astringent or antibacterial ointment to prevent infection and scabbing. Otherwise, wash gently and apply a thin layer of antiseptic or antibacterial cream before gently shaving with a fresh, clean razor. Always pay attention to moisture during the shaving process with sensitive skin and use creams and gels with natural ingredients instead of fragrances and chemicals. Waxing or depilatory treatments may be a better way to remove really thick hair to avoid razor burn and ingrown hair. Soak the skin with warm water or hold a warm, wet towel on it for a few minutes, use a gentle moisturizing cream or gel during shaving and apply a creamy moisturizer to freshly shaved skin. Blood tests for diabetes and other chronic disease conditions are done for recurring or unusual folliculitis.
More serious razor burn may be treated with cortisone cream or topical steroid cream prescribed by a doctor. I never shave dry, but i was in a hurry to go somewhere and now they itching like craze ,and I’ve tried germolene and nivea cream bt it only helps to ease the itching do you know how you can perhaps help me?? If these welts continue to appear after a 6 to 8 week period, then it is probably that the hives are chronic.
These allergies can include peanut allergies, dairy allergies, fruit and vegetable allergies, allergies related to various pollens and plants, and a large number of other common allergies. Chronic urticaria is most prevalent among middle-aged women and acute urticaria is more common in infants, children, and young adults. If you are currently taking medication and begin to contract hives, stop taking the medicine, if possible, until further discussions with your doctor. While the tea may have no direct relation to the curing of hives, it will calm your body down and allow you to relax and hopefully ignore the itching. These lotions and vitamins will provide you with temporary pain and itch relief, which will in turn allow the hives to subside more quickly on their own. Also, skin tabs or skin tags are not cancerous.  The formation of skin tabs can take place on any body part, and are quite irritating.
You should pat the skin dry after cleaning it; but do not make the mistake of rubbing it vigorously with towel. Thereafter, a circular bandage should be applied on the area to prevent irritation and infection. In fact, the condition is often referred to as "walking dandruff" as the mites move around under the scales and skin flakes on your pet giving the impression of moving dandruff. These eggs can also contaminate the environment causing re-infestation if not treated in addition to the affected pets.
Today, conventional treatment of a fur mite infestation usually includes chemical based lotions, shampoos or dips. You must keep in mind that you cannot use these oils directly on your skin as they are highly concentrated. Excess heat on your face will cause irritation in the form of itching and rashes and will increase the redness on your face. You can also soak a washcloth in this mixture and keep it on for ten to twenty minutes like a face mask. Razor burn can occur in men or women anywhere the skin is shaved: face, legs, underarms, bikini line and pubic area.
Persistent razor burn that is very itchy and irritating may be suspected of accompanying bacterial or fungal infection that needs medical treatment if it doesn’t clear up with herbal or home remedies, but occasional razor burn is probably due to shaving technique.
If legs are razor burned, soak in an oatmeal bath, a bath with a cup of witch hazel, a bath with crushed fresh spearmint leaves, or a bath with a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar to soothe skin irritation and refresh red, scraped skin. For folliculitis from Pseudomonas bacteria, an antibacterial wash or antibiotics ciprofloxacin or levoflaxacin may be prescribed.
Thus, if your relatives are known to have experienced hives, then you may be at a greater risk of also having hives at some point during your lifetime. If you happen to be stung by an insect, quickly use medication to ease the itchiness and pain.
These products often contain chemicals such as pyrethrin, lime sulfur, fipronil, or selamectin. There are a few home remedies and natural treatments that you can try in order to treat this condition. Blend the essential oils with carrier oils like almond or coconut oil and massage it lightly onto the affected area. The good thing about razor burn is that it is usually preventable and it is definitely treatable. Avoid intense scratching or rubbing of the skin, as this irritation may cause hives to flare up. There are better ways to deal with the effects of razor rash than dabbing bleeding spots with tissue or scratching itching, irritated bumps.
Thankfully there are easy ways to avoid it and soothing remedies to quickly cure it when it happens to you.

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