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9 home remedies coughs - health howstuffworks, To take away the sting of a cough, and to keep from coughing in the first place, you should try some of these easy home remedies. Your natural medicine cabinet : home remedies coughs, Some of the most effective home remedies for coughs, colds, and sore throats i've found. Natural remedies coughs babies home remedies , If you’re the mother of a child less than a year old, and your child develops a cough, what are you to do? Home remedies cough - treatment & cure - natural, Read home remedies cough cough treatments.
Coughs, colds & congestion: learn home remedies , Home remedies congestion breathing! Simple, natural, safe and within reach, home remedies offer inexpensive and effective cure for common ailments. Bangalore does not have the most conducive environment for persons with respiratory complaints. Vinita, a resident of Frazer Town is trying to adopt environmentally-sensitive alternatives in her day-to-day activities and realises it doesn't need to be complex. How serious this was struck me only when my little one started having bouts of wheezing, at just 9 months of age.

It was only a few weeks later that I checked myself and wondered if an alternate remedy was possible.
4 and I usually keep a bunch at home, gladly doling it out to any unsuspecting friend or visitor who just happens to mention the word cold!).A khichdi of tender long brinjal, tomato, garlic and rice with salt and pepper to fight the cold is a favourite remedy of the lady who helps at my father's place. Wheezing:When sleeping at night becomes difficult due to extreme congestion, 1-2 camphor pieces added to warm sesame oil and the vapours inhaled provide tremendous relief. Subsequently rubbing this warm oil on the chest and then applying a warm wet compress significantly reduces night cough and ensures better sleep. Jaundice:Almost 20 years ago when my sister fell ill with jaundice, my father arranged for fresh leaves of the Kilanelli plant (Phyllanthus plant also known as bhuiamla) and it proved to be extremely effective in ensuring her speedy recovery. The herb is said to act on the liver and is therefore a preferred choice to treat jaundice. ResourcesEach family and community is sure to have its own preferred home remedies, tested and tried over time. The index in the book makes for easy reference as it mentions not just the plant name (botanical and multi language common name) but also ailments.
Home Remedies by Fr SJ Meloo: Another useful book prepared through extensive research and practice with communities in rural and tribal areas by the author, formerly Director of Community Health at the Catholic Health Association of India.

Grow and Use Medicinal Plants for Primary Health Care: A publication by MedPlan Conservatory Society (MCS), a sister organisation of Foundation for the Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT), it is a comprehensive and useful guide published in Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and English. Each issue is theme-based (there are 6 issues a year), so the themes mentioned are just a preview of some of the issues in 2009. If you still want the months, Yoga - Jan 2009, Palliative Care- Jun 2009 and Traditional Cooking - Aug 2009. What is exciting about home remedies is the possibility of an effective cure that is natural and safe. Maybe we could soon adopt the old Chinese tradition of paying the doctor when the family is in good health?!

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