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Tongue cancer refers to cancer of the tongue, which occurs due to growth of cancerous tissues in the tongue. However, there are various therapies which help in developing the lost skills, thus helping to enable a person recover soon after the cancer is treated. Before going for the treatment of tongue caner, it is recommended to have a discussion with the doctor with respect to side effects associated with the treatment, so that you do not enter into a shock after the treatment process.
High levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol might lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, suggests a new study. Several studies have shown that cancer risks could be significantly reduced with healthy diet and lifestyle.
Arthritis is a disease that usually makes the affected person to suffer with pain and inflammation.
Cardiovascular disease is a severe health disorder related to circulatory system, which may prove to be life threatening at times.
Though, high blood pressure is one of the most avoidable conditions, it is spreading like an epidemic.
Osteoporosis patients could prevent bone loss and strengthen their bones by drinking two glasses of tomato juice each day. Burning mouth causes due to hormonal abnormality, menopause, dental disease, inflammatory disorders, oral diabetes medicines, tobacco use, and many more.
Some times it is due to dry mouth and this syndrome is by normal process of aging or by medications such as antihistamines or antidepressants. One of the essential burning tongue home remedies is using the ayurvedic herb Triphala for gargling and Babool decoction to relieve the burning symptoms.
Many times doctors prescribe medications that are antidepressant, but these medicines result in giving side effects. Burning tongue home remedies - Eating fresh vegetables and fruits containing vitamin B and C will be of great help in relieving burning tongue. Burning tongue cure - Citrus as well as non-citrus fruits, both are essential to keep away from dehydration.
Though science and medicines have reached the height of brilliance in human evolution, yet certain ailments are comfortable with home remedies in cases such as burning tongue. Diet continues to be an important part of your daily routine, if you are a thyroid patient. If you are searching internet for thyroid-supportive diet chart, you will definite find the following dietary recommendations too useful. However, the diet chart for thyroid patients never completes without the addition of vitamins and minerals. Zinc helps in preventing the rapid reduction of T3 level, more importantly, during the process of calorie reduction. Following a strict diet chart is essential for both who are suffering from thyroid presently and those who are in the post-thyroid phase. Mouth cancer, also known as oral cancer, is a kind of cancer affecting the mouth of an individual. It is suggested to seek medical advice as soon as possible, in case an individual feels any kind of abnormality in any area of the mouth. In case, there are red, white or speckled patches in the mouth, it is suggested to immediately go for a medical check-up, as these symptoms may be associated with oral cancer. Bleeding in mouth, occurring because of any unexplained reason, should also be reported to the dentist. At times, an individual may have swelling, rough spots or lumps on the gums, lips or any other area of the mouth.

Numbness or tenderness in the mouth, neck or face should not be neglected and reported to doctor. The problem of persistent bleeding sores on the mouth, face or neck ought to be taken seriously. An individual may feel a change in his or her voice due to growth of cancerous tissues in the mouth.
Numerous small and slightly raised structures present on the surface of the tongue are known as papillae. To treat tongue bumps, add few drops of clove oil in a cup of water and rinse your mouth five to six times a day with this mouthwash. It is very important for an individual to understand the symptoms of tongue cancer, so that appropriate treatment can be taken on time. This unexplained bleeding ought not to be neglected and brought into the notice of the doctor.
Burning mouth is a result of heavy medications in case of people suffering with cancer and some crucial ailments. Adding to this, food allergies, food coloring, fragrances, additives, chemical preservatives are also associated to induce burning mouth. Avoid using toothpaste and give up spicy as well as hot food till the burning sensation in the mouth is cured.
One of the traditional home remedies for burning tongue is ice-cube to be put in the mouth. Fungal infections also cause burning mouth and continuing with burning mouth for a long period of time is dangerous as it slowly damages the liver. A normal diet, which we are used to, can cause a lot of serious health issues to a thyroid patient, since their system is not adjusted with a normal diet.
Fiber helps in controlling the rate of carbohydrate digestion and thus puts a check to the insulin production in your body.
Next time, when you will be preparing a diet chart, check out this article to plan it correctly. There are various causes of mouth cancer, with few of them consisting of excessive exposure to sun, family history of mouth cancer, alcohol consumption and tobacco smoking. People who smoke on regular basis are at a greater risk of being affected by mouth cancer than non-smokers.
A proper medical check-up is recommended to rule out the chance of being affected by mouth cancer.
The voice may become quite hoarse or an individual may suffer from severe sore throat in certain cases.
At times an individual may not be able to determine any reason for a sudden or drastic weight loss. If the bump on your tongue remains for more than two weeks, it could be the symptom of oral cancer. If the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, the treatment would become easier and would give effective results. Therefore, it is very important to diagnose the problem at an early stage to avoid complications in future.
However, if the pain persists for a long period of time, it is strongly recommended not to ignore the problem and seek medical advice as soon as possible.
Therefore, it is suggested to go to the doctor for a thorough check-up of the mouth to rule out the case of being affected by tongue cancer. It is vital for an individual to identify the symptoms and report to the doctor immediately, in order to treat the problem effectively.
If lips, hard palates of the mouth, gums, inner cheeks, etc experience a burning sensation, then it is known as a syndrome of burning mouth.

Certain situations such as anxiety, depression and common deficiency of nutrients and saliva disorders also affect people. Chewing habits such as the interiors of the cheek, teeth clenching and tongue thrusting are some of the causes for burning tongue. Drinking plenty of water is essential to keep the tongue moist as dry tongue is more painful. So it is advisable to go for appropriate supplements to prevent it from causing more damage. Having plain food with lots of boiled vegetables will relieve the burning sensation in no time.
A thyroid patient should be strictly following the thyroid-supportive diet, which includes all the necessary nutrients for the patient. It is the necessary component of T3 and T4 and combines with amino acid tyrosine to provide you necessary nutrients.
Most of the thyroid patient suffers from obesity due to the rapid calorie production in their body. The regular intake of the right amount of protein helps preventing hair loss, which is closely associated with thyroid patients. Kidney beans, apples, pears, lentils, broccoli cauliflower, green leafy vegetables, whole grains like oatmeal, flaxseed etc can offer ample source of fiber to your diet.
A thorough dental check-up is required to investigate whether the observed symptoms are associated with mouth cancer or not.
Occasionally, the tongue bumps might indicate severe oral diseases such as cancer.Sometimes bumps developing on the tongue might be the symptoms of an underlying illness. If you burn your tongue by eating a hot food or by drinking a hot beverage, bumps will develop on the tongue. In this article, we shall discuss about a few common symptoms associated with tongue cancer.
The treatment of tongue cancer may have an effect on the ability of talking, eating food or swallowing food.
Consuming vitamin B pills or vitamin B can be substituted in the vegetables or fruits form that may be a rich vitamin source.
Women suffer from burning tongue relatively more than men and experiences numbness in the tongue tip. Honey with milk increases the blood flow in the tongue and serves as one of the best home remedies for burning tongue. The treatment of the bump will depend on the nature of the lesion and the factor responsible for its development.
Leafy vegetables are of great source as they clean the stomach and give a cooler effect to the body.
Canker sores and burning tongue syndrome, which sometimes develop in postmenopausal women can be responsible for tongue bumps.

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