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Diabetes occurs when the pancreas cannot produce sufficient insulin or the sensitivity of the body tissues to insulin declines. Moreover, Echinacea further strengthens our immune system by enhancing the action of T-lymphocytes. It can be just near the surface of the skin or it can go deeper and affect the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels and bone. Remove the gel from a fresh aloe vera leaf and place it directly on the cut after cleaning it thoroughly. Whenever one is wounded or injured or has cut or scraped the skin then turmeric is promptly administered to the sufferer. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. Regardless of the underlying cause of diabetes, the blood sugar level can be kept under control with appropriate medications and healthy lifestyle. When the sugar level in your blood is above the normal range, while filtering the blood your kidneys cannot reabsorb a significant amount of sugar, which passes into the urine. To stay hydrated, you will be prompted to increase water intake, which will further increase urination. When your body cells cannot use sugar to meet its energy needs, you will experience fatigue. Despite increase in calorie intake prompted by constant hunger, you body cells cannot use the calorie stored in sugar. Tingling or numbness in the hands and feet is a common sign of nerve damage due to diabetes.
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For centuries, folk healers are using Echinacea, also known as purple coneflower for curing several ailments. Beneficial plant chemicals present in this herb include phenols, flavonoids, alkylamides and polysaccarides. Although, Echinacea could not prevent cold, but nonetheless, it can help to make the symptoms of cold less severe.
This herb is therefore beneficial in treating infections including genital herpes, vaginal yeast and even cancer.
This herb activates the immune system, which could worsen the condition of people suffering from autoimmune diseases. Children are more liable to be hurt frequently as they are running around, jumping, playing and frolicking all the time. But if the bleeding still continues, then take a clean strip of cloth or bandage and apply a gentle pressure for twenty to thirty minutes. Bandage the cut with soft cotton gauze and change the dressing after every five hours. Aloe vera has powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and pain relieving properties. Turmeric immediately nullifies the possibility of infection and sets to work to reduce the pain. Untreated diabetes causes serious health complications that could be averted by diagnosing the condition at an early stage. Loss of fluid from the eye lens affects the health and function of the eye lens, leading to blurry vision.
Skin itching, especially in the lower legs, feet and vaginal or groin area, is a common sign of skin problems caused by diabetes.
Studies have found that this herb increases the action of macrophages or white blood cells.
Echinacea is also useful for treating urinary tract infection, hay fever, ear infections, piles and enlarged prostrate gland.

Drink this tea regularly, two to three times a day, to cure your infections and strengthen your immune system. When the skin breaks open either by a sharp object such as knife, nail or sharp tooth or by grazing it against something rough then it is known as a cut or a scrape. Do not use soap directly on the cut as it may irritate the wound and further aggravate it. You can clean the area around the wound with a soft cotton cloth and some soap. As a result, fluid is drawn from the body tissues, increasing urine output, which causes frequent urination. Untreated diabetes also damages the blood vessels, which if left untreated causes permanent loss of vision. With the help of Echinacea, white blood cells can effectively combat invading virus, bacteria and fungi. Wounds on the feet, bites, injuries and dirty wounds can easily become infested with infection causing bacteria and other microbes. Do not interfere with the blood clot otherwise it may get dislodged and cause the bleeding to start again. Cover the clean wound with a soft bandage to keep the dirt, bacteria and other harmful substances out of it. The healing property of Echinacea is further utilized in the treatment burns, eczema, psoriasis, cold sores and herpes.

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