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The urinary tract may have some obstruction in the form of kidney stones, which are pieces of minerals which might have traveled from the kidneys. Kidney stones may take form for the reason that some components of the urine cannot be dissolved. Individuals who have kidney stones feel intense pain when the kidney stone tries to go down the ureter.
Abnormalities in general metabolism may cause the development of kidney stones like when the concentration of the urine becomes high due lack of fluids profuse sweating made worse by an unhealthy lifestyle. Kidney stones cure - A tablespoon of pomegranate seeds made into a paste with one cup of horse gram soup can help liquefy the kidney stone but in soup preparation, two tablespoons shall be used per cup. Proper diet is also vital in keeping the kidney healthy and in the prevention of the formation of kidney stones. One should be more careful in taking phosphates and calcium, thus there is a need to limit the consumption of whole-wheat flour, Bengal gram, peas, soya bean, beet, spinach, cauliflower, turnips, carrots, almonds, coconuts, sweet breads, liver, and kidney.
Which nutritional supplements you should be take on a daily basis that to prevent kidney stones. Super-charge your recovery with 3 ingredients that are the fastest way possible to reverse your kidney stones. The term kidney failure refers to the inability of the kidneys to eliminate waste as a result of which the electrolyte balance cannot be maintained in the human body. There is ample amount of allopathic medicines and remedies to the same, but apart from these, the home remedies have proved to be an effective measure.
Since the kidneys play a dominant role in the digestion process, it is very necessary to choose the correct type of food that does not burden the kidneys. One teaspoon of horseradish root, meadow sweet and parsley are to be mixed with one cup of water. Cleavers herb is also known as the goose grass and is generally found in the woods near to the streams. It is recommended to boil three tablespoons of dried cleavers with one cup of water to boiling point and then simmer for ten minutes. The doctor may prescribe you pain killers and ask you to drink lots of fluids throughout the day but that will take a long time  in getting rid of kidney stones whereas some good old home remedies will not only relieve the pain they will also help in excreting the stones blocking your renal ducts and giving you uncomfortable time. The best and nutritious way to clean your kidneys is to have a mix of apple and lemon juice. Cheap and easily available, water is a simple and easily available home remedy for kidney stones. Another easily available and cheap vegetables, radish is a great home remedy for kidney stones. Besides, do not eat those foods which can make the kidney stones worse like beans, cauliflower, spinach, beets, peanuts, sweet potatoes and other foods high in oxalate and calcium. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. The symptoms of kidney stone appear as a pain on one side of the body that gradually becomes severe and then extend over groin and thighs. Size of the stone, its location and number determines the type of treatment for kidney stones.
These herbs help to relieve the cramping pain by breaking down the stones steadily in to fine gravels and also lubricate the transition of gravels from the kidney. Sambong which is scientifically known as Blumea balsamifera is widely used for getting rid of kidney stones. Dandelions can be taken as a tea which can be made by boiling two teaspoons of dried roots and leaves in one cup of water for five minutes and then allowing it to steep in the water for fifteen more minutes. Nettle is also a diuretic that increases the flow of urine and there by reduces the time to sediment the excess minerals within the urine. Similarly other herbs like golden rod, cranberry, horsetail, corn silk etc can also be used for treating kidney stones. Absence of enzyme which usually helps in dissolving the minerals from the urine may lead to crystallization of them and hence in the formation of stones.

Lack of fluid intake can lead to kidney stones which is one of the main causes of kidney stones. One of the most important symptoms of kidney stones is the severe pain experienced during the passage of them through the urethra. Urination of the patient may be very painful and this is one of the main symptoms of kidney stones. Grapes being rich in water and potassium salts are proved to be effective in the treatment of kidney stones. Being rich in water and potassium salts, watermelon is also considered as an effective home remedy for kidney stones.
Daily consumption of 100 to 150 mg of vitamin B6 along with other essential vitamins can help in reducing and curing the kidney stones. Consumption of alcoholic beverages should be avoided as this can increase the acidity or alkalinity of the urine.
Restricting the intake of calcium and phosphate salts or food items rich in calcium and phosphate salts can help in the prevention of calcium phosphate stones in the kidneys. The patients suffering from kidney stones should restrict their intake of protein as this may increase the level of uric acid and phosphorus. The diet of the patient should be liberally included with green leafy vegetables, cereals, fruit juices etc. Avoiding oily, fried and spicy food items from the daily diets of the patients suffering from the problem of kidney stones is found to be helpful in the faster recovery. Kidney stones are made up of calcium oxalate or phosphate with the latter frequently associated with infection. Too much eating of acid-forming foods such as sugar products and white flour, meat, tea, coffee, condiments, spices, and just plain over-eating are to be blamed for the formation of the kidney stones as well as the lack of Vitamin A and too much Vitamin D. The decoction process involves the boiling sixty grams of sliced pods (with seeds removed) in approximately four liters of water for 6 hours. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) taken in a daily dose of 100 – 150 mg with other B complex vitamins for several months is essential for a lasting effect.
Keep away from condiments, pickles alcoholic drinks, certain vegetables like cucumber and radish, rhubarb, tomato, spinach, asparagus, onion, cabbage, and cauliflower, meat and gravies as well as carbonated water. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
It causes lots of discomfort while urinating and a general sense of nudging pain at the back side which makes it tough to perform day to day activities.
Nuts and meats should also be avoided while suffering from kidney stones. These home remedies can help in removing stones from your kidney somehow if the pain persists after a week despite taking the home remedies then do not delay meeting your doctor. Kidney stones are also called renal calculi which are the crystal aggregation formed from the minerals which are dissolved in the urine. In certain emergencies doctors may suggest surgery to get rid of the kidney stone but most of the kidney stones can be removed through herbal remedies. Usually herbal medications do not cause any side effects but certain herbs makes stomach upset and trigger headache.
This rich source of vitamin c plays a major role in dissolving most of the calcium phosphate kidney stones. More over parsley is a good diuretic that eliminates the sand or excess minerals in the urine quickly before they get a chance to sediment and form compact mass of stone. Unlike the other diuretics dandelion contains potassium, magnesium and iron and hence does not cause potassium deficiency. It promotes urination and soothes and cools the urinary tract membranes to facilitate the elimination of the kidney stone. However in all the cases for the easy passage of kidney stones the patients should drink plenty of water.
Kidney stones can be prevented and cured by following some of the home remedies and diets mentioned below. Improper and unbalanced intake of diets can be another major reason behind the kidney stones.
Presence of blood in urine can be considered as one of the main warning signs of the kidney stones.

Kidney bean pods are used in the preparation of medicine after removing the beans from them. A mixture of one teaspoon each of fresh basil leaf juice and honey can be taken daily and can be continued for five to six months for good results. Including grapes in the daily diets of the patient can help in curing the kidney stones at a faster rate.
Taking a cup of coconut water daily can help in curing the disease as well as keeping the body cool and healthy.
About two teaspoons of pomegranate seeds can be grounded to form a paste and can be mixed with a cup of freshly prepared soup of horse gram. Radish extract as well as radish leaf juice is found to be effective in curing kidney stones. Going for a morning walk and doing mild exercises can be helpful in curing the kidney stones and even keeping you fit and healthy. Calcium is generally found in ninety percent of kidney stones while about fifty percent are with ammonium, magnesium, phosphates and carbonates.
One also feels the need to urinate often and in case one does so, it is painful and there is less amount of urine.
Strain the concoction in a very fine strainer such as a muslin cloth and cool for another eight hours.
Adding a lemon juice to each liter of water will help in flushing out stones fast as citric acid helps in breaking the stones. If you can lay your hands on radish leaves then drink a cup of radish leave’s juice for fast recovery.
Certain herbs and their extract have the ability to dissolve the stones and ward off their reoccurrence and urinary infection.
Boil handful of parsley in four cups of water for about ten minutes and thereafter strain the liquid and consume half a cup of this infusion daily.
Sambong leaves are used for making an infusion and taking one third glass of this infusion thrice a day help to get rid of the kidney stones. Moreover it stops the bleeding from the aberrations caused by the movement of the stone while it passes down the urinary tract.
About 60 grams of the crushed pods can be boiled in about four liters of water to prepare the decoction.
A teaspoon each of olive oil and honey can be mixed together and then can be taken early in the morning in an empty stomach which is an effective remedy for kidney stones.
About five grams of gokshur and a table spoon of honey can be mixed well in a cup of goat’s milk. This water can be taken in small amounts several times a day for the good result of treatment.
Condiments, pickles, carbonated water, meat, vegetables like cucumber, onion, cauliflower, tomato, etc. Some may be as small and fine like sand while sometime it might be as big as bird’s eggs.
Kidney stones are also seen in people having chronic gout, kidney infection and also in those who have the habit of taking less quantity of water.
This decoction can be strained and taken several times a day for the better results of treatment.
The low albumin and sodium chloride in grapes its high water content and level of potassium has a diuretic effect. Another fruit with potent diuretic effect and with high potassium content is the watermelon. The decoction should not be kept for more than 24hours though the pod can be stored longer.

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