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Acne is a common problem that may occur at any time though adolescence or menopausal time is the most vulnerable time for acne. Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus called tinea pedis, which needs warm and damp areas to survive. The most common places where the fungus of athlete’s foot attacks are public showers and swimming pool.
Top 10 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Athlete’s Foot Cut Toenails Short If you want to prevent athlete’s foot, you should cut the toenails short. Prevent Sweat If there is sweat in shoes and socks, remove them soon or the moisture of sweat will cause growth of fungus. Garlic Garlic is antifungal and has ingredients that help in killing fungus that causes athletes foot.
Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil kills the athlete’s foot fungus and prevents it from spreading to other body parts.
Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar is an acid and helps in killing the fungus that causes athletes foot. You can also dip a cloth in this solution, let it soak and then wipe the feet with the cloth. Lemon Juice Lemon juice contains acid, which has the ability to kill fungus responsible for athlete’s foot.
You can rub baking soda on the shoes also as it will absorb and remove the unpleasant smell of sweat in shoes.
Age spots are flat brown, black or gray colors spots that usually appear on the face, arms and legs of adults above the age of 40. Often genetics is blamed for excessive sensitivity to sunlight that triggers excess melanin production. Using inappropriate cosmetics, skin bleaching and tanning products could accelerate production of age spots. You can fade age spots with over-the-counter ointments containing kojic acid, glycolic acid or deoxyarbutin.
Applying garlic or onion juice, twice a day, on the dark spots on the skin might remove the age spots. Bad breath or halitosis is again a problem we notice in many people but unfortunately, we never know if we too suffer from the same because we are polite enough to not tell each other.
Dehydration is the commonest cause of bad breath and the stomach and mouth acids and bacteria, the second.

Crunchy foods like carrots and celery and healthy fruits like apples and oranges help scrape out plaque and neutralize the pH level in the mouth to help the saliva fight bacteria in the mouth.
Gargling with lukewarm salt water is a traditional and simple way to keep bad breath and throat problems at bay.
You may wonder to know that Indian Lilac leaves have antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, antioxidant, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It is full of vitamin C which not only cures acne but removes acne spot and makes your skin fair. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. If you have a lot of sweating in the feet, always carry organic socks with you and change the socks. Steep tea bags in boiling water, let it become cold and soak the feet in this water for fifteen minutes two times daily.
Cinnamon gives a nice smell to the feet and helps in killing fungus that causes the problem of athlete’s foot. However, owing to several factors, the spots might appear on the face and limbs at an earlier age.
Fair-skinned people and people with a history of excessive sun exposure have a higher risk of developing age spots.
Skin lightening products containing hydroquinone could cause skin irritation while removing the age spots.
Hydrating the affected areas of your skin with olive oil and vinegar might lighten the age spots. You can prevent formation of age spots and accelerate removal of the existing dark spots by including enough fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and drinking plenty of water and fluid. Some studies show that stress or genetics influence this phenomenon, while others show that because of certain diseases,  white hair appears premature. Here are 5 natural ways to keep bad breath at bay so that you can rest assured you’re not one with the bad breath. Drinking plenty of water can fight both these major causes of bad breath and keep the saliva healthy too! Excessive oil secretion by the sebum glands clogs the pores of the skin and bacterial infection occurs there when they are in contact of pollution. Indian Lilac leaves are very helpful not only to cure acne and pimples but also of any type of skin disease.

Due to antiseptic property it cures skin problems like acne, pimples, blackheads, dark spots and what not. If the toenails are long, they will retain moisture, which is a perfect place and environment for fungus growth. It is better if the socks are made of cotton as it absorbs the sweat nicely while the synthetic socks do not absorb the moisture of sweat. The lemon juice will also give a nice citrus scent to the feet and they will smell fresh and clean. Not only will you get rid of bad breath but also get a super fresh coolness to your breath if you add some mint leaves to it. Due to this fungus, there is formation of white and scaly patches in the above areas of the feet. Mix baking soda with water to make a solution and soak feet in this solution for thirty minutes. It will help in absorbing moisture in the feet, which is very important for preventing fungus growth. But there are numerous natural remedies for acne which are easily available at home and easy to practice.
You can mix crushed garlic with olive oil and rub the paste on toenails, leaving it for half an hour.
Better apply at night before going to sleep so that your skin gets ample time to absorb the Indian Lilac juice.
You can buy the tea tree oil from food stores and stores that sell bath and beauty products.
Sandalwood controls the secretion of sebum gland and destroys bacteria (the cause of acne) due to its antibacterial property.
Preserve them in the refrigerator and wash your face daily with this antiseptic and astringent water.

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