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At the beginning of the twenties of the last century, the seeds of kiwi were transferred to New Zealand by missionaries. The Kiwi fruits are rich in phyto-chemicals, vitamins and minerals and other beneficial ingredients that maintain and improve human’s health.
Numerous studies have confirmed that this delicious fruit, because of its richness of healthy and beneficial nutrients, is very good for our health, but also helps in prevention and treatment in many diseases and other health problems.
Kiwi is rich in antioxidant polyphenols, and contains them greater quantity than oranges, mandarins or apples. The specific biological activity of kiwi protects the heart and blood vessels, regulates blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis. Kiwi is soluble fiber (3.8 grams in 100 grams of fruit, which is 10% of the recommended daily dose). Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, A and E, K, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, potassium, magnesium… It helps in regulating blood sugar, so it is recommended for people who suffer from diabetes.
Jock itch is a common name for bacterial or fungal infection in the groin area that causes intense itching.
Jock itch is not only bothersome but it is also embarrassing, especially when it becomes extremely difficult to resist itching of the groin area in public.
Studies have revealed that the compound ajoene present in garlic is especially effective in treating jock itch.
Tea tree oil is a popular antimicrobial agent widely used in native Australian folk medicine for treating almost all types of microbial infections of the skin, including jock itch. Researches have further revealed that natural ethanolic extract of grapefruit seed is more effective than natural grapefruit seed in treating infections.
The natural ability of the body to fight microbes associated with jock itch can be enhanced by certain dietary changes. Every time some ailment pops up (earaches, sore throat, dandruff, etc.), I avoid the medicine cabinet and research “old-timey” natural remedies.
What I hadn’t revealed before is that he also told us to immediately buy some Redmond Clay (a brand of bentonite clay) for detox.
Sometimes called Montmorillonite, which is a really long and hard to remember name that came about because it was first discovered from an area in France called – you guessed it – Montmorillon. If this all sounds a little strange, realize that cultures have been using this in one form or another for thousands of years. A few decades later, you’ve got a full wheelbarrow that requires a serious deadlift to even get it off the ground. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably got more rocks in your wheelbarrow than you’d like. Provides tons of minerals that are often lacking in the body such as calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. Purifies water – Indigenous tribes could often be found with balls of clay in their water packs.
Overall improvement of health — health issues stem from toxic load acquired over a lifetime. A few times a week, add about 1 tsp of bentonite clay to a small glass of water in the evening. Also, don’t eat or take supplements or medications for around 1 hour after drinking your concoction.
Teeth Cleaner: Add a little clay to water and swirl around in your mouth – it remineralizes and whitens teeth. Remember in Lord of the Rings when the elves give the fellowship lembas bread for their travel? In the same way, bentonite clay actually swells to many times it size, so don’t over-consume. This clay is used in sealers, cement, and kitty litter – so the stuff aint meant for being pushed right out. Take 1-2 hours away from foods, medications, and supplements as it might reduce their absorption.
Sure, most health stores carry it (and Amazon, too), but a small bag runs $8 or more (unless you buy in bulk from Amazon).
If you plan on any sort of consistent regimen using Bentonite Clay (and you should), grab the bulk because it’s almost the same price as a teensy bag at Whole Food Market.
Disclaimer: This content should not be construed as medical advice or a professional medical opinion on any specific facts or circumstances.
I started using bentonite clay in August of this year and gradually built up to taking 8 to 10 tablespoons per day.

Yes, it is based on the Unique Healing protocol, which is a bit controversial among some clay users. I use french green clay as vaginal douche – 500 ml lukewarm water + 1 full teaspoon of clay.
I am very sensitive and allergic to most remedies sold on pharmacies which make me feel worse. Yes it can because sometimes this clay doesn’t dissolve all that well but the warm water definitely helps. I’m dealing with a systemic candida infection, and am interested in the use of bentonite clay for it. Inflammation and congestion of the sinuses – known collectively as a sinus infection – can have a wide variety of causes including indoor and outdoor airborne allergens, as well as dietary irritants like dairy, gluten, and artificial additives. Spicy foods such as cayenne pepper or horseradish can be mixed with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice to create a mucus dissolving elixir. For temporary relief of closed nasal passages when none of these other options are available to you, try a quick face massage.  These five quick steps take less than two minutes to perform and, when done correctly, will allow you to breath more easily.
Break up thick mucus with a few drops of Eucalyptus or Peppermint oil in hot water.  With your face down over the water, drape a towel over the back of your head and inhale the steam. This also works with a few drops of either oil added to the water in a humidifier.  Some of these machines actually have a small tank included for just such a thing.
Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) is a natural antibiotic made from grinding dried grapefruit seeds and pulp into a fine powder.  When administered in nasal spray form (such as this one), GSE helps to clear out mucus and may prevent other microbial contaminants from taking root in weakened and inflamed sinus tissues.
Two or three tablespoons of raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar added to a cup of hot water or tea taken three times daily will help thin out excessive mucus relieving congestion an sinus pressure.  Mix with lemon and honey or Stevia to taste.
Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful natural ingredient with a huge array of health benefits. Once you have alleviated some of the pain and congestion, you will want to focus on bolstering your immune system to help your body fight off the infection. If you experience frequent sinus infections or nasal irritation, there may be underlying environmental or dietary factors at work.  Here are a few possible culprits and the simple solutions to eliminate them.
Food allergies and sensitivities such as those to gluten, dairy, and sugar can cause sinus infections.  Try eliminating these foods from your diet if you experience frequent sinus problems. Whether you’re adding decadent-yet-mild flavor to your favorite recipes, reducing inflammation, or moisturizing your hair and skin, coconut oil is the ultimate culinary and beauty multitasker. 12 Lovely & Low-Maintenance Lawn ReplacementsA lush lawn is the dream for most homeowners, a uniform emerald carpet that covers up unsightly dirt and provides a soft space to walk and play. Kiwi was national fruit until New Zealand widespread it throughout the world and now kiwi is grown in many places in Europe and in North America.
Depending on the underlying cause of jock itch, it is conventionally treated with topical antifungal or antibiotic drugs. Garlic is a powerful antimicrobial agent that is frequently used for treating a wide range of fungal and bacterial infections, including microbial infections of the groin area. Applying garlic oil or garlic solution to the affected area provides prompt relief from jock itch. Olive oil, olive fruit and olive leaves contain phenolic compounds that can kill the bacteria and fungi associated with the itchy rashes. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of tea tree oil are primarily attributed to compounds called terpenes. The fungal infection can be treated by applying tea tree oil diluted with water, olive oil or another vegetable oil to the affected area. A number of studies have found evidence about the antimicrobial effect of grapefruit seed extract.
The chemical preservatives used in the commercial grapefruit seed extract are believed to enhance the antimicrobial property of grapefruit seed. As sugar is the main source of nutrition for the fungi, limiting intake of simple sugar can speed up the recovery process. It’s called a “clay” because when added to water, it clumps up and turns into something like what you’d call clay.
Many European countries regularly consume things similar to bentonite clay to aid digestion.
You’ll notice things like being sick a lot, easily tired, extra pounds, and even chronic diseases.
That ionic charge attracts heavy metals (have positive charges) and other toxins, binds with them, and then your body expels it all. Unfortunately pretty much every single living thing on Earth has some sort of parasite living on them.

Soak in water for it to gain its electrical charge that turns it into an effective toxin remover. Simply add enough water to make a paste and apply to your skin to heal cuts, eczema, rashes, bug bites, and more. I haven’t tried this yet but I really should because I do have a little bit of an acne problem. I read an analogy that made a lot of sense – this stuff isn’t like a Mack Truck that loads up and carries it out. Sometimes your colon will have a hard time pushing it through (especially if you don’t drink enough water). They sell that stuff in bulk in different packaging, but it’s from the same source and it’s dirt cheap.
Information on this website is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete, and you should not rely on it to make any medical or other decisions.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I boil the water and let it cool (so have to think of it quite ahead and be careful – vagina area is more sensitive on warmth than your hand). I would definitely put a drain plug in to catch the big chunks but I woudln’t worry about the rest of it getting through. I am going to try the drink you mentioned but I’m wondering if it matters if you should put the glass of mixture in the fridge over night.
But … [read more]19 Powerful Probiotic Drink Recipes To Heal Your GutMaintaining the health of your gut is probably the number one thing you can do for your overall health.
Fiber protects the lining of the intestines, so that it reduces the time of exposure to toxic substances and the tying of carcinogens in the colon. Maintaining proper hygiene and wearing loose-fitted underwear help to speed up the healing process. Foods that help to strengthen the immune system can also help to speed up recovery and prevent recurrent infections in the groin area.
You can make garlic solution at home by mincing few cloves of garlic and blending it with olive oil. Washing the groin area with shampoo containing tea tree oil can also help to treat jock itch. I love finding ways to encourage the body to heal without leaning on pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter meds. Most animals eat sand or dirt from time to time, and many animals roll around in it for healing.
Every time you come in contact with a toxin, you add a small rock (unless you walk through Chernobyl – then add a boulder). Avoid storing in a metal container or using a metal spoon as that can remove the clay’s ability to produce a charge.
There’s a common misconception that you must drink all of the clay – when in fact, the whole glass of water becomes electromagnetically charged. After about an hour, wash it off and be amazed because the redness will be greatly diminished. I expressly disclaim all liability with respect to actions taken or not taken based on any of the contents of this website.
While you might think your gut is in perfect … [read more]Homemade Peppermint Cooling Spray Works Like Air Con In A BottleDon't let warm weather get you down.
The beneficial bacteria in the supplements strengthen the natural microbe fighting ability of the body.
If I provide any specific examples of medical outcomes here, please be advised that I cannot guarantee a similar outcome.
I prefer to just leave it on the counter cause it’s easier to down it all in one swoop. Poor circulation, heat and dampness create a favorable environment for microorganisms to thrive.
Transmission of the information on this website is not intended to create a physician-patient relationship between myself and any user of this website.

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