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Moccasin foot, tinea pedis or athlete’s foot is a contagious, fungal infection of the feet. Athlete’s foot is generally treated with over the counter or OTC medications. However, there are numerous natural remedies to effectively treat athlete’s foot.
Natural Ways to Get Rid Off Athlete’s Foot Try Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak This is an extremely simple, inexpensive, yet highly effective natural treatment alternative to cure athlete’s foot.
The natural acidity of apple cider vinegar kills the fungi which causes the athlete’s foot condition.
Use Crushed Garlic The potent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of fresh garlic cloves can kill the fungi responsible for athlete’s foot.
Sprinkle Organic Corn Starch The warm, humid conditions which exist in the inter-digital spaces between the toes, present the perfect environment for fungi to multiply.
Apply Onion Juice Take advantage of the powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties of onion to treat athlete’s foot condition.
Smear Fresh Aloe Vera Gel Fresh aloe vera gel which is extracted from succulent aloe vera leaves contain two important hormones namely Gibberellins and Auxin. Applying neat or undiluted lemon juice will sting the cracked and peeling skin on the feet due to athlete’s foot condition. Furthermore, the astringent properties of lemon juice can dry out the skin and control the fungal infection from spreading any further. Daub freshly squeezed lemon juice on the infected areas of the feet. Try Himalayan Rock Salt Foot Soak Himalayan rock salt is mined from the Himalayan Mountains. Organic ginger contains a powerful healing compound called caprylic acid which can cure fungal skin infection. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. I know that I can’t be the sole person that hates it when they have an athletes foot infection. Foot fungus inhabits public showers and locker rooms, inside pools and health clubs, in fact it is quite contagious.
You can actually stop athlete’s foot fungus from establishing itself by putting on flip-flops around public pools or showers and ensuring that your feet, including in between your toes, are completely dried after swimming or bathing. You should keep your toenails the shortest length that’s pleasant for you, because the fungus infection can live under toe nails.
Even though prevention is actually the very best medicine, it’s most certainly not a fail-safe. In most situations it's a yeast known as Candida albicans and if not treated it may cause a large amount of problems. Dark underarms are often the cause of embarrassment when you wear your favorite sleeveless top.
Athlete’s foot and toe nail infections are the common types of fungal infections that affect the foot.
There is sufficient scientific evidence that support the effectiveness of herbal remedies in treating fungal infections of the foot.
Matricaria recutita, commonly known as German Chamomile, has been used for centuries for treating fungal infections of the skin. Senna alata, commonly known as ringworm tree, is rich in antifungal compounds that help in speedy healing of fungal infections of the foot. The leaves of Senna alata are the key sources of powerful antifungal compounds called anthraquinone aglycones and anthraquinone glycosides that help in destroying and inhibiting growth of dermatophytes responsible for fungal infections of the foot. Hydrastis Canadensis or goldenseal is recommended in the folk medicines of America for treating fungal infections.

Studies suggest that berberine works by obstructing production of an enzyme that helps the yeasts to colonize. In Ayurveda, Azadiractha indica, commonly known as neem, is widely recommended for treating athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.
People suffering from fungal infections of the foot can cover the infected area with paste prepared with fresh neem leaves or take a footbath with a decoction prepared by simmering neem leaves in water. In South American folk medicine, pau d’arco or Tabebuia avellanedae is widely used for treating fungal infections of the foot.
In addition to their antifungal properties, these compounds also help in reducing inflammation. By using natural ingredients which can be easily sourced, you can cure this contagious foot infection in next to no time.
In a bucket of luke-warm water, dilute two to three tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar.
If you have a particularly bad case of athlete’s foot, repeat this natural remedy a couple of times over several days to get rid of this fungal foot infection completely. To soak up the excess moisture and to keep the space between the toes bone dry, you can use organic starch. These two powerful hormones present in fresh aloe vera gel can hasten the natural healing process of the infected skin. Freshly extracted aloe vera gel should be applied thickly on the infected areas of the foot. However, the antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties of fresh lemon juice can destroy the fungi responsible for athlete’s foot.
Permit the infected regions of the skin to soak up the pure lemon juice for ten to fifteen minutes. Himalayan rock salt which is one of the purest salts available on earth possesses powerful anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that can cure numerous infectious diseases. To prepare the Himalayan rock salt foot soak, dilute one to two heaped tablespoons of Himalayan rock salt in a bucket of luke-warm water.
The fungus, Tinea pedis, thrives between the toes, on top of feet, on toenails and between your fingers. Coming in contact with footwear or footwear that contains the fungus, humid floors, or fitness equipment (don’t forget it could live between fingers too) can distribute it.
Toe nails that are left long might maintain wetness and supply a haven for the fungus infection.
If you’re able to sleep barefoot with your feet uncovered this will likely also assist in keeping them dry making them less attractive to the fungus infection. In the event you SHOULD find yourself with itchy feet, here are a few natural cures that can help with Foot Fungus. Include forty Drops of Organic Tea Tree Oil into a foot bath and immerse your feet for 10 minutes. Saturate your feet in 2 tablespoons of Himalayan Crystal salt and ? cup Natural Apple Cider Vinegar solution mixed with some warm to hot water. Make your feet stinkier by placing slices of fresh garlic, or some crushed garlic, between your toes and leaving them there for a day.
Sprinkle your toes using a little bit of organic corn starch or baking soda before wearing your socks in the morning. Create a tea of four ounces of oregano leaves and merely enough water to completely your feet. Sesame and Raw virgin coconut oil have anti fungal properties and may be applied directly to the feet. Organic Neem oil, often uses as a pesticide, is another natural oil which includes anti-bacterial, germ killing and anti-fungal properties.
You can also use Natural Ginger, just one ounce of fresh chopped ginger included with a cup of boiling water and allow to simmer for twenty or so minutes. Regardless of the type of foot fungal infection, herbs with potent antifungal properties can effectively treat the condition.

Regular application of pastes prepared with herbs or soaking the affected foot in herbal decoctions helps in clearing the infection.
The antifungal property of chamomile is primarily attributed to its bioactive constituents Chamazulene, Umbelliferone, Alpha-Bisabolol and flavonoids.
To treat fungal infection of the foot, add few drops of liquid extract of goldenseal to a tub filled with water and take a footbath for about 15 to 20 minutes daily. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Sprinkle organic starch between the toes just before you slip on a pair of clean socks or your shoes. Leave the aloe vera gel on the affected foot for at least half an hour to forty five minutes.
Individuals suffering from athlete’s foot should apply raw honey on the infected regions of the skin just before turning in for the night.
This tonic can be prepared by placing a slice of crushed organic root ginger in a cup of boiling hot water for five to ten minutes. Finding an athletes foot cure is something most required when you discover that’s the root of all of the itching. After bathing and thoroughly drying the feet, massage a couple of drops of the oil directly into the area affected. You may also add the garlic to foods you consume or have a garlic supplement with the same effect, it really may take a little bit longer. All references to products, services, affiliates, trademarks and brands are used in strict accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine and are not intended to imply that this website or the publisher is providing information for any commercial purpose. In addition to topical use, certain antifungal herbs can be taken internally to enhance the natural ability of the body to fight fungal infections. According to researches, neem works by preventing colonization and inhibiting growth of dermatophytes and yeasts. Squeeze the onion slices placed inside the muslin cloth, until you can extract every last drop of juice. After applying the honey thickly and evenly on the infected foot, slip on a pair of clean socks. If you’re somebody that likes to wash in public areas or somebody with sweaty feet, that may be the fact that you suffer from athletes foot.
Tea tree oil has germ killing and anti-fungal properties that will assist to eliminate the fungus infection in seriously infested areas and deter it from moving to unaffected areas. You can also spray your feet or wipe them down with a cloth soaked in this remedy after you shower, make absolutely certain you will get them dry afterwards.
This certainly will clear up the fungus infection within about two to four days and will be used as a preventative measure against future outbreaks. Baking soda inside the shoes also helps to soak up a few of that not-so-pleasant sweaty foot smell.
I have read that you could re-use this tea for an entire week, but I highly recommend which makes it fresh each day so that you know you’re starting out with fungus-free tea.
For palpable results, apply aloe vera gel regularly till the fungal foot infection heals completely. Daub the ginger tonic evenly over the fungal skin infection. Repeat this home remedy till the fungal foot infection clears completely.
You may also wipe down the insides of shoes and sandals to assist prevent the fungi from clinging there.

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