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Dog itchy skin is tough to diagnose. Some dogs truly have a problem while others just like to scratch! Sarcopitc mange mites live on the elbows, tips of the ears and chest area, so that is where the itching will occur. Inhaled allergies, called atopy, cause itching on the tops of a dog's feet, up the front legs, in the corners of mouth and around the eyes and ears because histamine is located in highest concentration in those locations. Therefore, depending on the location of WHERE the itching is occurring will probably give you some clue as to WHAT caused the itching, and what tests your vet should conduct to confirm the diagnosis, whether there is a rash present or not.
Treatment, however, will vary depending on whether there are any additional symptoms present (in addition to the itchiness).
Sometimes it’s easy to forget the products and chemicals that we use to beautify and protect ourselves and our homes can be dangerous -- even deadly -- to our dogs.

The following is a list of potentially harmful sprays and chemicals that you might have lying around your house.
This list merely scratches the surface of possible irritating chemicals to keep far away from your dog. One of the best all-encompassing natural treatments we've found for relieving itchy skin is DERMagic Cell Restoration Creme.
For your preventive and natural treatment options for itchy skin, see our Dog Skin Conditions page. Disclaimers: The information contained in this web site is provided for general informational purposes only. Canine atopic dermatitis natural dog health remedies, Canine atopic dermatitis causes intense itching in dogs.

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For instance, homeopathic remedies will vary depending on whether there is itching with eruption versus itching without any eruptions. It contains several natural ingredients that promote healing and soothe discomfort, including aloe, shea butter, Vitamin E and sesame oil.

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