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The L-shape of dog and cat ear canals are designed to protect their highly developed sense of hearing.
In cats, the most common causes of ear infections are mites or a weak immune system (which may be caused by the feline leukemia virus or feline immunodeficiency virus). In dogs, the most common underlying afflictions are allergies (upwards of 80%) and yeast, both of which often result in secondary bacterial infections.
Fungal and yeast infections can result in scratching that turns into a bacterial ear infection. Inherited anatomical abnormalities in the ear canal structure can leave pets predisposed to ear infections due to inadequate drainage or constriction.
Medications are often necessary to get an ear infection under control, especially if the problem is in the inner ear or if serious swelling is involved. It is very important to nurture balance following medication, and maintaining that balance should become a routine part of natural pet care to prevent ear infections and mites. Nurturing a healthy immune system with a naturally balanced diet that includes antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin C. If you suspect allergies, try a gradual switch to a more natural food that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, and a short ingredient list that allows for a process of elimination.
If ear mites are the issue, you can place a few drops of extra virgin olive oil or almond oil mixed with vitamin E into the ear after cleaning to smother them. Please Note:  Treatment of ear infections (otitis externa, otitis media and otitis interna) in dogs and cats should always begin with an examination and diagnosis by your Veterinarian. Have you found a natural treatment or preventative for dog or cat ear infections that is particularly effective? DISCLAIMER: Statements on this website may not have been evaluated by the FDA, Health Canada nor any other government regulator. Ear infections in dogs are common but often owners fail to identify until they are quite advanced. I will gratefully try these suggestions because nothing else has worked for my dog’s ear infections yet. My cat gets some kind of fungus in her ear so I hope your natural remedies will help her too. Our cat has a recurring ear mite infestation that she passes on to the dog who promptly gets an ear infection. I have a dog that is just getting over his first ear infection but I will keep this article in case there’s another one. My dog had ear mites when I got him as a puppy and he’s had ear infections ever since.
My dog gets yeast infections in his ears sometimes but he gets it less since we started giving him yogurt.
My veterinarian diagnosed chronic ear infections and said we can only deal with them as they come along. I think this will be my last floppy eared dog because the poor baby always has ear infections. Copyright © All Natural Pet Care Blog - The Difference Between Surviving & Thriving! An abscess occurs when an infection develops in a part of the body that is capable of opening into a pocket.
Abscess "pockets" are filled with pus, which is in essence an accumulation of dead bacteria and dead white blood cells that have been mobilized by the body to the area in order to inhibit and eliminate bacterial growth.
The abscess is actually a result of the body's attempt to limit the infection to a local area.

On the other hand, if the inflammatory cells cannot clean up the infection on their own, the pus will accumulate, putting increasing pressure on the skin and eventually causing the abscess to rupture. Abscesses happen more frequently in cats than in dogs, and cats can generally handle abscesses better than dogs.
Although abscesses in dogs look serious (especially when pus is draining out), in most cases they are manageable at home with the help of natural remedies such as herbal and homeopathic remedies. Use Warm Compresses: Warm compresses can stimulate the development of an abscess so that it can open and drain.
Clean the Wound: Once the abscess has opened, keep the wound clean and open so that the pus can continue to discharge. Heal the Wound: After the infection has cleared and the wound is clean but not completely healed, apply an ointment of calendula to stimulate closing of the wound. Boost the Immune System: As with any infection, it is important to boost the dog's immune system. Very often, an abscess in dogs is caused by a foreign object (such as foxtails, plant materials, splinters, etc.) embedded in the tissue, in which case the discharge will not stop until the object is removed.
Since surgery involves more risks and causes more pain, not to mention it is difficult to locate something small like a piece of splinter, it is advisable to first try using the homeopathic remedy. Nettle-Eyebright Gold is made by Pet Wellbeing, a leader in holistic, herbal remedies for many different dog and cat aliments. Nettle-Eyebright Gold dog conjunctivitis drops is a blend of pure, natural herbal extracts that does not sting the eye. Some breeds of dogs are prone to get pink eye symptoms often because of the shape of their eyes, fur and eyelashes. If you prefer a more common type of treatment that uses chemicals but may be a bit harsher on the eyes you may want to check out Vetericyn pink eye spray. Pink eye that is caused by viruses is the contagious kind that can be spread to other pets if they come in contact with the discharge from the affected pets eyes. So for the best all natural dog conjunctivitis treatment, try Nettle-Eyebright Gold from Pet Wellbeing today. Vetericyn dog pink eye spray Made by the folks at Healthy Pets, this dog conjunctivitis spray has powerful ingredients to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses in the eye.
Return to top of pageCopyright 2011 Dog Pink Eye Treatment • Pink eye in dogs, otherwise known as Conjunctivitis in dogs can be serious.
Our new generation, plant-based flea control for dogs comes in two steps - FleaHex and FleaHex Household Spray. HairQ test provides you with a sensitive indicator of the long-term effects of diet and toxic metal exposure.
This homeopathic remedy can be used when you suspect any health or behavioral problems associated to vaccination. New Chapter’s Wholemega Whole Fish Oil supplement offers a whole-food approach to fish oil supplements. GLYCO-FLEX® I Stage I of our comprehensive stage of life program for dogs needing basic joint support. GLYCO-FLEX® II represents Stage II of our comprehensive stage of life program for dogs needing intermediate joint support. Best Selling Leash, Environmentally friendly, 100% natural wool, strong and lightweight, shock absorbing for your dogs safety. Before I share my recipe, I want to mention that I have an 8 pound Pomeranian who is hyper-sensitive to fleas. Unfortunately, this design may also cause moisture, debris, parasites and wax to be trapped in the ears, resulting in infections.

Cats are highly sensitive to essential oils but some are reputed to be safe to use as hydrosols, such as witch hazel, aloe vera, rose, and lavender.
Unfortunately, a vicious cycle can follow treatment with antibiotics, anti-fungal medications and other drugs intended to treat ear infections in dogs and cats.
This can be as simple as a 1:1 blend of organic apple cider vinegar or white vinegar with sterile water. You may also wish to try quercetin or bromelain supplements, which may help prevent allergic reactions in the gastrointestinal tract.
Because ear infections can be very painful and result in chronic problems, it is really important to learn to regularly check your pets ears for problems and initiate treatment early. John's Wort plus one-fourth teaspoon of table salt.) Use a syringe to gently flush out the wound. The scripts within this file all do something in the site, such as run your facebook or social widgets, Google analytics, fluid resizing and other functions. This causes the dog to scratch and wipe their eyes on objects, which hurts the eyes more and can spread pink eye to other pets. Since Nettle-Eyebright Gold is all natural and holistic you can use it often, treating your dog at the first sign of pink eye as opposed to using chemicals. This spray has ingredients that kills bacteria, fungus and viruses that cause pink eye in dogs. If after using their product for 90 days your not satisfied with it, simply return the empty or used bottle for a full refund. You can chat live with a person who can answer your questions and read the many reviews of their products or leave your own. They are well trusted and popular with pet lovers who want all natural, holistic herbal remedies and supplements for their pets. It really works well to stop the pain, itching, swelling and discharge of the eye from dog pink eye. GutSense is Certified Organic, 100% Grain, Dairy, & Gluten Free, and Made in the United States. When these two products are used together according to our instructions, we guarantee that you will get rid of fleas and keep them from coming back! The chemical balance of the ear and the bacterial balance within the body is often affected by these treatments, resulting in a long-term battle against secondary and recurring infections. Some holistic veterinarians also suggest making a pure, green tea that can be cooled and dropped into the ear. It reduces the swelling and eye discharge mucus, limiting the spread to other pets and speeding up recovery. Keep a bottle on hand for your dog, get all natural Nettle-Eyebright Gold for dog pink eye today and see how well it works on your dog or your money back!
Eye easy for dog pink eye from Pet Wellbeing is a holistic and all natural treatment for dog Conjunctivitis. Antibiotics, for example, can inadvertently kill off beneficial bacteria, allowing yeast to flourish.
Also try Terramycin for infections and Vetericyn pink eye spray, both from healthy pets and great dog Conjunctivitis treatments.
First report of multiresistant, mecA-positive Staphylococcus intermedius in Europe: 12 cases from a veterinary dermatology referral clinic in Germany.

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