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Ulcers are harmless viral infections that last several days to a week, but sometimes longer if untreated. Intake of marshmallow tea 3 to 5 times on a daily basis can help in treating the sore throat caused by the infection. Consumption of citrus fruits containing vitamin C can help in fighting the bacteria responsible for tonsillitis.
Although viral meningitis is less severe than bacterial meningitis, prompt treatment is necessary to prevent complications. People living in crowded areas, children and students in boarding schools are easily susceptible because of the close proximity between a large number of people.
Symptoms of Viral Meningitis Because symptoms of viral meningitis are mild and less easy to diagnose, given their similarity to flu like symptoms, it is not easy to clearly demarcate and distinguish the type of symptoms associated with viral meningitis. Lethargy A constant feeling of malaise and lethargy makes the affected person feel weak and sick even though the symptoms may not be visible predominantly.
Fever A high temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more could also indicate viral meningitis. Stiff Neck When left untreated for a long time, viral meningitis can cause extreme pain in and around the neck, leading to stiffness in the neck region. If you observe or experience the aforementioned symptoms constantly, it is extremely important for you to pay a visit to the doctor and get the condition diagnosed at the earliest.
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Bael is a very significant tree which has been used for treating variety of illnesses since ancient times.
Salt and water: Mix a pinch of salt with warm water and swirl the liquid in your mouth from the side where the ulcers are.
Aloe Vera juice: Soak a cotton cloth in Aloe Vera juice and hold it as much as you can, few times a day. It is advisable to gargle with warm salt water several times on in a day to get relief from the pain and swelling.
Intake of this solution on a regular basis can provide relief from the symptoms of tonsillitis. Gargling with a solution prepared by mixing sage with warm water can provide a soothing effect.
It is interesting to note that the use of this remedy can also provide relief from sinus and chest congestion. An individual can drink this tonic to get relief from the pain resulting from the infection. A bacterial or viral attack can cause inflammation of meninges, leading to a condition called “meningitis”.
Babies and young children are also easily susceptible because their bodies’ immune system is not fully developed like that of adults to fight microorganisms. This is in stark contrast to bacterial meningitis, which is more deadly and produces sharp symptoms. Therefore, if you notice the aforementioned symptoms and are feeling tired at the same time, you must get the condition checked immediately even if the symptoms are not very serious or prominent.

However, since fever is an extremely common symptom for just about any type of microbial attack, it becomes a little difficult to diagnose viral meningitis.
This is more clear and predominant in children and can be accompanied with other complications. An individual is required to repeat this process multiple times on a daily basis to reduce the inflammation. Garlic tea can be prepared by boiling garlic cloves (2) in a cup of water for 5 to 10 minutes and consumed several times on a daily basis for getting relief from the pain. These microorganisms normally produce symptoms like common flu, which includes sore throat, headache, fever, chills and diarrhea. However, if you constantly have bouts of headache, it could be due to inflammation in and around the brain region. An individual can use berries, flowers or leaves of the thyme plant for obtaining the desired results.
An individual may experience symptoms such as ear pain, fever, headache, tiredness and sore throat.

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