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If you are tired of compromising your health just to ease your pain then this list is for you.
Turmeric- A highly anti-inflammatory spice that contains curcumin has been used in India and China for thousands of years and has shown to block The cox 2 gene.
Ginger- Is similar to turmeric as a cox 2 inhibitor but ginger has been shown to  reduce other aspects of the inflammation cycle. Breathing exercises- Breathing into your pain can decrease the amount of pain you are feeling. Anti-inflammatory diet- Eating foods that are anti-inflammatory is one of the best ways to control pain.
Holy Basil- This herb is grown in many households in India and is highly anti-inflammatory.
Homeopathy- was a popular form of medicine before allopathy in the U.S and Europe and is still popular in natural medicine. Katherine is the founder of Green Thickies, the popular green smoothie recipe blog with over 800,000 readers each month.
Simply replace your breakfast and lunch with a delicious Green Thickie and make a healthy 400 calorie dinner and watch the weight fall off and your health soar. Or if you prefer to follow a structured plan, follow Green Thickies 7 Day Diet Plan to drop a dress size this week.
Give your body a much needed detox and lose weight by taking the FREE 7 day Lean Green Smoothie Challenge.
This is the easiest, tastiest, fastest, most delicious, most effective detox you will ever do!

We all have experienced stressful situations where no matter how much we try to avoid it, the ability to cope with it seems impossible.
Dealing with life daily demands and pressures is exhausting, and can easily take your stress level to the maximum high.
This list of relievers may decrease stress hormones so your mind can be settle in its most natural way.Massage - This calmer lowers your blood pressure, heart rate, relaxes the muscles and releases tension caused by stress. Kim BanksDC Healthy Living ExaminerKim Banks, born and raised in the Washington DC area, is a freelance writer which is her oasis, a songwriter and musician who also has a passion for reading, learning and helping others. Studies show that ginger is as effective as NSAIDS and common arthritis medications in reducing pain.
Often when you focus on the pain and accept the pain as a form of communication from your body the pain actually decreases. This can be done in conjunction with meditation and can have a profound affect on your pain.
The oil is very beneficial in reducing inflammation and pain as well as nausea, stress and seizures among other symptoms and conditions. These filling nutritious energising green smoothie recipes will help you to naturally reach your ideal weight.
Going through these motions can be overbearing, draining and surprisingly dangerous to your physical health and mental stability.
Stress that is not appropriately handled can lead to a negative reaction becoming distressed which then leads to physical symptoms and behavior changes and causes chronic diseases if worsen. Clear your overloaded mind and focus on absolutely nothing by meditating a couple minutes a day. Helps you burn calories, sleep better, lower your blood pressure, increases blood circulation, improves daily mood and combat anxiety.

Your brain can be put in a meditative state especially when taking a stroll through green spaces. Essential oils used for aromatherapy are also carried in massage spas; these oils naturally promote relaxation, improve concentration and reduce physical and mental stress. Taken between meals in supplement form it has been shown to benefit joint pain and also helps with digestion when taken with food. CBD oil can be purchased legally as it contains no THC, the compound that produces a high in regular marijuana. In addition to writing on a variety of topics, she is also an intern manager for a professional fashion styling and home organizing company, she does a little bit of social media, marketing, event coordinating, client and business developing and of course blogging for her companies site.
There are many essential oils that can help to reduce pain, Copaiba from the copal tree is highly anti-inflammatory. Avoiding very acidic foods such as conventionally raised meat and dairy is a good idea and also limiting grains. Homeopathy is very effective for pain and you can find some remedies at your local health food store. Grass fed, pastured meat and raw dairy are less acidic and contain omega 3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation. Wintergreen oil is one of the best pain remedies for muscles because it contains the same compound found in aspirin.

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