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The back, leg and backbone pain usually appear due to extreme physical activity or long sitting. You will feel the positive changes in the very first days,if you start consuming this medicine. You need to take the following fruits every night, for two months,if you want to forget the backbone pain. The substances contained in these fruit cause regeneration of the tissues, which are connecting the intervertebral discs. Each fruit contains certain substances and elements and their mixing makes the amazing natural remedy efficient. Skills & know howAs well as helping you decide what to cook we can also help you to cook it. All our recipes are tested thoroughly by us to make sure they’re suitable for your kitchen at home. If you think about that for a moment it’s unlikely that a one-size-fits-all treatment could ever exist because bipolar syndrome can manifest in so many different ways in different people and to make treatment even more challenging the condition is often tremendously variable within a single person. I believe to treat bipolar syndrome effectively involves much more than simply manipulating the levels of neurotransmitters in our synapses, to be successful we must first improve the overall health of the brain itself. The consumption of fried food and the inadequate intake of antioxidants in our diet etc etc.
Imagine how incredibly inefficient it is to try and increase the amount of activity in the serotonin pathways of the brain to alleviate depression simply by taking a drug or natural remedy that increases the level of serotonin in the synapses when the synapses themselves may periodically be starved of the glucose and fuel they need to manufacture serotonin in the first place, when the brain is chronically starved of the oxygen needed to extract the energy from the fuel, when the membranes of the synapses are damage from chronic inflammation, damage from chronic stress, or hardened from deficiency of essential omega-3 oils, or if our neurones are poisoned by the presence of mercury or cadmium. Ideally I suppose you work on the health of the brain first and then attempt to increase or adjust the levels of neurotransmitters and synapses but that would take too long and we can’t wait so in practice what happens is you start eliminating the brain health issues above and adjusting your neurotransmitter levels at the same time. When you think of depression the neurotransmitter you think of first is serotonin but in bipolar syndrome it seems that the primary imbalanced neurotransmitter is dopamine. Exactly what is going on in the brain to cause bipolar is complicated and far from fully understood but a useful working model is that in the manic phase dopamine levels become excessively high and drive the reckless, risk-taking, hedonistic and destructive behaviours people engage in during phases of hyper-mania along with the speeded up thinking and hyperactivity observed in both hyper and hypo-mania.
As you probably already know our body regulates and maintains many things at constant levels, for example we maintain an even body temperature, blood pressure, sugar levels in the blood and neurotransmitter levels in the brain this is called homeostasis. My solution to this problem is to accept that the bipolar brain lacks a reliable cruise control and to live well with bipolar syndrome you have to learn how to keep eye on your speed and adjust it manually with remedies. You can learn to pay attention to the speed of your thoughts, your body movements and actions and use it.
Caffeine, amphetamine and especially cocaine cause dopamine levels to surge in the brain, if you gave a cocktail of these drugs to a non-bipolar person and watched how they behaved over the next few hours they’d look remarkably similar to a person with bipolar mania.
My personal experience is anything above a very small dose of lithium makes me feel completely empty and totally devoid of any feelings, happy or sad, like an emotionless nonhuman automaton robot performing human activities.
As I said conventional psychiatry would generally caution against the use of anything that would increase dopamine levels with bipolar syndrome for concern that it could induce a manic state and this concern is not without foundation. Make a sketch of your own pattern over the past 12 months and the profile of your typical episodes. Another problem with developing your own healthy prescription is that the manic feelings can be so enjoyable that you may crave the manic high like a cocaine addict craves the cocaine high, especially when the alternative is not feeling OK but feeling depressed. Quite often it is necessarily to combine treatments and remedies that reduce excessive dopamine and treatments that increase dopamine simultaneously.
On the positive side you live with your own condition and potentially you can monitor your condition and prescription better than anyone else. When my bipolar depression was un-medicated it nearly killed me on numerous occasions as soon as I began supplementing my brain with the building blocks of serotonin (and other remedies) I remained suicidal depression free for almost 15 years except for two occasions in my early 30s when I decided to stop all my remedies because I thought I’d had enough psychotherapy to cure me and the other time following a personal family tragedy. Quite by chance whilst revising dopamine for another project I began to recognised that my symptoms appeared to have more to do with the deficiency of dopamine than a deficiency of serotonin, so the very next day I set out a prescription of dopamine boosting remedies and supportive cofactors by my bedside ready for use the following morning. It was that experience of personal illness and recovery centred around an imbalance in dopamine that led me to understand the need to consider and treat other neurotransmitters apart from just serotonin. I now offer these therapeutic methods in my practice for patients with chemical imbalances causing depression, bipolar syndrome, anxiety and addiction. My first book on balancingbrainchemistry is due for publication 2014 it will be on balancingbrainchemistry for bipolar syndrome with books on depression and anxiety to follow.
It turns out that there are several remedies available to us to reduce or attenuate dopamine activity in the brain when it becomes excessive and causes unhealthy manic behaviour. When manic behaviour begins to harm your life you can take amino acids thatcompete with the absorption of the amino acids tyrosine and phenylalanine thereby reducing the availability of the building blocks of dopamine within the brain we can do this with what are called branched-chain amino acids. In time you will learn to adapt these techniques so suit your own unique brand of bipolar syndrome, for example years ago when un-medicated my own bipolar syndrome was characterised by very long periods -several years- of depression followed by brief periods -a couple of weeks- of hypo-mania followed by a mini burst -hours to a day- of hyper mania then back down to several years of bipolar depression and so in my case what the depression is emphasised and not mania, so most of the time I want to boost dopamine levels and only gently moderate them. It’s not uncommon for me to use remedies for dopamine stimulation in the morning and dopamine attenuation in the evening, I see it as little different to someone who has coffee in the mornings and soothing herbal tea in the evening. Learning to do this for yourself will take time but will give you the ability to adjust your prescription on a day-to-day basis as opposed to being given a prescription by a psychiatrist that you are supposed to stick to without changing for months at a time, you may for example be expected to stay on lithium or other mood stabilisers with unpleasant side effects such as weight gain and a dulling down of your personality continuously all year around because once a year you have a manic episode. For the time being I’ve decided to make all my work freely available online rather than publishing it in a book and selling it. If you notice spelling and grammatical errors in the text please email me pointing out the page and paragraph of the error, I really appreciate it. I practice at the Hale Clinic (central London) as a holistic medical practitioner and have been in practice since 1988.
Recent studies and research on the subject by experts may prove beneficial as they try to give tentative explanations and seek the right answers. Studies on the subject indicate that Vitiligo can also be suppressed, in the initial stages, if it is diagnosed in time just like other diseases.
Some people may find that the pigmentation in certain areas is restored, while it takes extremely long for them in bony areas and therefore they lose interest to try and achieve 100% re-pigmentation. White patches spreads on the body and though it may remain dormant for a while, may crop up again now and then.
People need to make a few dietary changes to ensure proper digestion as this will help to control, if not arrest it altogether.
Exercise, reduction in stress levels and using the holistic approach will help people to try and maintain balance in their systems.

In earlier days the treatment for this skin disease was introducing steroid fluids topically. Research is being carried out extensively by R&D specialists to ascertain the benefits of Ginkgo Biloba and maximize the use of these extracts so that it makes a visible impact on people who are afflicted with Vitiligo. A small study on the subject indicated that people who took forty ml of Ginkgo Biloba extract thrice daily found that the problem was successfully arrested. A major study was conducted on 47 adults who were suffering with Vitiligo to check the efficacy of Ginkgo Biloba. Patients who had marks on their face found that it stopped spreading with Ginkgo whereas those who were given placebo did not experience any reversals.
Some people use supplements in the hope of recovering and clinical studies are constantly being carried out. The condition known as Vitiligo occurs when the skin cells that is responsible for creating the pigment in our bodies either die or stop production.
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In these pages I’ll discuss the techniques I use in my clinic and my personal life (I have bipolar syndrome) to treat bipolar. For some people bipolar syndrome can include extreme hyper mania with delusional thoughts and little or no depression, for other people it may be less extreme mania followed by severe clinical depressions, relapses may be infrequent or cycle rapidly or the condition may manifest in mixed states.
There may be health issues in the brain which may be directly contributing to making our bipolar syndrome worse or even prevent any treatment aimed at balancing neurotransmitter levels from working effectively. Besides stabilising our blood sugar we can also supplement our diet with alternative fuel sources for the brain.
Let me restate that another way improve the health of your brain to make it more susceptible to the gentle therapeutic effects of natural remedies.
The way this works is when something, say dopamine levels in the brain, exceeds normal levels the body brings it down and when the levels fall the body brings it back up. When your speed increases just slightly into a hypo-manic condition you could simply decrease the dosage of the remedies that increased dopamine, if your speed increases dramatically causing racing thoughts and reckless impulsive behaviour you lift your foot off the gas completely and apply the brakes by eliminating the remedies that increase dopamine completely and take formulations that actually deplete dopamine activity in the brain [see remedies that increase and decrease dopamine levels page under construction during 2014]. For some people combining serotonin based antidepressants SSRIs with the mood stabilisers is sufficient to remedy this problem but when it isn’t my recommendation is to turn to dopamine stimulating antidepressant techniques to alleviate bipolar depression.
You might for example take the amino acid tyrosine or phenylalanine in the morning to give you an antidepressant lift and then find that later in the day you are becoming slightly manic so you take branched-chain amino acids to attenuate or reduce elevated dopamine levels and prevent the mania getting out of control.
For reasons I cannot explain in my early 40s boosting serotonin alone gradually ceased to be enough to prevent depression and I slowly began to relapse into mental illness.
Serotonin deficiency not only dominated my own personal thinking but has also come to dominate conventional psychiatric medicine especially with regards to depression for the past 20 years since the discovery and widespread adoption of serotonin reuptake inhibiting antidepressants SSRIs. These techniques may be of some limited benefit for people with OCD but as yet I am unable to assist anyone with psychotic or schizophrenic disorders.
Occasionally especially while I was learning how to do this I would overshoot and end up precipitating a manic condition which I would then have to treat aggressively for a few days.
The alternative approach I’m proposing is you learn the cognitive skills to recognise the early warning signs that you are developing mania and then pre-emptively medicate it with natural therapies.
However the reason for Melanocytes being destroyed and leading to this problem has not yet been understood. Many expert claim that people who try out natural remedies find good results in encouraging the cells that produce pigments to develop which works more effectively than any other type of treatment. It is necessary to follow a strict regimen of nutrition, homeopathy, herbology and sunshine along with use of topical herbs to try to keep the problem under control.
A good suggestion is to take apple cider vinegar before meals as this helps to absorb nutrients and aid proper digestion which is normally slow for these patients.
The other foods to avoid are rye, oats, wheat and barley as these are foods that will not encourage the system to regain its natural color. They should protect themselves by eating whole foods, taking vital supplements and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for best results. It is necessary to learn how to promote a healthy body by maintaining a good balance of mind, body and spirit from within and without so that pigmentation occurs even in areas where Melanocytes are lying dormant.
This is mostly seen in adults who feel self-conscious as they are aware that this syndrome is rare though there is no worry of it being infectious.
However, these applications proved inconsequential, as improvements were not really forthcoming.
This herb has proved to have good results, as it contains antioxidants and proves to have anti-inflammatory properties that modulate the immune system, effectively. The recent findings on the subject indicate that oral consumption of this herb may prove more effective than the use of topical creams.
The patients were given 120 milligrams of this extract, which contained 9.6 milligrams of ginkgo flavon glycosides or similar ingredients for a period of 6 months.
Some of these supplements include folic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, PABA and L phenylalanine. She has been suffering from chronic sinusitis for five to six years and from otitis media (middle ear infection) for three years now. YourHealth disclaims all responsibility for any losses, damage or personal injury suffered directly or indirectly from reliance on such information. To cope with this tremendous variability an effective mood stabilising treatment must also be flexible and variable allowing you to change the treatment to suit the current state of the condition. In addition to innovations in our understanding of the biochemistry of bipolar syndrome are also noticing more people with bipolar syndrome developing and publishing psychological techniques to help you live with the condition such as Bipolar in Order by Tom Wootton.
Just to make the debate about whether or not to use dopamine stimulating antidepressant remedies even more complicated is the fact that for many people with bipolar their depression follows mania like night follows day and so preventing the manic phases is one of the best ways to prevent the depression phases. This lack of compliance is a major problem among bipolar patients on pharmaceutical mood stabilisers drugs such as lithium.

In some ways it’s just like driving a car you put before the gas to get going on your foot on the brake to slow you down, but the bipolar brain is very hands-on like driving high-performance sports car when you touch the gas it speeds off and you need to regularly apply hard breaking to keep it under control.
The potential of this technique is that a person could have a tyrosine and phenylalanine deficient protein drink that they could simply consume as and when they observed their manic symptoms developing. Gradually with practice I learned how to avoid this most of the time and quickly fix it when I didn’t. By eating well including daily omega-3 fish oil and totally stabilising your blood sugar you should be able to extend the length of time that you spend in remission. Research has been conducted on the subject by scientists, who have come up with some theories on the disease and the various treatments that maybe used. Care can be taken, to ensure that the cells that produce the pigment are treated so that the impairment is reduced, while trying to produce new pigment cells. A few therapies are also used as procedures though they are in the experimental stage and may prove to have promising results. Treatments, remedies and treatments are constantly being suggested but none of the therapies have provide useful for patients. Sunshine is very important as part of the healing process as it can stimulate pigmentation in the white patches and spots. People who work hard to correct the imbalances and focus on the nutritional benefits to find complete cure and heal. Today, people are made aware of Vitiligo, especially after the king of pop; Michael Jackson claimed that his skin turned white from black due to contracting this disease. Many people began to lose hope, as it took forever for the skin to regain the original color.
Ginkgo may prove to be the answer as it may help to rebuild the pigmentation process by attacking the free radicals that cause harm to the skin.
Pictures were taken every 6 weeks of the areas that were affected to monitor the changes in the size of pigments and ratio of the changes. People who have dark complexions are most affected by this skin disease though the chances of anyone getting it are plausible. To a large extent the decision as to whether or not to use dopamine stimulating antidepressant remedies depends upon the type of bipolar syndrome you have. Furthermore it also never occurred to me that my brain could seemingly spontaneously switch and develop a problem with a different neurotransmitter when I was middle-aged.
People who suffer from this terrible disease look for cures to help them regain the natural color of their skin.
Some people have experienced miraculous cures, even though there have been no proven results of any special cure that may have helped in the healing of the malady.
People are afraid of facing the sun because of the hype created about the ill effects of the sun’s rays. It was found that nearly 80% of the people, who were put on Ginkgo Biloba extracts, found that the disease was arrested, while only 36% of patients who were administered placebo, found that the spread was arrested. It is possible that more people will resort to using Ginkgo Biloba extracts as it has produced proven results that will be valuable to them as treatment. There is no proper known cure though they have been many types of treatments that have been prescribed, which include use of ultraviolet lights, herbal supplements, as well as skin grafts. What I thought was happening was that somehow my body had gotten used to the serotonin boosting remedies I relied on and if I could just find a new way to elevate my serotonin levels I’d get well again. However it is possible to work one’s way to getting some sort of good results slowly but steadily. Many realize the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and cleansing their systems with the right lifestyle. Therefore, they have more chances of becoming deficient in vitamin D3 which robs the body of many of the benefits of the sun. Melagenina plus may prove to be a good cure as it attacks the pigmentation problem from the roots. After several years of unsuccessful treatment my mental health had progressively worsened and my illness had once again become life threatening. CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy is not the only suitable therapy but it is widely available and fairly consistently practised; even just three or four sessions would make a tremendous difference. People are seeking natural cures as well as undergoing laser therapies in the hope to regaining the normal color of their skin. The patient who suffers with this problem will necessarily have to put in some extra efforts from their side. Research on the subject indicates that the answer to a good response for people who suffer from this problem may lie in following a good nutritional diet and use natural remedies.
The reason people get these white patches is because the cells of the skin that produce the pigment dies or is arrested.
However, the question of how to treat the disease and overcome the symptoms is still a mystery, which creates great angst with patients who suffer from this dreaded skin disease.
This can be done by maintaining their diet and taking precautions to ensure that it does not spread further. Melagenina plus activates and increases the skin cells that are produced and works to reverse the symptoms. There is every chance that the normal pigmentation is restored and the white patches are eliminated from the skin. She has been getting frequent bouts of nose and ear infections, resulting in blocked ears (especially the right ear) and nose, with frequent nightly discharge of much liquid from her right ear, and discharge of much yellowish mucus from the nose.

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