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You must ensure that what you are dealing with is indeed a urine infection, before you go seeking over-the-counter treatment for it. If there is presence of blood in the urine, you must get a cystoscopy and a scan as advised by the doctor. Two of the best over the counter uti medicine include AZO Urinary Pain Relief and AZO Urinary Pain Relief Maximum Strength.
Once you feel better, continue with over the counter AZO Cranberry pills or extracts to prevent potential UTI. Dosage of UTI medicine: Adults and kids over 12 years of age may take 2 AZO UTI tablets three times a day with meals.
Statistics show that one in five women who have suffered from a UTI pain will have to go through it again.
Wiping after a bowel movement is best done from front to back rather than back to front to prevent germs from anus coming closer to the urethral opening.
Taking over the counter UTI medicines such as AZO Cranberry Softgels can also flush out the urinary tract to maintain its cleanliness.
All the information I provide here is free and if you want to support my work so I can continue updating this site, please share it. UTI and Menstrual Cycle: Is It Normal To Get Urine Infections During and After The Periods? Instead of voiding the urine and bacteria out of the body the person who holds urine too long in the bladder increases the odds that the bacteria will cause an infection in the bladder.
A poorly functioning immune system doesn’t effectively ward off bacteria and other harmful organisms that can infect the urinary tract leading to recurrent infections in some people. You do not want to go to the doctor because you are sure youa€™d end up getting a prescription for antibiotics.

An untreated urine infection could develop into a serious kidney infection or Pyelonephritis. You will need antibiotics like amoxicillin for UTI to kill the bacteria causing the infection. Both contain phenazopyridine hydrochloride which is a compound specifically recommended by doctors for relieving pain, burning and fever. In many European countries, women who get frequent UTIs are advised by doctors to take a home urine test. Amoxicillin for UTI is the main drug prescribed in the United States to treat mild to moderate UTIs. This over the counter AZO UTI medicine is also available in form of gummies which can be chewed daily. Sign And Symptoms Of Uti In Women women and girls who wipe themselves from back to front can also cause recurrent UTI s as they pull bacteria such as E. Children and adults who put off urinating are at risk of recurrent urinary tract infections.
Some individuals are born with a defect of the urinary tract known as vesicoureteral reflux. The urinary tract is composed of two kidneys two ureters which carry urine out of the kidneys one bladder and one urethra which carries urine out of the body. This defect is usually found in childhood due to its propensity to cause recurrent urinary tract infections. Children and adults who put off urinating are at risk of recurrent urinary tract infections.
This condition called hydronephrosis is another potential cause of recurrent UTI s explains Kids Health a Sign And Symptoms Of Uti In Women health information website sponsored by the nonprofit Nemours Foundation.

Women and girls who wipe themselves from back to front can also cause recurrent UTI s as they pull bacteria such as E.
The Maximum Strength AZO UTI medicine is known to give instant relief from severe UTI symptoms. This way; one can avoid false positives, since many conditions produce symptoms similar to UTI. As stated above Azo uti medicine is the only pain relieving medicine available to treat the symptoms of UTI.
Individuals with a poorly functioning immune system are susceptible to recurrent urinary tract infections. Note that AZO does not cure the infection- it only gives fast relief from painful symptoms of urine and bladder infections. An individual may have recurrent urinary tract infections which are often treated by a long course of antibiotics lasting up to two years explains Discovery Health.
If an infection is present in the bladder it can then travel through the ureters to the kidneys creating a potentially serious infection. This includes the elderly people with diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus or diabetes that adversely affect the immune system and those who take medications that suppress the immune system.
It contains compounds like phenazopyridine hydrochloride which ordinary pain relievers do not contain.

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