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Age spots, liver spots, senile lentigines, or solar lentigines: call them what you will, but these are a common problem, and often times people are genetically predisposed to getting age spots. Thus, the focus of this article will be the prevention of age spots and the treatment of age spots still possible at home. If you want to spare yourself the expenses associated with the various creams and home remedies to get rid of age spots, then make an appointment to have them removed at your local aesthetic laser clinic.
People from the ages of 40 and beyond are more susceptible to age spots, and are generally the people looking to get rid of age spots, because around the ages of 40-50 the skin tends to regenerate itself more slowly.
The market for Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHAs) is starting to see a huge growth in the fight to get rid of age spots and other skin disorders. Considered by most dermatologists as the age spot creams, AHAs are acids derived from certain fruits and dairy products, which are applied to the skin topically. Retinoids, derived synthetically from Vitamin A, have been used to get rid of age spots for quite some time.Vitamin A is an essential human nutrient, which is used by the body to regulate the growth rates of our skin cells, particularly skin cells closer to the surface. While chemical peels are a certain way to get rid of age spots, they are usually performed by a doctor. There are, however, certain formulas available over-the-counter that you can use as chemical peels.
Soft Tissue Augmentation is a process where collagen (usually produced by cows) is injected into the skin to help improve the appearance of skin. Microdermabrasion, is a process I’ve mentioned in a number of our skin treatment articles.
Non-Ablative Skin Rejuvenation is a relatively new, non-invasive procedure that uses natural pulses of light to activate dying skin cells, causing them to act more like younger skin cells. Though the spots are harmless and definitely painless, they cause much of mental stress due to the fact your skin looks dull and damaged.
You can use a fade cream or a typical anti-aging skin cream, which contains a skin bleaching agent. In case you are looking for an instant result, you can go for a treatment called chemical peel.
You may also consider going for a laser treatment in case you are skeptical of chemicals and want a better solution. If you have spent a lot of money in getting rid of the age spots, you wouldn’t want them to come back at any cost. Age spots, sun spots, liver spots, brown spots, no matter what you want to call those darkened spots on your skin most of us view these spots as unattractive and hate the fact that they mar what might otherwise be a perfect complexion. Never mind the fact that we earned these age spots by spending our youth worshipping or at least exposing our delicate skin to the sun without adequate protection from the sun’s harmful Ultra violet rays and that this exposure caused the melanocytes (pigment producing cells) to go into overdrive and produce darker pigment as a way of protecting us from the sun.
Laser treatments like chemical peels basically burn off the top layer or layers of skin to remove that dark pigmentation.
Like chemical treatments, laser treatments aren’t as effective on people with darker skin, and such treatments can leave behind small scars, light spots, and even other pigmentation spots. There are a variety of home remedies that have been used through out the generations to fade age spots. Probably the least expensive means of ridding your skin of those age spots is to use a skin lightening or whitening cream. There are all natural skin whitening creams that are safer and some are highly effective but, since they don’t contain those powerful chemicals they do take time to work. If you don’t already have age spots, the best thing you can do is avoid getting them by using an all natural sunscreen whenever you are planning to spend time in the out of doors.
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Nothing says "welcome to middle age" like age spots: They give your age away at first handshake and seem to multiply in record time.
If you're hoping for something that will make your hands look like you dipped them in the fountain of youth, you won't find it in a cream or serum.
While they still won't make every dark spot invisible, prescription treatments can lighten spots even better than over-the-counter medications. If you don't think a cream is for you, or aren't seeing the results you want, you might want to consider laser treatment.

Although lasers have become much safer over the years, they can carry the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)—darkening or lightening of the skin, explains Narurkar. At the end of this article I will outline some of the more common medical age spot treatments, usually performed by dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons.
Slower regeneration, coupled with a slowing metabolism, causes age spots, wrinkles, scars, fat, and other blemishes to occur more often and more noticeably. As it turns out, Vitamin A in higher dosages applied directly to the skin causes your body’s natural exfoliating process to accelerate, where old skin cells are replaced by new skin cells. You should consult your pharmacist or drug store manager about which chemical peel formula is right for you, or better yet, have your doctor or a dermatologist do it for you.
As a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, collagen is the binder that helps in the construction of new skin cells. A metal brush with very fine teeth is applied to those areas that have been distorted by scars or age spots, pulling the dead skin cells away, allowing new skin cells to take their place.
The low levels of light stimulate energy in the existing cells, much like photosynthesis in plants. More so because age spots are associated with old age and no one wants to grow old when they least expect it. So go for regular skin care routine at a good salon or visit a dermatologist to know which treatment would be the best for you. The efficiency of the cream depends on the quantity of the skin bleaching agent present in the cream.
In this, a certified professional will apply a thin layer of glycolic acid, which on peeling will remove the outer layers of skin, including the age spots.
The laser resurfacing removes the age spots by removing the surface layer of the skin in the affected area. Your best bet would be to use homemade products and face packs to keep your skin fresh and glowing and also apply sunscreen and anti-aging moisturizer regularly in order to retain that beautiful glow! Let’s face it, these dark spots make us feel old and less than attractive and to make matters worse most of us have no one but ourselves to blame for the appearance of these brown ugly spots. Once the new skin replaces the skin that burned away most of the dark spots will be gone, though in some cases you may need more than one treatment to rid yourself of all the spots.
Unless you have a large amount of age spots that need to be removed usually a laser treatment can get most of the spots in one treatment though you may need a second treatment to get those spots that go deeply into the layers of skin.  Laser treatments can be expensive and healing time will vary deepening on the size of the area treated.
The patient is given anaesthesia and then the top layer of skin is basically sandblasted so that new skin can grow.
It requires no anesthesia and the treatment only involves the very top layer of skin, which results in recovery taking only about 24 hours.
Everything from washing in lemon juice several times a day to putting various brands of toothpaste on your dark spots. These creams run from prescription creams that are extremely expensive to over the counter creams. However maintaining your health while fading those dark spots should be worth a little patience on your part.
Doing so may result in completely eliminating the need of ridding yourself of these spots as you age. She welcomes every visitor and values your input in the form of comments, suggestions and questions. Our website, products and services are all directed to people who are least 13 years old or older. The skin-care aisle is full-to-bursting with creams and serums that promise to return your hands to their youthful glow, but most barely touch your ever-darkening spots. No over-the-counter treatment will make your age spots disappear completely, according to Marina Peredo, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Manhattan.
The serum is natural and gentle, according to Germain, and uses a blend of botanicals to reduce the appearance of dark spots. Since only a small amount is used and the serum absorbs quickly, it won't rinse off every time you wash your hands like some age-spot creams.

In a study of patients using Tri-Luma to treat melasma, which causes brown spots on the face, 38% saw their spots disappear completely. Dermatologists recommend PicoWay, which works on all skin tones of the face, chest, and hands—and can't wash off like a cream. Any laser treatment can cause PIH, especially if you're not careful about staying out of the sun or using sunscreen after treatment. Too much time in the sun without protection and getting older can result in embarrassing age spots. Spots caused by over exposure to the sun are a lot like your typical scar, where pigmentation, like scar tissue, builds up to help protect and absorb the sun light. These creams and the alpha hydroxy acids in them work to disintegrate the cellular binding mechanisms in the upper epidermal layers, allowing dead skin cells that have built up while you’ve aged to slough off and let newer skin cells take their place.
Old skin cells dry out and slough off, leaving your skin free of liver spots or age spots, wrinkles, and scars. Personally, I would rather not undergo a chemical peel skin treatment because they always use harsh chemicals to wound the skin, forcing it to peel away. If it is inevitable, wear full sleeve clothes and cover yourself up with light fabric as much as you can. Unfortunately, unless you want to spend years in a cave, they probably aren’t going to disappear on their own, which means that you are going to have to take matters into your own hands and find an effective way of getting rid of those age spots.
While chemical peels work well for most people, they are far less effective on people with darker skin. Recovery can take some time and once the anaesthesia wears off there can be quite a bit of pain during the first couple of days of healing process. However, like other age spot removal procedures it can be somewhat expensive and since only the top layer of skin is removed it may take two or more treatments to remove all of the sunspots. While some of these home remedies work better than others and most are safe to use, even the most effective of these remedies can take months before you see any real results. Many of these creams contain chemicals which may reduce those dark age spots but, can be unhealthy for your skin and for your health as the body absorbs the chemicals rubbed into the skin.
Cucumber and thyme extracts soothe and moisturize skin, while kojic acid (derived from fungi) and arbutin (an extract of the bearberry plant) simultaneously lighten and brighten. Instead of the photothermal waves (electromagnetic radiation in the form of infrared waves) used in older lasers, PicoWay uses ultra-short, picosecond (trillionths of a second) pulses to break down melanin pigment into tiny particles.
With fewer treatments and less pain, "patients appreciate the minimal down time and the quickness of the procedure," says Andrew Menkes, MD, a dermatologist and founder of the Menkes Clinic and Surgery Center of Mountain View, CA.
Getting rid of age spots takes patience, like getting rid of scars or getting rid of wrinkles, the processes that remove age spots from your skin are controlled by your body and nothing more can be done than to help your body regenerate itself. Ten to eight repetitions of this procedure followed with applications of vitamin rich skin creams should have you seeing results. A neutralizing agent is then put on to stop the chemical action and then you are sent home to heal. Chemical peels may also leave behind scars, and lighter spots of skin known as hypo-pigmentation as well as result in the appearance of some dark spots from the treatment itself. However, unlike laser treatments or chemical peels, dermabrasion works well on dark as well as light skin tones. Depending on how many layers the chemical peel penetrated it can take several days or a week or more to heal. Several causes may be attributed to it, including prolonged exposure to the sun and also your genes.

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