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Your feet take the weight of your whole body, so foot problems can quickly lead to knee, hip and back pain. With an account you can keep track of pages on the site and save them to this tab, which you can access on every page when you are logged in. If your nails are difficult to manage you should consult a professional for advice on the best way to manage them.
A nail which is causing discomfort and cannot be managed through regular filing can be removed permanently.
There are treatments you can by over the counter at the chemist, your pharmacist can advise you. If an infected nail is suspected, your GP practice or podiatrist can send a clipping of the toenail to a microbiology department to identify if an infection is present. This occurs when the nail has been cut too short or down the sides leaving a sharp spike of nail. Do not cut nails too short – the free white edge at the end of the nail should still be visible. If you have an ingrowing toenail which cannot be treated conservatively, you may need to have all or part of the nail removed under local anaesthetic.
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In this video, a podiatrist talks about the importance of caring for your feet and explains some of the most common foot problems and treatments. If you cannot reach or find it difficult to cut your nails you may find it easier to use a long file off the end of the nails rather than filing across them.

This may be from a single incident where something hit the nail or from repeated injury over time such as unsuitable footwear.
This may be from a single incident where something hit the nail or from repetitive injury over time such as unsuitable footwear.
As extra thickness is added to the nail it is difficult to see the vascular pink nail bed and instead the nail looks yellow or pale. These tablets are very effective as they are able to reach parts of the nail which aren’t exposed.
Tea Tree oil is known to be anti-fungal and when applied to the nail on a weekly basis it can help prevent the spread of infection. As the nail grows forward, this sharp piece of nail will dig into the skin at the side of the nail and eventually break the skin with resulting redness, pain, swelling and possible infection. You should not cut down the sides of the nail as you could leave a spike of nail which will grow forward and cause an ingrowing toenail.
Sometimes a nail deformity can be congenital which means the deformity has been present since birth.
This kind of nail could be managed by filing or removal by an HPC registered podiatrist if troublesome. You would need to apply until the nail has grown clear of infection and filing can help make the Tea Tree oil sink into the area better as well as removing some of the infection. Ingrowing toenails are more common if the toebox of your shoes is too tight as the toes press together and cause pressure on the sides or the nails. Nail paint isn't generally considered to be as effective as tablets because it can be difficult for it to reach the deeper layers of the nail.
A nail which is causing discomfort and cannot be managed through self care can be removed permanently.

Your GP practice or podiatrist can send a clipping of your toenail to a microbiology department to identify if an infection is present. The tablets need to be taken for many months until the clear nail growth has fully grown through. If your feet are regularly hot and sweaty and the skin is soft it will be easier for the nail to penetrate the skin. If an infection is present the nail could be left alone without treatment and just regularly filed.
The old infected nail should begin to grow out and can be gradually clipped away.Speak to your GP if new, healthy nail doesn't start to grow after a few weeks of treatment. If you are concerned about a deformed nail please seek advice from an HPC registered podiatrist who will be able to advise you. Be careful though as infection can spread to other nails or other family members if using the same nail cutting instruments. A fungal infected nail can increase your risk of athlete’s foot which is a fungal skin infection.
However, it could take a year or more for the nail to grow back completely.Laser treatmentLaser treatment is a possible option if you have a fungal nail infection that's particularly stubborn. Be aware that the treatment may need to be repeated several times for up to a year, so it could get very expensive.

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