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Cause This disease is observed only rarely and is not considered a significant problem for Pacific Northwest corn plantings. Waukee, IA (July 13) -- Greenspire Global has announced their Procidic bactericide is effective in both preventing and treating Goss’s Bacterial Wilt and Sudden Death Syndrome, the increasingly common nuisances in corn and soybean farming.
The bactericide is FDA approved, as well as the only bactericide on the market that is known to be effective against the diseases. Within the last few years, Goss’s Bacterial Wilt and SDS have been prevalent in the Midwest, but the company reports that their field testing with growers in the region has been very successful at preventing and eradicating the diseases. Procidic is a broad spectrum bactericide and fungicide compound that can reportedly control a long list of diseases including Botrytis, Downey Mildew, White Mold and Anthracnose, among others. Procidic's advanced formula works to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and fungi on contact and is also rapidly absorbed into the plant. Sold as a liquid concentrate, Procidic is mixed with water and applied through normal spraying methods.
Found on a wide range of plants (too many to mention), gray mold (Botrytis cinerea) is a fungal disease that travels quickly through gardens, especially during damp, cool to mild weather.
Gray mold is often found near the soil surface or in the densest areas of the plant canopy.
Water in the early morning hours, or use a soaker hose, to give the plants time to dry out during the day. Do not compost infected leaves or stems and thoroughly clean up garden areas in the fall to reduce over wintering sites for the fungal spores.

The biological fungicide Mycostop has shown suppression of the disease when applied directly to susceptible leaves, flowers and fruits. Leaves show linear, pale green to yellow streaks with irregular or wavy margins parallel to the veins. It is designed to treat fungus and bacteria on contact and is systemically absorbed into the plant for lasting protection.
Working systemically, Procidic then moves toward the apex of the plant to inhibit the future growth of bacteria and fungi.
It can be identified as grayish colored soft, mushy spots on leaves, stems, flowers and on produce. Spores develop when conditions are optimal, and are moved by wind or splashing water onto blossoms or young leaves, where they germinate and enter the plant.
Make sure to disinfect your pruning equipment (one part bleach to 4 parts water) after each cut. Apply these weekly, when spring weather is continuously cool and wet or if rot has been a problem in the past. This broad spectrum bio-fungicide uses a patented strain of Bacillus subtilis that is registered for organic use.
The company says that Procidic is proven safe and effective on nearly any fruit or vegetable.
As an added benefit, there are no harsh chemicals to pollute the soil, so growers can enjoy healthier crops year after year.

If diseases are discovered, use rates from 8-14 oz to work as a curative toward saving the plant. Spots may become covered with a coating of gray fungus spores, especially if humidity is high. Spores require cool temperatures (45-60 F.) and high humidity (93% and above) to germinate.
Fruit or plants shrivel and rot and often develop black, stone-like sclerotia under rotted parts.
Germinating spores rarely penetrate green, healthy tissue directly, but can enter through wounds on growing plants.
However, the corn flea beetle is the most important insect for overwintering and spreading the bacterium.
Warm winters favor survival of the beetle vectors and increase the risk of Stewart's disease.

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