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Find out how one little frog is causing big problems in Maui and what you can do to stop man-made problems from getting worse. Today is a big week on the sale front, but before I tell you what we have prepared for you, I want to tell you what frogs and sharks have to do with fleas and your dog. Maui is a beautiful island, but now that I’ve spent a significant portion of time there, I’ve learned about the other side of paradise. The plants on Maui grow super well, but they face a different nemesis than the fish - an herbicide called RoundUp made by Monsanto.
So, as I was flying and thinking about the consequences of our human behaviour and inventions I also thought about fleas, our FleaHex® mission and how frustrating it is that most people still use toxic chemicals on their dogs.
Don't get me wrong, I know fleas can be a serious nuisance and no one wants them in the house or on our dogs! If we can get rid of fleas efficiently with essential oils, coconut oil and all-natural ingredients, why would we use flea products that are harmful to our dogs?
In April, our company has been able to provide free articles and healing information to over 300,000 dog lovers. It may seem shocking, but over 80 percent of the population in Tanzania does not have access to safe water and sanitization. Our big thanks go to you and everyone who trusts and purchases our all-natural products for dogs.
Planting trees in Tanjung Puting National Park (Central Borneo) to assist in the restoration of habitat for endangered wildlife such as the orangutan through the Friends Of National Parks Foundation.
Maintaining a school water pump for a school in Tanzania for one year to provide   clean drinking water to children through MSABI. No one wants to find fleas on their dog, but fleas actually have some amazing qualities and are one of nature's greatest design. Fleas can jump up to 20 cm (8 inches) vertically and 41 cm (just under 16 inches) horizontally. Considering that a flea can lay 2,000 eggs in a lifetime and the flea cycle takes about one month to complete, two fleas - Fleah and Fleo - have the potential to make your house a flea city with a population greater than Mexico City in a year’s time! Yes, they do! Snakes, ants, beetles, spiders, frogs and lizards eat fleas and worms eat flea eggs. Fleas can pull 160,000 times their weight, which is the same as you pulling 2,679 double-decker buses. Flea groom and brides were collector items in the early 1900s and continue to be one of the curious expressions of human creativity. I bet you never guessed that getting familiar with the back end of your dog’s anatomy could save them from surgery.
When I started writing holistic health articles, I never expected the most read blog will be one about anal glands infections and inflammation in dogs.
When it comes to anal glands, they are small in size, but important when it comes to your dog's health. As a child, I used to dread having our dachshund Gerda on my lap when we were going up to our cottage.
On a more serious note, today I would like to write about the topic of perianal gland tumours that are sometimes called circumanal gland tumours. Perianal tumours are three times as common in intact male dogs and their formation is directly linked to the production of testosterone. A few years ago, a client came to me very upset because her other veterinarian found an anal gland tumour and suggested removing her dog's anal gland. When I reviewed the histology report, it became clear that there was a mistake made in interpreting the results and the dog did not suffer from an anal gland tumour, but had perianal  adenoma. Anal glands resemble little blister packs tucked under the skin at the 8 and 4 o'clock position around the anus. The second, third and fourth lumbar vertebrae neurologically and energetically supply the anal area. Unless a dog is regularly adjusted by an experienced chiropractor, such injuries often remain unrecognized for years.
In such instances, the most likely cause is a blocked or abscessed anal gland, but anal and perinatal tumours may also be possible. If your dog does have a firm growth under the skin, the next step is a fine needle aspirate of the lump to obtain cells for the growth evaluation.
If your vet is suggesting an immediate biopsy or direct removal of the growth, I suggest that you ask for a fine needle aspirate first. The biggest challenge is the dogs that have not responded to such treatment - neutered dogs and females. If it appears to grow rapidly, or is ulcerated, there is not much choice, but to remove the diseased tissue. Today is the day, I have decided to jump off the cliff of veterinary knowledge and plunge into the depths of the world of ear infections – one of the most daunting of subjects. The clinic was crazy busy, it was the beginning of the summer and a time when dogs and cats started venturing outdoors after the torrential rainy season in Vancouver. I examined Tamara’s ears and found only a mild redness at the earflaps, which likely came from the scratching, and the ear canal was clean and calm.
I explained to Ursula, as tactfully as I could, that because of Tamara’s history of traveling in high altitudes that changed rapidly, she most likely experienced middle ear pain similar to what people experience when flying. However, based on the examination, the ear health was likely affected by the state of her digestive tract and liver. My client sense told me that Ursula  was not convinced with my recommendations and I wondered if I would ever see her again. She was right, the ear canals were moist and full of discharge and coated with a grey layer of dead  skin. In Tamara’s case, over-cleaning, stress of the move, ear pain when traveling, carb-rich, processed food and obesity all played a role. Knowing that Ursula went to a conventional clinic before and ended up at my practice only by accident, I decided to  combine the conventional approach, herbs and homeopathy, plus send a bacterial culture to the lab. I saw that Tamara’s body was too depleted and toxic to fight on its own and reached for an anti-fungal and antibiotic treatment, the only one on the market that didn’t come with steroids.
A few days later, I received a call from Ursula that Tamara was better, happier and how much she appreciated my help. Because she  had been treated with topical  steroids in the past, whatever was  suppressed was coming back to the surface.
Similar to the lights on your car’s dashboard, the ears were signalling that something  deeper was wrong.
The sleeping pill gives you temporary relief, but the consequences will be very clear and smoky at best. Similar to the sleeping pill, steroids put the immune system to sleep and give us the illusion that all is fine.
I explained to Tamara that the culture came back with no pathogens growing in the ear canal and only a small amount of yeast, which is very common.
I was thrilled to see an email a few days later in which Ursula reported an improvement and appreciation for my work.
I didn’t hear from her until a year later when I received my very first complaint letter since my graduation 21 years earlier.
In the letter, Ursula wrote, that she spent too much time and money in my office and then she went to another vet. I spent the  whole weekend going through files and notes to ensure that I would be able to provide the Conduct Review Committee the best report. After an hour of questioning by 15 committee members, I made them laugh by saying: “Oh boy, did you make me sweat answering all these questions. In a way, I appreciated the committee’s thorough work and hoped that they would see that I practiced according to the highest medical standards.
Initial ear cleaning should be done professionally, the use of individually selected homeopathic remedy, nutritional plan, herbal preparations and a good dose of patience is important. It takes one to three months on average for chronic, medication suppressed ears to get better, sometimes  even longer.
The good news is that there are very few dogs and cats that would need ongoing treatment for life.
Do you ever wonder why you can choose the best health practitioner for you, but if you want to take your dog to a chiropractor or acupuncturist you need a referral? A visit from a friend got me thinking again about how many manmade rules are not actually about helping dogs and more about self-serving protectionism. Catherine and I sometimes get fiery about this topic and are unhappy about the pharmaceutical and pet food company driven system.
Perhaps the problem in veterinary medicine is that veterinarians try to do too many things and veterinary colleges try to control every animal healing modality. No one should need to ask a veterinarian for a referral to a skilled and well-educated practitioner, for example, a  chiropractor, rehabilitation, massage therapist, homeopath or acupuncturist. I gather some practitioners are worried if they share too much with their clients they will be out of business, but the opposite is true. It may surprise you that 99 percent of the 300,000 plus people who come to our website every month never buy any of my natural supplements and vitamins for dogs. Working with a variety of health practitioners is the key to better healthcare for our dogs. Telling our clients about who we know and what we use is essential for reducing the likelihood of people ending up with the wrong practitioners and products.
My role in such a team is to focus on nutrition, homeopathy and integration of western and holistic medicine. Being focussed is the last, but very important part of helping your dog live a healthy and long life.
If you are looking for more information on how to choose the right veterinarian, click here and if you would like to have a peek at our all natural supplements for dogs, click here.
A recent court case in Canada involving parents who didn’t take their son with meningitis to the doctor might have you wondering about your medical responsibility for your dog. What happened is they tried to treat what they thought was croup and later the flu with home remedies, instead of taking Ezekiel to the hospital. Sadly, Ezekiel passed away from bacterial meningitis, leaving his parents devastated and facing a court trial. This tragic news made me think about if there were rational reasons why the parents didn't take Ezekiel to the hospital. I also often heard from new clients who sought me out because they were afraid of going to conventional veterinary clinics. As far as I know, similar statistics are not available for veterinary medicine, but it is reasonable to assume that human error is also one of the top causes of death in veterinary medicine too because the human and veterinary conventional medical models are very similar. In my opinion one of the main reasons why some people decide not to seek medical help is they are afraid. The current situation is a warning sign that something needs to be done with the conventional medical model because based on the statistics, falling in the hands of the wrong medical practitioner can be fatal. As a conventionally trained veterinarian, it took me the first 10 years of practice to realize that there is a place for both conventional and holistic medicine and the best choice is always the one that causes the least harm. It is tragic to see what happened to Ezekiel but, instead of blaming his parents, I think the biggest problem lies within our medical system. If you are interested in learning about the essential principles of natural healing, or what I call the healing cycle, watch the video here to learn more.
It can take years working as a veterinarian to gain enough guts and confidence to go against the status quo sometimes. Over my 27 years in practice, I have observed and treated many aging dogs diagnosed with kidney disease or are on the cusp of it. I was taught that this was a typical progression of kidney disease and that a low-protein diet was necessary to reduce the levels of blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine, the by-products of protein metabolism. The more protein that is consumed, the higher the levels of BUN and creatinine in the blood, which are the prime indicators of kidney disease in dogs. In the mid 90’s I started seeing some of my clients feeding raw and cooked natural food to their dogs. Around this time, a few research studies were released showing that low-protein diets were contraindicated for cats with kidney disease. It made complete sense to me because depriving cats, who are true carnivores, of protein and giving them grain-based diet was no different than feeding donkeys meat! My own cat, Mina, was diagnosed with kidney disease at the age of 15 and she did incredibly well on a raw, high-quality protein diet for six more years. Thanks to Mina and other cats, I dared to introduce a raw and cooked meat diet with bones and vegetables to dogs against the recommendation of diet companies that continue suggesting low-protein kibble. When you think about it, one of the most important parts of treating and preventing kidney disease is maintaining proper hydration. In the hierarchy of importance, providing the body with the essential building blocks to function, such as protein is much more vital than reducing the protein levels.
In fact, dogs with early to moderate kidney disease appear to stabilize when they are fed a raw diet and are provided with wholesome, all-natural supplements.
Weakened kidneys lose vitamins and minerals more readily and supplementing all-natural minerals and whole food based vitamins appears to make a clear difference. The only merit of reducing the level of protein in kidney disease is when it is in the very late stages when a patient is just a few weeks away from the end of life.
With such a lack of time, people are looking for quick solutions and that also applies to their dog’s health. Some men may disagree with me but, my experience is that women are much more patient when it comes to healthcare. You may find it funny but, after 28 years in practice, I started calling this the "husband phenomenon." In most, but not all families, women seem to be much more in tune with understanding health, whereas guys often expect a quick fix that does not cost too much.
In Western medicine, people like to use the "anti" drugs.  Antibiotics, Antifungals and finally, the focus of today - anti-inflammatory drugs. Today, I would like to focus on corticosteroids, very commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs, that in my opinion cause the deepest and irreversible damage.
However, most people do not realize that healthy inflammation is an essential part of the healing process. When anti-inflammatory drugs are used, the natural healing process is blocked for the sake of short-term relief but, there is a high price they pay. Anti-inflammatory drugs also cause serious side-effects and, in my opinion, are unnecessary and contraindicated. The first ingredient is patience followed by persistence and an open mind to get out of the rut. For many decades now, the use of “anti” drugs is so common that most people don't think twice about taking Advil, Aspirin or even steroids and the same applies to their dogs.

The question is, how does one reduce the likelihood of injuries, inflammation and resist the temptation of quick fix. Keep your dog's spine aligned with the help of a chiropractor, rehabilitation, physical or massage therapist to name a few.
When it comes to natural anti-inflammatory medicines - turmeric, coconut oil, omega oils, chlorophyll and Perna mussel are a few good examples, in addition to raw diet. All you need to do is to pre-register here to receive further updates on the course and if you have any questions about how to reduce steroid use, enter your question at the end of the registration form, we will consider your concerns while finalizing the course curriculum. I recommend against feeding bone meal, with the exception of locally sourced frozen bone meal.
I have received a question about my last blog on the topic of  arsenic in food that I would like everyone to hear the answer to. Health conscious dog lovers are well-equipped to protect their beloved dogs from the damaging effects of serious carcinogens and disease-causing toxins such as arsenic because an inexpensive, highly accurate dog hair test is now available. Over the years, many dog lovers have been using HairQ to determine their dog’s toxin levels and the results suggest dogs eating chicken had higher levels of arsenic than those fed other meats.
In 2011, the U.S Food and Drug Administration agency confirmed that Roxarsone, an arsenic-containing parasiticide regularly added into chicken feed, caused the elevated levels of arsenic in chicken.
In February 2014, the company making Roxarsone, Zoetis, Inc., voluntarily withdrew the product from the market.
It is my general understanding that chicken is much safer to feed in 2016 than it was a few years ago, mainly because the cancer-causing drugs containing arsenic are no longer used.
Ideally, feed organic, or at least, free-range non-medicated chicken and add organic vegetables for an additional cleansing effect.
Hair test analysis is currently the most accurate and cost-effective method of determining the levels of arsenic in your dog’s body.
Provide essential minerals and vitamins to push out toxic elements, including arsenic, from the body. Last month we funded the planting of 45 trees in Borneo to help nurture the environment that is vital to orangutans.
B1G1 has partnered with Friends Of The National Parks Foundation, a charity that is in charge of this project. Dandelions are considered nothing more than a weed by most people, but it is actually a little flower that can do great things for your dog's liver and has many other medicinal qualities. Food and environmental toxin exposure are the most common reasons for dogs suffering from liver problems. They drink water from puddles, they scavenge and eat things that they should not and are also exposed more to car fumes and general pollution because their head is closer to the ground. People have been asking me why I put certified organic dandelion in SoulFood, the certified organic multivitamin for dogs. There are many good reasons that I want to share. According to modern naturopathic medicine, dandelion has the ability to detoxify the liver and gallbladder, reduce the side effects of toxins and medication processed by the liver and relieve symptoms of diseases in which the liver plays a role. There is also emerging evidence that dandelion has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect and it has been also used for balancing the digestive tract.
Ask your veterinarian for an annual blood test for all dogs that are six to seven-years-old and older. If one hip is higher than the other or rotated on an X-axis negative or positively, there will naturally be less room on that side of the pelvis for the uterus to grow.
I find that women who take the time to get adjusted and aligned during pregnancy have shorter labors and less painful labors. Your spine changes with pregnancy and has to deal with forward-pulling weight forces during the time that the fetus grows. Childhood ear infections, also known as otitis media, are the most common reasons for children's visits to pediatricians in North America.
Recent research has raised some disturbing questions about htis heavy antibiotic use in young children.
Antibiotics tend to disturb the normal intestinal flora of beneficial bacteria which can promote overgrowth of the intestinges with harmful bacteria and yeast organisms (candida). Additionally, new research is showing a possible connection between early antibiotic use for ear infections in young children and the later development of autism and other developmental disorders. Tympanostomy tubes ('tubes') inserted into the ear drum are the other most commonly used conventional treatment. From a naturopathic perspective the goal in treatment is to address the underlying causes of otitis meidal.
Assessing the cause of your child's recurring ear infections is the most crucial factor in successful treatment, as treatment depends on the proper diagnosis. Nearly 50% of all cases of otitis media are preceded by an upper respiratory tract infection. Children with a personal or family history of allergies are more likely to develop otitis media.
Children living in homes where one or more adults smoke have a three-to four-fold increase in risk of developing otitis media, than children living with non-smokers. Naturopathic treatment of ear infections is much more cost effective than conventional treatment. To date there have been over thirty studies published which support naturopathic protocols for the treatment of otitis media, including six double blind clinical trials, six other controlled studies, and over twenty supportive studies. As a parent, it is difficult to see your child in pain, especially in a recurring pain like that of constant ear infections. Relying on antibiotics alone is not the ideal approach to treating bacterial infections for either children or adults. This entry was posted on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 at 2:40 amand is filed under Blog, Info Articles. Skai and I just returned from Maui this morning and flying always gives me time to contemplate and think.
Many of the local non-organic landscapers and gardeners use RoundUp instead of grass cutting and weeding.
One of them is coqui frogs, which were brought to the islands on cargo ships, first to the Big Island and then Maui. Naturally, plant-based substances make fleas stay off your dog, but they don't have the same serious consequences that chemicals do because they are produced by nature and do not build up in the environment.
We have also been able to spend 120 hours answering your questions about canine health and nutrition at no additional cost to our customers. MSABI has helped over 100,000 people in the last six years and you are now a part of this effort through Dr.
But there are moments when I love to admire the ingenuity of nature’s design and fleas are no exception!
Considering that an average flea is only about 2mm long, this jump is equivalent to jumping 170 meters, or 510 feet high, for an average person!  The length of the jump would be double that, at 340 meters or over 1000 feet.
The origin of the name comes from the Greek word “Cteno-“ which means a comb and the word ”cephalic” stands for the head. Almost every time we went she would get excited and then empty her anal glands, which was a very smelly business. These tumours come in two different forms, the benign forms - perianal adenoma, and the much less common form, malignant hepatoid gland carcinoma.
Some breeds such as Huskies, Pekingese, Cockers and Samoyeds are predisposed to the condition and senior dogs are also commonly affected. Such surgery can sometimes end up with anal sphincter weakness and dysfunction and my client wanted my opinion to see if such an invasive surgery was necessary. There are only two anal glands and their two main functions are to detox and for scent marking. However, there is one more factor that, in my opinion, contributes to increased rates of tumour formation. Perianal and anal glands’ health depends on this region as a source of blood, nerve and energy flow.
Catherine Lavoie, an animal chiropractor, dogs most commonly injure the sacral region by an overextension of the leg and hip joints.
This results in chronic decrease in energy flow to the anal area, which leads to increased likelihood of tumours.
It is much less invasive and there is a relatively high chance of getting conclusive diagnosis. The reason is that to prevent tumour formation, it is important to adjust and reduce the congestion of the sacral region and the same applies for post-surgical care. It is an evening and I originally thought I would write about cancer and how there may be some clear or clearer ways of preventing it. Last time it took me three days of preparation to justify my treatments in front of the Provincial Veterinary Association. The most common problems are sprains, cuts, injuries, swimming, dog and cat fights and also ear problems. She had just moved to Vancouver to start her new life and brought Tamara with her across the Coast Mountain range, the Western 'foreplay' to the mighty Rockies. Ears are some of the most complicated  problems to treat at the best of times and they can be just a nightmare if a client doesn’t understand the whole scope. I have seen these situations, where the ears  were over-cleaned, leaving  the ear canal raw and vulnerable to bacterial infections.
We cleaned her ears with an herbal solution and gave a homeopathic prescription to ease the discomfort. Tamara’s immune system revved up in a desperate attempt to give us the signal that more than the ears needed attention. If steroids are used in such situations this  can be compared to taking a sleeping pill when your favourite dish on the stove is about to burn. They bring the inflammation down, the comfort is temporarily regained until the next flare up that is usually more difficult  to treat. I suggested that she continue the conventional anti-fungal medication and address her nutrition, do a detox and make sure that she gets out more often and loses some weight too.
She also commented that her own stress affected Tamara, plus her anxiety around ears was related to excruciating ear pain that she experienced as a child. Tamara miraculously recovered after a prescription for drops which included, guess what, yes, steroids. Either I could focus on the negativity, or compassionately acknowledge the relative nature of perception and do my best to defend my work. I felt it was important to convey my message that we veterinarians need to look outside the conventional scope of treatments for the welfare of our pets. The next day, I received  a call that they had found nothing wrong with my treatment of Tamara. I was also very tempted to call and see how Tamara was doing because, from the files of the other reporting vet, I knew that she had an ear medication dispensed several times that year.
Sometimes they disappear when the underlying issues are addressed, sometimes herbal solutions or conventional medication may be used at the beginning to ensure comfort. The skin in the ear canal grows up similar to nails and carries wax and impurities to the surface.
It is reasonable for this to take longer as most ear conditions take months or years to get to the point of physical manifestation. But despite all the rules it is still possible to build a well-rounded team of health practitioners for your dog.
But we also know that if we focus on what we do well, share it and try not to get distracted by the ever present information overload, we are more likely to help. The errors of other non-veterinary practitioners are unlikely to be as serious as the ones that are caused by veterinarians. It really makes me happy that we can share free info and ultimately make it work. The one percent who trust, love and buy our products make everything possible. It also minimizes the likelihood of errors due to lack of knowledge or practitioner burnout.
I like to work in teams of less than a handful of practitioners, where each of us has different skills and are open to collaboration. Out of concern for their son they called a friend who is a registered nurse and asked her about his condition, who said he could have viral meningitis.
Some people think it was irresponsible and others felt this situation was a result of an error in judgment.
They were worried about drug side-effects and that they would be forced into treatments that they disagreed with and something would go wrong. It is a reminder that it is essential to keep learning about health, nutrition and disease prevention. Doctors who push and combine prescription drugs and adamantly refuse natural holistic healing are more likely to be dangerous than those who are open-minded and willing to integrate safe holistic methods. To me, this diet made much more sense than a bag of kibble made of questionable ingredients that often sat on warehouse shelves for months and maybe years before it is eaten.
I can now say with confidence that dogs on a high-protein raw or cooked diet do much better than dogs on low-protein kibble. I remember a time when I would see dogs being treated at another practice and they were always on a quick-fix drug. Most guys are looking for a quick fix and prefer spending money on the next toy, big screen TV or a car than health and preventive care. Adrenal glands have two main functions - regulating electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, and helping the body deal with stress and inflammation. Inflammation causes discomfort, which prevents us from overusing an already injured body part.
Most often, the problem comes back because the tissue has not healed fully and the vicious cycle starts spinning. Deep inside, the body's ability to heal is hindered and the chances of a full recovery are reduced. Some dogs are so weak that they do not digest bones or they have issues with their back, which is often connected to constipation. I find that hunting breeds like Lab's and Golden's are digestion kings, whereas herding dogs have less efficient digestion.
In nature, canines would get calcium from plants, meat and bones and not directly from rocks. In other words, in nature the calcium is passed from Earth into plants and prey animals and then into our dogs.
Usually, they are given in the form of raw carcasses or they are ground in the prepared frozen raw meat package. In 2015 another company Huvepharma AD voluntarily withdrew all approvals for new drugs containing arsenic in animal feed, including Roxarsone, arsanilic acid and carbarsone.

Your dog’s hair can be compared to a time capsule that shows toxins and mineral levels in its shaft, similar to archaeological deposits or icebergs in Antarctica. Our amazing community continues to show how much they care about their dog’s health by purchasing our all-natural products and in turn, we give a portion of the proceeds to amazing organizations that are saving animals around the world.
Doesn’t it make sense that if your pelvis is well-aligned that you are going to have the most room for the fetus to grow and be comfortable and have a good position too?  That is just what I have observed in women who have received Chiropractic throughout their pregnancy.
This may tip the uterus to the other side of the pelvis and create situations where the head doesn’t descend properly when it’s time to deliver. These challenges to staying upright, resisting gravity and the extra stress on the joints can be met by and ameliorated by receiving Chiropractic during pregnancy. After delivery your Chiropractor will make a home visit to check your alignment and the babies too.
Laura Sheehan ofSheehan Chiropractic is a Doctor of Chiropractic specializing Atlas Orthogonal, Cranialsacral Therapy and other chiropractic techniques for the care of adults, pregnant women and infants. The diagnosis and treatments of middle ear infections accounts for roughly one third of all pediatric visits, comprising approximately 30 million visits a year in the US and 3 million in Canada. By the ageo of tree, over two thirds of all children have had one or more episode of otitis media, including 33% who have had three or more episodes.
Increasing antibiotic resistance to many bacteria, the questionable effeciveness of antibiotics and side-and after-effects of antibiotic treatments are raising some serious concerns.
These organisms are able to secrete harmful chemical compounds, which, in turn, tend to lower immune system fucntion and increase allergic tendencies, both increading the risk of future ear infections. In view of the dramatic increase in autism in recent decades  and the ever-increasing antibiotic use, this hypothesis is truly concerning.
Tubes are recommended when ear infections do not clear up and reisudal fluid remains in the middle ear.
The naturopathic approach in these cases involves strengthening the immune system by optimizing nutrition, using supplements such as vitamin C and zinc, as well as certain well-known herbs such as Echinacea and Astragalus to prevent as well as treat infections.
Some studies suggest that food allergies may be the sole or major cause of most cases of chronic fluid in the middle ear. Misalignment of the vertebrae of the neck, jaw misalignments, cranial (skull) misalignments and malformations, sometimes caused by birth trauma or forceps deliveries, can all impact on the ability of the Eustachain tubes to drain fluids, due to the anatomatical location of this structure. The cost of conventional treatment of ear infections per child averages at $1093, ranging from $144 - $7137 per child. Conventional medicine does not address the underlying causes of this condition and treatment with antibiotics tends to aggravate it and can lead to many other health problems. Approximately half of all children under one-year-old suffer from at least one ear infection, and nearly two-thirds of all children have one before they reach the age of three. Antibiotics often have side effects in children, including allergic reactions, but moreover, the over-prescription of these drugs has caused bacteria to become more resistant to them. In some studies, nearly 80 percent of children who were treated with chiropractic therapy did not have another ear infection for at least six months after they had their initial visit.
They love their spiced raw tuna fish called poke, but I wonder if they know that the levels of mercury in fish can cause serious problems.
No one really knows how serious the environmental damage of using this chemical is, but it is becoming apparent that besides its potential toxicity and carcinogenicity for humans and animals it too may be affecting the ocean's plants, reef and fish when the polluted water runs into the ocean. Some people even believe that the increased rate of shark attacks in Maui is closely related to these chemicals making their way into the ocean. Using the most natural forms of control causes the least harm to us, our dogs and the environment. The eggs hatch the best in temperatures around 25C (70 - 80F) in relative humidity of about 50 to 75 percent. The body builds up antibodies against the flea saliva and the flea allergy reaction usually gets more severe with time.
That means that the Latin name for fleas stands for “comb-like head.” The funny part is that indeed a flea’s head looks like a comb! However, once they fall and hatch into larvae they create a cocoon and turn into a silky pupa that becomes sticky. When the sacral region gets injured, the flow to the anus decreases and the cells of the region start deteriorating. If perianal growth is small and not growing, I would recommend monitoring it instead of removal. Then the inner voice that I sometimes try to resist so stubbornly whispered in my EARRRRRRRRRRRS. I examined Tamara  further and learned that she was being fed a poor-quality, processed food, had  a history of ear problems  that  were  treated by topical  steroids and her liver points were activated. If stressed and malnourished, all sorts of bacteria, parasites and fungi come to the feast.
As Tamara’s  body gained strength and vigour on a better diet, her immune system woke up and decided to do a spring cleaning.
In other words, I suggested that chronic ear treatment is not  a quick fix and that weeks and months were needed.
The  doctor did say that  the medication would likely have to be prescribed for a lifetime.
I knew I had to stay true to what I believed was the right treatment, which is contrary to the conventional view. I wanted the  committee to understand that using homeopathy, herbs and natural nutrition is nothing more than using another form of the medical language. Perhaps Ursula, who’s name here is fictional, will run into this blog  by accident or someone will send her a link. I love when she comes to visit because we get to talk about dogs, share our experience and talk about the challenges you face when looking for the right veterinary care for your dog. It doesn’t make sense that people can choose their healthcare practitioners, but can’t make the same choices for their animal friends. Sharing the results of treatments is equally important because that is how we can make medicine better.
People talk and that is the reasons why some practices struggle to get customers and others are bursting at the seams.
I know I could take other courses and become a jack of all trades, but that would make me lose focus. Jumping from treatment to treatment and practitioner to practitioner makes it difficult, especially when they give you conflicting information. The boy's mother looked up viral meningitis on the Internet and administered two physical tests, which showed positive for meningitis. Some experts said during the trial that there was an element of irrationality not to bring Ezekiel to the hospital, but was there? Understanding the basic principles of healing will help you recognize better what advice to follow and when to firmly stand your ground. I am a busy vet and, unfortunately, do not have time to spend on studies, especially when the results are clinically evident. Today I was going through my to-do list, trying to complete some tasks and suddenly the day is over. If a dog injures his leg or back, inflammation is a way of increasing blood supply and if the healing process is not obstructed, the tissue heals fast and permanently. Generally, I see much more improvement in mobility and inflammation reduction with essentials. However, when I started adding strengthening exercises and core strengthening classes, I noticed that my joints were stronger, more stable and less achy even after exercise. I do not like dogs getting big marrow bones or long rib bones. If you want to read more info on why, click here.
In such cases, you can supplement plant-based sources of calcium that is highly bio-available and easily absorbed. Why? It seems that our ancestors bred for working traits such us herding and bred out the instinct to want to eat the sheep. The body needs them all to support thousands of different metabolic functions and pathways.
I’m thankful for Friends Of The National Parks Foundation for the role they play in helping the orangutans. For thousands of years, the canine species evolved in a relatively pure and non-toxic environment, but that has changed. Those that tell me their first labor lasted more than 24 hours are giving me a clue that may mean their pelvis was out of balance. The overall cost of diagnosis and treatment now exceeds 2.2 billion dollars annually in the US.
Most of these children continue to have problems until the age of six or seven, but the condition can persist until the teenage years, or even adulthood. A number of scientific studies have found that children treated with antibiotics recover more slowly than controls and theat ear-intfections returned within six weks at a rate seven times higher than in childrens not treated with antibiotics.
For these reason physicians in many European countries such as Germany and Scandinavia, have now stopped the use of routine antibiotics for ear infections and only use them if complications develop. Some children seem more prone to colds and flus from birth; these children often respond dramatically to a well-selected constitutional homeopathic remedy, which can greatly reduce this predisposition to infections. Naturopathic medicine is more effective, addresses underlying problems, and increases the child's overall health.
Ear infections make up around one-third of pediatric visits to the doctor, and most of these visits result in the doctor prescribing some form of antibiotics to ease the pain and clear up the infection.
To prevent ear aches without exposing your child to further bacteria, you could consider chiropractic therapy as a treatment for ear infections.
If you have never considered visiting a chiropractor before, consider a Wynnewood chiropractic office such as Everybody’s Chiropractic Center.
People and dogs that eat significant amounts of fish can get seriously ill and that still does not seem to be common knowledge. Personally, I don’t mind coquis, but as invasive species with no natural predator, these little creature has been upsetting the very sensitive balance of the environment and also the sleep of many light sleepers. It takes about three to 10 days for an egg to hatch into a larvae that wrap themselves into a protective cocoon-forming pupa. Some people do not like the idea of their dog being neutered, but my experience is that this may be the best compromise. There was also a high chance that the ear problems may come back as part of  cleansing and must not be suppressed by steroid medication. There was also the  possibility that her ear canals would have to be surgically removed if they closed up due to chronic inflammation. Based on my experience, I rarely saw ear patients that  would require continuous treatment after the initial regimen was completed. It is just another route to healing and can be compared to the variety of languages that we humans speak on the global level.
I suggest you choose your practitioners and stick with them, not for a few days or weeks, but for months to get the right results. My findings may not be enough for some people with dogs suffering from kidney disease to switch to a raw or cooked diet, but others may trust their common sense. One would think that with all the technology we use like computers, smart phones and communication we would have more time for life, but the opposite is true.
I like to run a HairQ test every six months on my dog to see what his calcium and mineral levels are and adjust doses as needed.
It takes a little more digestive power and I like to alternate my dog's poultry with other meats that do not contain bone. Do you remember biochemistry? It is mind boggling what all goes on in the body but, it can't happen without the building blocks. Women are placed either on their side or on pregnancy cushions for their visit to our office. The tubes are disigned to help the fluid drain out through the external ear canal, rather than through the Eustachian tube, the normal drainage mechanism of the middle ear. While antibiotics may work quickly to relieve the source of your child’s pain, they are not a preventative measure to stop ear infections from coming back.
A chiropractor can treat the root physiological problem by fixing the naturally occurring misalignments that may prevent your child’s ears from draining properly. Here, a doctor will show you the benefits of chiropractic therapy not only for ear infection prevention, but also for you and your child’s overall health. The only way to control these frogs is to spray citric acid or baking soda on them, and while these are not really toxic, it puts these tiny frogs through a very horrible death. The stickiness can resist a vacuum cleaner and it also attracts all sorts of debris that creates a form of camouflage. To summarize, too much of one thing is simply too much but, it is normal for your dog to have hard pebble like stool if you fed chicken the night before. If there is one thing to remember, it is that deficiency is the first step in the direction of a disease. This surgery is often temporarily helpful, but does not address the cause of the increased fluid production or poor drainage from the middle ear. Individual assessment is best, however, parents are often successful in clearing up chronic infections and fluid build-up by just eliminating dairy products on their own. I assess all otitis media patients carefully for mechanical obstrictions and refer to the appropriate other professionals for structual treatments, when needed. By providing better drainage in your children’s middle ear, this will both prevent ear infections and allow them to avoid antibiotics, allowing them to fight bacteria on their own and build strong immune systems.
The other problem is that no one really knows how many other insects and creatures get killed by the same means and how it affects the environment. Lavoie's opinion, the  lumbar-sacral region is one of the top three weakest points of the canine spine.
When that time comes and how much tough learning we need to go through before it happens is a mystery. Some studies show an incidence of up toi 52.3% of tympanosclerosis, scarring and hardening fo the ear drum, in children who received tubes. This also means that you and your child can avoid follow-up visits to the doctor, as well as surgeries on your child’s ears.

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