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The treatment of the accumulation of these anaerobic bacteria is through a treatment for halitosis that involves exposing the bacteria to high doses of oxygen which is what Therabreath products are designed to do. The next step is to use the Therabreath Oxygenating toothpaste with a soft brush so as not to damage your gums and begin the oxygenating process. The final step is the use of the Therabreath Oral Rinse which provides a high dose of oxygen to the exposed bacteria effectively killing of large amounts of the bacteria in an effective treatment for halitosis. This process is sufficient in most cases to effectively treat halitosis but in severe cases there are power drops and the serum for use during the day. In very few cases halitosis is as a result of gum disease which effectively releases blood into your mouth which the bacteria feed on.
Start treating your halitosis right away by ordering Therabreath products and enjoy the confidence that goes with the knowledge that your breath is fresh when in company. Hi Freeman, We understand your frustration but often the best way is to just be honest with her. About TherabreathTherabreath is the culmination of many years of research by Dr Harold Katz at The California Breath Clinics.
Therabreath revolutionised the oral care market in 1994 when it was launched and is used by millions people who suffer with bad breath and Halitosis around the World.

Bad breath has ruined more first dates, sexual hook-ups, and even thwarted more than one job interview for us mortals.
A foul mouth odor can result from poor dental hygiene, food particles stuck in the teeth, a dry mouth, or even other diseases like diabetes, some cancers, and chronic reflux.
Anaerobic bacteria cannot survive in oxygen rich environments and the essential products to getting your bad breath treated and under control are firstly the use of a tongue cleaner. Therabreath toothpaste is odourless tasteless toothpaste that you may not be used to and is designed to eliminate bacteria rather than mask your bad breath with a mint flavour. The serum is a highly concentrated oxygenating formula that delivers a very high dose of oxygen to the mouth, throat and tongue and can also be used to increase the potency of the mouthwash.
Blood has a very high level of protein in it and serves as food for the bacteria which multiply quickly. If you make it clear you understand that it is not due to poor oral hygiene but a bacterial issue that has a solution, this could ease it. Please take a look at the product selection matrix at the link below to identify the problem with it’s corresponding product recommendations. It’s time to beat back this beast once and for all because nobody wants to be the guy that has chronic stink mouth and not even know it.

Tongue cleaning or tongue scraping is a process that involves taking your toothbrush and simply cleaning the tongue until it no longer has a white film. When these bacteria are left to multiply they release a volatile sulphur compound which we experience as bad breath. The tongue cleaner is drawn across the surface of the tongue to remove any surface mucous and to expose the bacteria which are embedded in between the fillae on your tongue.
Young children under 4 years old will always tell the truth and for those who are not sure I always suggest that they ask a 4 year old if their breath smells. Most of us still do not do this on a daily basis but it should be done when you brush and floss. The secure server conforms to international 256 bit SSL3 encryption requirements, thus complete peace of mind is ensured. Because our diets are so diverse and full of process foods for the most part, mouthwash is critical.

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