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Since 1958, Rayne of Phoenix has been providing water softeners, drinking water systems and bottlesless water coolers to homes and businesses here in the valley. When you purchase or rent a home water system, you want to go with a company whose reputation is legendary for providing the best products and services, a company whose same doors have been open for decades, and a company that will be around for decades more - 24 hours a day, seven days a week ensuring your complete satisfaction.
Our water softeners and drinking water filter systems will save you money from the very moment you begin to use them. Rayne of Phoenix has been proudly serving our neighbors in the Phoenix, AZ area for well over 50 years now.
A library of quality masonry construction details from across the country that can be downloaded and used in your masonry projects. Using a Masonry System for your next project will help you deliver a completed, structurally sound building in the shortest period of time.

Want to learn more about the materials and accessories that make masonry wall systems work?
For over 55 years, Rayne of Phoenix still operates in the same building, providing the best available water softener products and drinking water filters as well as reliable and environmentally-friendly Soft Water Exchange Tank Service.
Our water Softening Systems will significantly reduce the amount of soap, detergents and cleaners you use - by as much as 80% less! We understand Phoenix water hardness, Arizona's water conservation needs, and your desire for great-tasting water. Search our glossary of essential terms for a primer on the essential components of well-built masonry walls.
It saves on hard water damage to your plumbing and your water heater and other major appliances actually last longer.

Whether you need water softeners in Phoenix, water filters in Goodyear, water coolers in Maricopa, or reverse osmosis systems in Scottsdale - we're here to serve you. Structural concrete foundation walls and structural steel framed building including thermoplastic membrane roofing.

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