Electronic Recycling

e Waste Recycling - Picking a Company

To lessen the amount of quantity waste being accrued and gathering up in landfills today, you should prioritize the idea of giving ewaste which at the same time critically ensures environmental sustainability while also ensuring reusing methods are advantageous. Make sure that companies are R2 / ISO and OHSAS certified, which means that they are aware of the legalities of this industry and they are definitely compliant with all the mandates and laws governing exporting hazardous electronic wastes both to the exporting and importing countries.

Using a R2 certified company, which means that they follow and cater to a seven-step process on all and over 50 areas that cover operational performance. Being R2 certified also entails that their procedures and practices when it comes to data security and implementing recycling and disposing materials are following set guidelines and regulations. If you are in partnership with other electronic recycling companies, you have to be sure that they are certified as well an eSteward with the Zero landfill input.

Make sure to find a business guaranteed solutions when it comes to e-waste recycling and IT asset disposition. Make sure that the solutions they provide meet both environmental and corporate goals without compromising laws, regulations and compliance in this industry.

Electronics Recycling Process

Currently, people are just aware of the typical negative effects brought about other waste materials such has plastic and paper but in reality, there are a lot more to be concerned of. E-waste or more commonly known as electronic waste can also lead to negative effects to human life if it is not properly disposed and recycled. These waste can range from as simple as a light bulb to a mobile phone or to something as big as photocopier, responsible recycling has to be done. If we are going to look at it, these equipments actually produces 40 million tons of waste annually which then leads to unwanted pollution that can severely affect human life much like how ordinary wastes affect us.

Nowadays, almost all businesses requires the use of computers, tablets, smartphones and a few more electronic devices. It is the new age and if your industry or organization will not follow, then there is a high risk that it will not be as competitive as the others. With this fact, more and more businesses are using the technology and it is inevitable that as time passes, these would have to be replaced by new ones. With the possibility of getting more and more e-waste in the workplace, organizations are now looking into and working with certified company to ensure that a seamless and foolproof program is implemented. A registered and certified recycling company, can handle these things properly and will make sure that you and your company or business will recycle unwanted equipment's safely. ​

Certified Recyclers are Mandatory

When it comes to recycling and reusing electric devices, unwanted or not, as a responsible company, you need to make sure that you have partnered with a certified recycler, then you can be sure that they compliant and adherent with the rules and regulations of this process. Eventually, your organization will need to get rid of old equipments and certainly, you cannot just simply throw them in the garbage. It is a must that you have professional and certified recyclers doing the job.

These certified recyclers should be able to give you and your business or organization the benefits of:

Secure Data Destruction - Levels & Process

There are 4 primary methods of data destruction.
With following these 4 methods of data destruction, three levels of heightened data destruction security which is designed and can be customized to fit any client’s needs.

Many certifications also makes it certain that their practices are compliant with the requirements of the major security organizations such NSA, FACTA, BSA, CJIS, IRS, HIPPA, GLBA, NIST, PIPEDA, DSS, PCI, GCHQ (British Government), EPA , US Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards & Technology.

IT Assets Liquidation - step by step

Companies and organizations with large amounts of IT equipments must partner to make sure that all their IT equipments and assets are processed, handled and recycled properly with the thought of possible Return of Investment.

Following must be Included in ITAD Services:

Products Destruction & Shredding - Certification & more

With certified total product destruction services, they can provide each company and partner a protection from liability, proprietary information and brand image. A good partner would tailor fit their services to each company’s needs and they will showcase a wide array of product destruction methods to ensure securely destroying overstock, obsolete, old and obsolete products. Also, the product destruction services provided should ensure that their methods will allow even a larger volume of materials to be destroyed in a minimal time which then enables them to handle any large projects that requires demanufacturing of products such as:

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