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Hello, I'm Evan Thomas King

Evan King (born August 7, 1981) is an award winning American director and designer living in Los Angeles California. Specializing in Digital Post Composition, Camera and Motion Graphics & Print Media. He has a worldwide roster of press and industry work and is regularly featured. Evan has also directed music videos, commercials and international press conferences as well as providing camera and direction work for non-profits.

After attending Portland State University for Theatrical Direction and starting a production company he moved to Hawaii and based his company out of Los Angeles. In 2010. King began working for NBC affiliates as a segment producer and later a director before starting his own production company specializing in direction, keying and motion graphics.

Evan has also offered camera and direction work for several national non-profit causes including Liberation in North Korea LINK, Make Her Beautiful National Sex Trafficking, The Anne Frank Foundation, Save the Children and Dolphin Outreach. He is also well known for directing several music videos and commercials.

Often collaborators include: Jamie Court, Harvey Rosenfield, John M. Simpson, Liza Tucker, Carmen Balber, Irene Taylor Brodsky, Peter Richardson.

Motion Graphics

Digital graphics in movement.

Graphic design

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what people say.

Here's some testimonials from past clients.

“Evan keeps everything running effectively, smoothly, and has proven to be very valuable with his skills set, knowledge, and management skills. Evan carries a very heavy work load of responsibilities and performs these tasks with ease. He is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and efficiency of 4 companies. He has a very unique talent in his ability to take a very complex problem, put in terms that makes sense and the ability to problem solve very quickly and effectively. He is a dedicated employee and stays until the job is done.”

Malonna BrooksOperations Manager - Wholesale Merchant Processing

"Evan is an incredibly talented and creative web designer. He has a very strong work ethic and is very dedicated to his work and is very knowledgeable. His strengths lie in the ability to listen to understand and predict growth. His attention to detail, style and creative art is impeccable, he expresses himself beautifully."

Carla SimsSenior Account Manager - TData Systems

"Evan is extraordinarily talented and as nice of a guy as you’ll ever meet. He is both classically skillful and inventive as a producer and interactive as a director. However is devoid of the self-promoting ego oft-times commensurate with people in his league. His versatility, even manner and long-suffering patience with the challenges of an entrepreneurial upstart were all hallmarks of Evan's that I deeply appreciated. He is a terrific asset and an amazing personality to work with. Thank you!"

Kimberly YatesPublic Relations Account Manager - Knight Media Group

"When it comes to broadcast production and camera techniques there isn't be anyone more knowledgeable than Evan. From the moment he starts talking you will find that he means business and has an enormous and practical knowledge that is usually hard to find. Combine this with his strong IT background and the hybrid skills are unique and much in demand. If you want to score a bulls eye when taking someone on – look no further and talk to Evan as he ticks all the boxes."

Shawn NicholsProject Manager/Account Manager - Daily Mail

"I had the pleasure to work with Evan at NBC-KGW. Evan has a warm and approachable personality that allows anyone to easily pull up a chair to discuss the work he’s doing for or with you. There is always tense pressure as deadlines approach but Evan was always calm and optimistic. He does great work and is one heck of a creative editor. I truly believe Evan's right where he belongs, he will excel working in media production. As a technical and software expert, he knows all of the tools in depth and is able to quickly adapt. I highly recommend Evan King for any film or television production."

Pamela BastainKGW-NBC

"Evan King was a fantastic person to work with. He is a result driven and open minded team player, focused colleague with a brilliant technical mind. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Evan is your man! Has a lot of deep technical skills in many design and social media platforms. Within minutes he was helping me understand my own tools in ways I never knew!"

Marti SlindeSlinde Communications

"Evan is just great at explaining the world of new media to with through experience and knowledge. He worked with me extensively to set up and develop a seminar series. Designing and filming local spots and editing it for a DVD. Everything we shot looked amazingly top quality. Great Results, Expert opinions, Professional attitude. He provided me a DVD of all the extras, and bonus cuts just so I had everything I needed. I recommend Evan highly for all his help."

Amy VegaraVegara Consulting

"Evan is an excellent resource and a master at anything Adobe. Evan has been a tremendous asset to my clients and contacts and has frequently facilitated introductions and other direct contacts. If you had a question about making something look or move a certain way he was always 3 steps ahead of me. He was a pleasure to work with and I recommend Evan King for any project that requires an expert touch."

Maria CliffordBusiness Development - NetComco

"Evan cross-trained me to be a wordpress and mysql administrator while I was working as a Computer/Web Design guy for CommunityLink in 2009. Evan's vast knowledge of graphic design helped me understand the basics of design. He also answered all of my off the wall questions and was great in answering my questions in a way that only technical guy would understand."

George LawrenceMarketing Manager - Mercy Designs

"Evan worked for me to help design my company website six months ago. He is a reliable and hardworking guy who pays very high attention to every single detail and it helps him to stand out from the other web designers I looked at. Evan understands the instructions within a fraction of a second and implements them in record time. He is great in graphic design as well and helped with my entire brand identity. Evan was able to easily explain the ins and outs of social media without making my head spin. I highly recommend him to anyone. He can be a great asset to any company."

Lydia HylesCommunity Manager - FlexInc

"Evan is very passionate about his work and always goes the extra mile for any project that comes his way. He understood the need of branding and identity and made sure that everything was protected, secure and safe. While we were having an issue with our printer he stepped in and helped. I would highly recommend Evan to anyone looking for an expert in new media and information security space. I would love to work with him again. We were all thankful for his commitment."

Thomas PolkManaging Partner at The Polk Group

recent work.

Here's some of my recent work.

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Consumer Watchdog

Consumer Watchdog is a non-profit organization which advocates consumer interests, with a focus on insurance, health care, political reform, privacy and energy.

Motion Graphics

Digital Graphics in Motion.

Rage for Justice Awards

Consumer Watchdog hosts the Rage for Justice Awards each year to honor the heroes of the public interest movement.


XBMC (now Kodi) is a free and open source media player.

NAF Jobs

NAF Jobs is an online Federal employment database.

Home Automation

Various Home Automation projects from 2003+

PUC Papers

Searchable database of California Public Utilities Commission corruption scandal papers.

Oil Watchdog

Oil Watchdog is a blog and resource library about the profiteering, power, and unscrupulous practices of the oil industry.

Asterisk PBX

Asterisk is the world's most popular open source VOIP communications gateaway.

Arcade Customs

Flat pack style arcade cabinets.


Print, Billboard and Digital Media.

Consumer Watchdog TV

AppleTV App developed in Swift 4 & JavaScript on Amazon S3.

Inside Google

Inside Google

Inside Google launched to educate the public and opinion leaders about Google’s dangerous dominance over the Internet.

Seinfeld Stuff

Replica props and artwork from the NBC Sitcom.

Form Design

Multi-page form fillable PDF applications with PCI compliant full export and MySQL intagration.

Proposition 45

California Prop 45 - Requiring Public Notice for Insurance Company Rates.

Proposition 46

California Prop 46 - Drug Testing of Doctors & Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Cap Initiative.

Dolphin Outreach

Dolphin Outreach is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources and information about one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet.

Weak Wallet

Online tools and articles with money savings tips and tricks.

California Patient Guide

Guide and accompanying website made possible by a grant from The California Wellness Foundation and with the assistance of the California Dept. of Consumer Affairs and the California Dept. of Managed Health Care.

Making a Killing

"One of the most powerful indictments of the managed care industry." Book by Jamie Court, forward by Ralph Nader.

Huell Howser

Things from Space

Tea, Coffee and Treats sent taken to the highest reachest of our atmosphere!


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