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This hobby greenhouse is quickly becoming one of the most popular greenhouses available in the gardening market today. Automatic Roof Openers that open the roof vents automatically with the temp goes up and closes the same way when the temperature drops. Our Business and Landscaping Offices  are open Monday to Friday, 8 to 4.  Stop by or call us to discuss a potential landscape design and other work.
Spring flowers are in !!  We also have vegetable and flower seeds, spring bulbs and plant starting kids and straw bales for vegetable gardens grown without pesticides. For 34 years our mission has been to create and maintain imaginative and sustainable landscapes in Tompkins County, NY, including complete site development and garden creation for your home and for our community green spaces.
Whether you need a design for your entire home environment or for a small construction or planting project, we are poised to help. Our four estimators are talented garden designers or landscape architects… and all four of us have degrees in Landscape Architecture. We have extensive experience with large tree moving, green roof installation, rain gardens, sports turf fields, timber stairways and wall, Unilock retaining walls and pavers, and with stone and carpentry work. We have the resources to meet your critical deadlines:  an experienced staff of fifty, a fleet of 30 vehicles, a dozen pieces of heavy equipment, and, in addition we have specialized equipment such as rock-hounds, hydroseeders and treespades. We grow almost all the trees we sell at our 25-acre Bundy Road farm on Ithaca’s West Hill.   Our trees are naturally acclimated to your growing conditions here in Tompkins County and are transplanted with a minimum of stress to the tree. While cutting willow wands from the coppiced thickets at our West Hill farm in today’s strong sun, I am bathed by layers of sound.  I hear the insistent and plaintive paired notes, “pere!
We also supply landscape material from our sustainably managed Enfield Farm Forest.  In addition to seasoned firewood, we have examples of riven maple picket fencing, cleft oak gates, woven hazel and willow hurdles, black locust posts and rails, sinuous log benches, and other items crafted in the long tradition of greenwoods workers. Leaves are falling fast, so please return the enclosed Fall Checklist, or call us and we’ll fill out the checklist with you over the phone.
Please visit our garden center for more inspiration and for garden advice… and meet our friendly, knowledgeable staff, led by Gerry Towne, Garden Center Manager. We also supply landscape material from our sustainably managed Enfield Farm Forest.  In addition to seasoned firewood, we have examples of riven maple picket fencing, cleft oak gates, woven hazel hurdles, black locust posts and rails, sinuous log benches, and other items crafted in the long tradition of greenwoods workers. On this autumn day of dazzling sun, the golden leaves from the massive Tulip Poplar trees outside my window are swirling down against vivid blue skies.  The foliage of the Full Moon Japanese Maples is backlit and intensely crimson.
Leaves are falling fast, so please return the Fall Checklist, or call us and we’ll fill out the checklist with you over the phone.
Last week, on the first full day of spring, I was pruning trees at our Bundy Road farm when I heard what sounded like the faint sound of barking dogs… high aloft over our fields. We also supply landscape material from our sustainably managed Enfield Farm Forest.  In addition to seasoned firewood, we have examples of riven maple picket fencing, riven oak gates, woven hazel hurdles, black locust posts and rails, sinuous log benches, and other items crafted in the long tradition of greenwoods workers.
Please return the enclosed Spring Service Request or just call or e-mail.  We continue to focus on lean management, despite increases in employee health insurance, fuel, and other costs. Please visit our garden center for more inspiration and for garden advice… and meet our friendly, knowledgeable, new managers:  Melissa Cox, Garden Center Manager, and Kerry Dillon, Assistant Garden Center Manager. We also supply sustainable forest landscape material from our Enfield Farm Forest.  In addition to seasoned firewood, we have examples of riven maple picket fencing, riven oak gates, woven hazel hurdles, black locust posts and rails, sinuous log benches, and other items crafted in the tradition of British “bodgers” or greenwoodsmen.
The wonderful French word eclaircie refers to those clear shafts of light seen against dark clouds.
The long dry summer reduced the incidence of leaf fungal disease and was followed by a mild moist early fall.  This combination is perfect for excellent fall color. Barb Nobles, 35 years of horticultural industry; experience with cut flowers, florist, produce- fruit & vegetable, and water gardening! Deb Lampman, Horticultural eccentric, knowledge with perennials, neet shrubs, exotic plants (unusual and rare), gardening for 53 years, former owner of Bedlam Gardens.
Last Tuesday, March 18, I toured a local active composting facility in Trumansburg.  I had never been to a composting facility before and was looking forward to the adventure.
Cayuga Compost (the facility in Trumansburg) has been collecting food scraps from Ithaca City Schools, restaurants and other businesses for about seven years, and this is what makes up most of their compost.
Temperatures at about 18” deep inside the windrows reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to destroy pathogens of concern.  Food and paper will compost at that temperature, but what about the compostable cutlery?
Compost must be tested twice-a-year for nitrogen, heavy metals, phosphorous, sulfates, and more often for pH to ensure that consumers are getting a safe product.
The ideal log is about 3’ long, 4” to 6” in diameter, fairly fresh (cut within 3 weeks of inoculation), and its bark is strong and unwounded.  Logs should be handled gently. Next Noel inoculates the logs with a shiitake sawdust spawn, using an inoculator designed just for this purpose.  You can buy the sawdust spawn and inoculator on line. After inoculation, Sean Dembrosky, founder of Edible Acres, positions the logs so he can cover the spawn and holes with a wax coating.  Note the electric skillet of melted wax nearby and foam applicator.  You want to make sure you cover the hole completely to retain the log’s moisture content and prevent invasion of competing fungi or critters! Once the wax solidifies, after a minute or so, you can stack your log and move them outside, keeping them off the ground.  Pallets come in handy. It will take a year or so for the mycelium (vegetative part of the fungus, the network of white filaments) to colonize and start producing edible-sized mushrooms.
I came home Saturday with practical experience, a full stomach and a wealth of information on how to grow shiitake.  Thank you, Sean! On March 11, I decided to take advantage of the good weather, and not only did I bike into town (and back up the hill—I still can do it!) but I started my seedlings along with the help of woman’s best friend, Rosie, guard dog extraordinaire.
I planted Swiss chard, sunflowers, spinach (three varieties), thyme, catnip and fenugreek.  Oh, so you’ve never heard of fenugreek?  The info on the seed package says its “sprouts, leaves or ground seeds add a subtle, exotic, spicy flavor to salads, sandwiches and Indian cuisine.”  I had to try this,  being that  an acquaintance of mine is especially fond of Indian cuisine!
Material requirements for the seedlings include seedling trays, potting soil (I used organic), seeds and water.  This year, for my seedlings, I’m using water from my rain barrels (weather dependant, of course) or I’m filling glass jars with tap water, setting the jars in my windowsill for 24 hours and giving any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as trihalomethanes the opportunity to vaporize. The onions of GOMBBS not only include the typical onion, but leeks and garlic, both of which are over-wintering behind my house.  Although a big fan of mushroom cultivation, I haven’t grown mushrooms yet, but once I locate a source of sugar maple or oak logs (3”-6” diameter, 2’ long, cut within the last 2 weeks), I will begin experimentation and share my largesse with the log providers.
Beans are one of the easiest vegetables to grow, and they are very prolific, but shouldn’t be sown until after the last frost, probably mid-May. Not to forget the all-American strawberry!  I’ve heard the strawberries sold in the grocery store once again have some flavor, but I prefer to grow my own organic and flavorful strawberries. Be sure to stop by Cayuga Landscape and take a look at our high-quality seeds and plants so you can start eating your GOMBBS today. How does one set up raised bed?  Location, location, location.  Avoid the shade (unless you’re growing mushrooms—which I haven’t done yet, but plan to) and Black Walnut trees if you’re growing something from the nightshade family, such as tomatoes or potatoes. Above is another series of raised beds designed and built by Cayuga Landscape, and filled with our planting soil.  Most raised beds have a depth of 6 inches, this customer (who was very pleased with the outcome!) requested 2-foot-deep beds to facilitate easier gardening.
Our Garden Center also stocks a huge variety of vegetable seeds including nasturtium, sunflower, lupine, pumpkin, squash, eggplant, peas, beans, beets, lettuce, carrots, peppers and more. Eden Bourton 10 x 16 Greenhouse (Black): The Eden Bourton Greenhouse features a clip system for the glazing which minimises greenhouse leaks and allows for easy rain water run off to the wide gutters which have downpipes included as standard. Delivery and Payment InformationThe delivery schedules quoted on our product pages are Working Days and intended as a guide only. If the product you have purchased has an assembly option and you choose to take this assembly service then the delivery and assembly will not usually take place on the same date. Orders placed during a weekend where next day delivery is stated will usually be delivered on the following Tuesday. How to build a greenhouse, outdoor projects and woodworking plans including free greenhouse plans. Greenhouse plans, victorian conservatory and greenhouse links The web's most complete listing! Free DIY solar greenhouse plans and drawings utilizing active and passive solar heating techniques and Polycarbonate panels.

How to design and build greenhouse woodworking plans to extend the growing season in your geographic area.
Combined with dedicated customer care that only a small, made in the USA manufacturer can provide, our instructional DVD makes assembling your new greenhouse super easy. One of the greatest initial benefits of our greenhouse kits is the instructional DVD that is included with them. Running with this idea, we decided to have two of our best builders of all time play leading roles in our comprehensive assembly video.
You can also purchase a copy of the full length DVD for $5.99 by calling our customer service team at 800-647-0606. Last year I started using a pot in pot system where I buried larger pots in the garden that the perennials’ pots can fit into. Then I proceed to tell them about how my greenhouse has allowed me to really take my gardening to the next level. There are only a couple of things to keep in mind when you set out to overwinter your plants in a greenhouse.
During dormancy water uptake is dramatically reduced, but you must be careful not to let the soil get to dry.
As spring approaches I raise the temperature to between 55° and 65° F and gradually increase it from there. I still enjoy planning out my gardens every spring, but with most of my plants all ready to go I now marvel at how much money I save. Inspired by Roy’s video post on Youtube, I set out to construct an entire Sunglo 1200C greenhouse in one day for demonstration at the Alaska State Fair last week. Toward the end of the video I included the construction of the cedar benches and vinyl shelving that are available in all our greenhouse models.
If you have not dropped by to see us yet, you still have time to see this demo at the Alaska State Fair. Although two weeks of delicious fair food may be bad for our waistlines, every year proves to be better than the last.
This dual pane design incorporates a smooth outer layer and a custom corrugated inner layer of UV stabilized impact resistant acrylic. For these reasons we continue to stand by our acrylic design as we have for over 35 years now, and I applaud the two Boeing engineers who originally conceived and patented the Therma-Truss system.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Wherever possible, we will recommend organic practices to control pests, practices that will not harm bees and other pollinators.   For example, by shearing boxwoods in early spring, you will reduce the numbers of over-wintering larvae of the boxwood leaf-miner and may not need to use pesticides. Awarded based on extensive examination of horticultural practice and plant identification based on winter twig characteristics.
If you use the checklist, please add your preferred phone number, email address, and any special instructions.
As a “Specialist Nursery” in deer-resistant plants we will have an especially broad selection of Hellebores, Boxwood, Spirea, Mint family plants, and others.  We also have an excellent selection of trees such as Heritage River Birch, Autumn Blaze Maple, Japanese Tree Lilac, Red Oak, and many others that we grow ourselves here in Tompkins County. The brilliantly red leaves of the Autumn Blaze Maples have mostly fallen and lie in windrows on the green lawn, blowing about.   All these are reminders that I have been remiss in sending out our Fall Checklist. We appreciate your past business and hope that we may continue to provide efficient, professional landscape services for your home. This year, in addition to a broad array of ornamental plants, such as native shade trees grown at our 25-acre Bundy Road Farm, we will have a new host of “Permaculture plants” for edible landscaping.  We are becoming a “Specialist Nursery” in deer-resistant plants, and so will have an especially broad selection of Hellebore, Boxwood, Spirea, Mint family plants and the like. I do have three or four compost sites on my property, and in the fall, neighbors dump their leaves on the south side of my property, and Rosie, in the photo below, inestimable guard dog, is making sure that no one walks off with my leaves.  So I know what’s in the compost I generate, but what about the bulk compost I buy – say at Cayuga Landscape?
Like the compost at the facility, the source of Cayuga Landscape’s Amended Compost is mostly local too, starting out its life as say a salad on someone’s tray at Cornell or Ithaca College.
Logs will produce for several years, and over their lifetime, produce a weight of mushrooms roughly equivalent to about 10 to 15 % of the log’s weight. I recently read in Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not so Wild Places) – my choice when insomnia descends – that you can collect strawberry leaves and make a tea from them.  I will try this and let you know how it goes. We also have in stock strawberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries and elderberries and plan to stock Chestnut tree saplings. This Greenhouse has a zero threshold which means no more bars to step over when entering the greenhouse making wheelbarrow and trolley access seamless. Schedules are based on our experience of what is the approximate AVERAGE delivery period of the relevant supplier. The independent assembly company will endevour to complete the assembly within 7 working days of delivery.
Take a look at some majestic greenhouses, get inspired, then go shopping for designs, or build your own. Plans for hobby greenhouses are not hard to get, but get a hobby greenhouse plan before you start!
Free greenhouse plans with step-by-step instructions Free woodworking plans – greenhouse plans and projects Go directly under the category heading columns below Free woodworking plans and projects instructions to build greenhouses and garden planting buildings. Anyone who has ever tried to follow an assembly manual knows that even the best of them can leave you feeling frustrated and confused. You not only get the benefit of  visual demonstration, but they also pass on many of the insider tips and tricks that they have learned throughout their decades of experience. It has been posted in five edited segments due to size constraints, but still demonstrates how informative the video is.
However, it also used to be one of things I dreaded as I began to tally up the cost of buying new plants every year. This makes pulling them in the fall much less labor intensive and then in the spring I just put them back into their prearranged spot and cover both pots over with mulch. I opted to get the all season package that included a heater, motorized intake shutter, exhaust fan, and all the thermostats to automatically control them at the temperatures I set. The exhaust fan, motorized intake shutter, and heater, all controlled by individual thermostats, ensure that the temperatures stay within the desired range. Some people prefer to keep the temperatures in that range until they move their plants out of the greenhouse to ensure they are hardened off. As you can see in the video below Roy is still the ultimate champion, but I came pretty close.
My thanks go out to Roy for not only the inspiration, but for all his helpful advice on how to shoot and edit the video as well. I had a great time preparing for the fair and taking in the sights around the Matsu Valley. If you have been thinking about buying or building a greenhouse and you live in Alaska this is a great opportunity to see one fully constructed and have all your questions answered. Together they form 1.5 inches of dead air space and result in an insulation factor of R3 which is similar to a dual pane window.
More on them later, but for now thanks for reading and please contact us if you have any questions about choosing the proper glazing material for your next greenhouse. The Zero Threshold door system also allows for easy wheelchair access and smooth operation when opening and closing the doors. For more information please see Terms and Conditions of supply with particular reference to: SECTION 4 and 5.
Many Delivery Drivers (but not all) will help to move items beyond the kerb but at Kerb Side goods become your responsibility.

It is very important that all parts are checked and verified before the independent assembly company arrives to carry out the work as failure to do so could result in unnecessary delays once the company arrives.
Bank Holiday Weekends: Next Day Delivery Orders received over a bank holiday weekend will usually be delivered on the following Wednesday. Find out how DIY Greenhouse Plans can help you to build your own greenhouse by using simple tools and without spending lots of money. Backyard PVC Plans Used Greenhouse Greenhouse Building Plans These small gardening greenhouses work great for starting seedlings in the late winter or early spring so that you can get a head start on If you are interested in building your own greenhouse, greenhouse plans are a good way to go. Building a greenhouse that is attractive, affordable and will grow anything in any conditions. Imagine if the next time you purchased some furniture that required assembly you could watch a video of someone putting it together instead. With an overall run time of over an hour the full length video goes into great detail when demonstrating the assembly of your new greenhouse.
Having a greenhouse has allowed me to overwinter all of my beloved container plantings, and some of my garden perennials that cannot survive the winters here in the northwest. This has also allowed me to incorporate rare plants that are not recommended for my hardiness zone into my landscape.
To ice the cake it also came with a wireless weather station that allows me to monitor the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse from my kitchen. Most hobbyist greenhouses on the market use a paraffin wax piston to automatically open a vent of some sort. I considered installing a drip watering system on an irrigation timer this year, but decided against it.
I have found that a strong oscillating fan and cooler night temperatures promotes strong enough growth for outdoor conditions. If you are interested in taking your gardening to the next level or have more questions related to overwintering please give us a call. The natural beauty of Alaska and the people who live there will remain fresh in my mind until I finally get to return for next year’s fair. It is not to late to have a fully constructed and operational greenhouse that will provide you with fresh produce all throughout this winter. Polycarbonate has become cheaper and more readily available over the years, and I envy the ease of buying the material in sheets and simply cutting it to fit.
To achieve this with polycarbonate would require such a thickness that light transmittal would be greatly diminished. The other features of this greenhouse include 4 large roof vents, a key locking double door, and a matching integral base.
You’ll be able to utilize your own handiwork to grow more luscious Information and plans for attahced solar sunspaces and for solar greenhouses. When deciding on the type of structure, be sure to plan for adequate bench space, storage space, and room for future expansion.
Lots of information is available from the office of your county's agricultural extension agents Get the best how to build a homemade greenhouse kit plan at the DIY hobby greenhouse gardening building plans blog. Free outdoor projects and plans, including greenhouse plans, lots of woodworking projects for D-I-Y. The greenhouse can be small and simple, with a minimum investment in Learn how to build PVC greenhouses using greenhouse construction plans! I have put a great deal of time into designing and caring for the container arrangements around my house, and now I do not have to park in the driveway during the winter while I store them in the garage.
I know pride is a sin, but it is always satisfying when someone says, “How did you get that to survive? All I have to do is check periodically to make sure the pots do not get bone dry and the climate controls do the rest. It is impossible for this type of passive ventilation system to maintain temperatures between a specified range. Colder temperatures and overly wet soil can spell certain doom for roots and the plants that depend on them.
I also wait until I am absolutely certain there will be no more frost before I move anything out into the garden. I resume regular watering and begin an incremental fertilization schedule starting at half strength.
For everyone who has been waiting for an opportunity to spend some time in one of our greenhouses and have all your questions answered this is your chance. Hearing about how well our greenhouses hold up to extreme conditions is always one of the highlights of the fair for us.
However, I must only reflect on the ingenuity of our patented Therma-Truss design to remember that this is one attribute that truly sets a Sunglo Greenhouse apart from all the rest. In fact, for all its insulating value the radiation transmittal rate is nearly the same as that of glass. That means more heat insulation during the cold winters months and it's 100% UV protected, so your plants stay safe from harmful sun rays. Large greenhouses are easier to You may have seen photos of greenhouses in seed catalogs and gardening magazines and dreamed of having your own. I do not have to worry about pesky rodents, freezing, fluctuations in soil temperature, or dessication from being exposed to cold dry air because my plants are protected within the greenhouse. Instead I will continue to check them periodically and I suspect they appreciate the company.
By sometime in March I have the temperatures high enough to start spending some quality time in the greenhouse again and begin to germinate seeds, pot up the dormant cuttings I have taken over the winter, and get back into the business of what I love most. One door closes onto the other allowing for an unobstructed entry way of over five feet when both doors are open.
With an unsurpassed R3 insulation value, 80 mph wind rating, and over 2500 pound snow load, our greenhouses were made for Alaska. Also, the UV stabilized and impact resistance treatment our material receives gives it an expected lifespan of 15 to 22 years without the yellowing so common of polycarbonate. And polycarbonate is shatter-proof, so it's safer and lighter than glass.Ventilation isn't a problem with the 12 large roof window vents and a Dutch Door.
We will have an exclusive deal going on for the fair and our fully accessorized demo model will be sold at a deep discount. That gives our customers 8 to 12 more years to enjoy owning a Sunglo greenhouse without having to replace the glazing material. As an option, a back door is available as well as automatic roof vent openers.Size is also a plus.
In addition, we carry replacement panels for every greenhouse we have ever sold which are easily reinstalled into the durable framework. What all this means is that a Sunglo Greenhouse will create a better growing environment with less energy costs for many, many years. And if that's not enough, we offer expansion kits that extend the greenhouse length in 6 foot increments. So if you're ready to take your gardening hobby to the next level this is a greenhouse that will serve you well for years to come. A 5 year warranty is included on the polycarbonate panels and 15 years on the aluminum frame.

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