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Blue color is an extremely radiant and bright color that has different stories and meaning associated with it.
Blue has numerous shades and each has enormous potential to narrate different tales of character. NeiL Mac is web enthusiast filled with passion and obsession for creating something unique and incomparable. What do you get when you combine the styles of Jimmy Needham, Sanctus Real, Needtobreathe, Switchfoot and a hint of Casting Crowns?; You the signature sound that can only be defined as 3 Shades of Blue.
Consisting of three brothers and a best friend, 3 Shades of Blue is re-defining the idea of what a “rock band” is all about. Recently 3 Shades of Blue released a 3 song EP entitled “Colors.” What I love about 3 Shades of Blue is that every new track they release seems to get better and better in musical and lyrical quality. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Its primary significance is the description of a person’s nature or character but it also plays a vital role in shaping lives of people. Combining elements of rock, with piano, acoustic guitar, and beautiful harmonies, 3 Shades of Blue creates a new innovative style of contemporary music that is not only energetic and fun, but most importantly Christ-centered. With their diversity and energy they bring to the music, each track creates a different set of emotions that brings the audience on a musical journey of fun and reflection.

3 Shades of Blue has the “it factor,” and I truly believe any one of the songs on this CD could be heard on Contemporary Christian or Christian Rock radio stations. But as I mentioned in the paragraph above, with the subtle elements of dub-step and electronics, it really makes the song pop in a way that they previously weren’t able to obtain.
I truly believe these EPs are a great prelude for bigger and better things to come for 3 Shades of Blue. Blue apparels on light skin tones make give an enticing and ravishing appearance that is bound to captivate the attention of millions. It has its own distinct charm that works miraculously to spellbinding people and creates an aura of calmness and reliability all around.
As with most of 3 Shades of Blue songs, the music is fun, positive and energetic that could appeal to a wide variety of ages both young and old. They are the real deal and I have no doubt they will be a success in whatever they set out to do.
Love Will Sing Out and Hallelujah are much more pensive and worshipful, while Rainy Day is a laid back chill with your friends kind of song. This color is the choice of most of the population and it primarily highlights emotions of a person.
For me the highlight songs on the CD have to be Hallelujah, Love Will Sing Out and Rain Day, but each song is great in its own right.

The color blue and its shades can even define traits of a person if he or she chooses it as their favorite color.
Gorgeous Blue furnitures and lavish blue carpets give a tremendous classy look to your house. It also reflects the goodness and optimism in the dwellers and spreads peace and harmony in every nook and corner.
Every time I hear this track, I envision a stadium full of people dancing, clapping and jumping in unison through the different parts of song. It has a placid and unflustered appearance that fills the ambience around with comfort and serenity.
The magnificent shades of blue color names help you discover peace and truth and graces your life with moral values and principles. Its astrological significance is prominently recognized and hence many people use this stone to beautify their lives.

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