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The shed has a very appealing look, but it is also very strong this starts with that impressive, 8 mm thick overlap cladding which they have used for the walls.
As this is a reverse style apex roof, the water will run off at the front and the back of the shed. The framing inside here is something we have seen in this Harwood range before and that is a 28 mm x 28 mm frame. The shed uses solid sheet boarding for the flooring just like the roof and this is a very clever design choice. The shed comes with a ten year guarantee that covers you against rot, but you have to treat and look after the shed properly in order for this guarantee to be valid.
Of course that fantastic window that is on the front of the shed does take away a fair bit of privacy, but to be honest we are fine with this as it is such a great feature. Give the shed a little bit more of a personality by treating that wood with some coloured treatment.
If you are a little concerned about the floor where you will be installing the shed, then you may want to consider adding their plastic shed base which costs ?69.99.
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This is one very attractive shed that has a very smart design which is really going to look impressive in your garden.
We are really impressed with how classy they have made this shed and feel that the design of it would make it something that really would blend into any style of garden.
This means that you do not have to worry about water sitting on top of there, trying to find its way inside. We really like this frame as it is strong and will ensure the shed stays firm for many years, but it is not overly bulky so that it will eat into your storage space.
This boarding is more than able to handle the weight of your tools, gardening items, lawn mower and even you when you are hiding out from the other half. First of all, even though this is a single door, we do not see you having any issues getting anything inside or out of the shed.

We really like how this window is on the front of the shed as we feel that this way you are going to get lots of natural light into the shed. So while the door will stay securely closed, you will have to purchase some kind of lock if you want to make sure your belongings are safe from thieves.
Plus if you do not want people to look inside your shed then you could add a curtain or a set of blinds. Of course you do have to treat the wood once a year, but this is a small price to pay for a shed that is going to last you 10 or more years. We really like the design of this shed and are actually pretty blown away at the high quality of it considering that it is being sold for under ?200.
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Its reverse design with the door and the window right on the front really is quite eye catching. So that you can store many items inside the shed, a strong solid sheet boarding floor has been used. It is a very decent size and while it is called a 6 x 4 shed, actually the width is a little over 6 feet so you do have a fairly decent amount of storage space in here.
There is some very attractive looking sand felt on the very top of the roof that is used to protect the solid sheet boarding underneath.
A good frame should be something that does an amazing job, but you never notice it is there and that is what we feel this one does. The door is very well made as it has some extra framing on the back to keep it strong and it is secured to the shed with these two large black hinges.
Apart from this there is not really anything else you can do to change the appearance of the shed. First of all is their standard hasp and padlock set which is not some cheap brand it is actually a Yale branded hasp and lock and can be added for ?19.99. It should take you around 4 to 6 hours and hopefully your friendship will be intact by the end of it.
While the storage space it offers is better than you would expect from a 6 x 4 shed, it will not take up a whole lot of room in your garden.

Upon download of any film Licensed Material, you will be invoiced a non-refundable access service fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150) USD or such other local currency amount as Getty Images may apply from time to time. The storage space on offer from this shed is actually quite impressive and if you think before you place things then you can really store a lot of items in here such as gardening equipment, tools, garden toys and many other things. That apex roof is not just there to look nice it is there to also ensure that you have no issues of rain getting into the shed. This is actually far stronger than you may think as it can take the weight of lots of snow and even some kind of meeting of all your neighbours cats gathering on top of it. They have not just selected this cladding for you to gawk at and show off to your neighbours They have used is because it does a great job in keeping the elements at bay and it is also very strong.
If you have a family then this type of glazing is perfect as it means even if your child has a right foot like Ronaldo, that window will not leave dangerous broken glass all over the place. A more advanced and pretty cool, electronic alarm system is also available which will really kick your security up a few notches. This is a shed that we really do like and feel that if you want a good cheap shed that has a lot of style then this is the shed for you.
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Along the ridge the shed is actually offering you quite a bit of headroom as it is just a hair over 7 feet high, even the eaves height is very respectable at 5 feet 3 inches.

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