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DuraMax vinyl sheds are extremely durable as they will not rust, corrode, or dent like some unprotected metal buildings and they will not fade, rot, or be susceptible to mildew like some wooden buildings.
Unlike other buildings which have thin, flimsy walls that are easily dented during assembly, DuraMax vinyl sheds are reinforced with metal inserted columns for greater dent resistance, rigidity, and strength. Designed for fast assembly with just common household tools, the 8X6 DuraMate can be put together in just a few hours depending on how much help you have. Though most Shed Nation customers prefer the look of the maintenance-free vinyl exterior, it can be easily painted any color to match your preference.
The DuraMate vinyl shed has stood up well in high winds and has a strong snow load capacity. Anchor Kit - The anchor kit for the DuraMate consists of 4 ground stakes to hold the shed in place. Foundation Kit - The DuraMate has the option of a proper-sized foundation kit which is made of metal. Liftgate - The liftgate service is offered by the shipper to provide delivery to your curbside. Skylight - DuraMate vinyl sheds can accommodate skylights to add natural light to the interior of the garage.
Window Kit - The 8X6 DuraMate can have 1 window kit to provide interior light and ventilation.
From its early vinyl sheds, US Polymers has incorporated a series of incremental changes and improvements over the years to make DuraMax structures among the very strongest and most reliable available anywhere. Research and development is a top priority and DuraMax vinyl structures now employ a proprietary resin formulation that better withstands the intense sunlight present in many parts of the United States.
The main factory in Dubai features complete ISO 9001 certification and is among the most advanced anywhere in the world. US Polymer's main distribution and customer service center is located outside of Los Angeles, CA. DuraMax building specialists are available to assist you with any installation or service questions that you may have. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
This medium size Duramate vinyl garden shed not only helps to ease your storage needs but it is also a great addition to your outdoor environment with its fine design and neutral Ivory colour.
Designed to fit most Australian backyards and large enough to store your mower and all your gardening equipment. Foundation kit can be added to this shed so you don’t have to spend money on getting a concrete slab done or if you are after a temporary storage solution only. Our Duramax vinyl sheds are not cyclone rated and they are not intended for use in cyclonic areas.

ZipMoney is a payment service where you can buy your product, have it delivered and pay later! Lay-Buy is an affordable payment plan option which allows you to pay-off your shed via one down payment, with the balance paid over 1, 2 or 3 monthly instalments.
All DuraMax Accessories Ship FREE when ordered with shed - tick boxes on left to add to order - . DuraMax Storage Track System - Maximise your space by Vertically Storing Bikes or Long Handle Tools. The duramate 8x6 is a surprisingly spacious shed for its size and on the same token it is not overly intrusive in any back yard or garden. The Arrow Northfield Vinyl Coated Metal Shed is available in 2 different sizes; 8x6 and 10x8. Notable features of the Arrow 8x6 Northfield Vinyl Coated Metal Shed are its egg shell roof and wall colour, contrasted with a blue door trim and head piece offering a bright modern shed that will enhance any garden or back yard. Vinyl Storage Sheds are the perfect solution for regaining control over you home, yard, attic and garage!
No other building is available at this size and affordable price with such high quality construction.
They are backed by a long 15 year limited warranty and are perfect for garden tools and general storage. Sometimes in extreme weather conditions extra vents are needed to reduce the internal temperature or help remove humidity with more air circulation. These are helpful especially when building on ground other then a concrete slab as they help keep the structure square, but they are not absolutely necessary in every circumstance.
Its more than 65 years of manufacturing experience has led to the development of one of the most consumer-friendly product lineups of any company in this sector. The frames of the metal structures have been engineered to handle the toughest loads and commercial-grade PVC is used in the vinyl structures. DuraMax structures are made in state of the art factories that employs all the latest quality control techniques and processing equipment to ensure the very highest and most precise build quality. Environmentally-friendly manufacturing techniques are employed wherever possible as all scrap pieces are recycled and even wastewater is filtered for reuse. Each shed is carefully inspected and packed for shipping throughout the country through major ground freight carriers. This shed can be easily installed in 3-4 hours by 2 people and once it is assembled there is no maintenance required.
You are not alone, often people are hit by disasters or have to move and change storage solutions asap. Like all Duramax vinyl sheds the walls are reinforced with metal uprights which provide strong and secure fixing points for shelving.

This consists of a metal sided shed, overlaid in a heavy layer of vinyl coating material (5 times thicker than normal finishes) that will ensure long term durability and appearance. Constructed of durable all-weather vinyl in neutral beige, it will never need painting or treating.
From vinyl storage sheds to metal sheds and steel buildings we have the outdoor storage products and accessories you need. Particularly when building on earth, they provide a stable base upon which to build your shed. From there, it is ready for unpacking and moving in individual pieces to the assembly site. They are made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate and feature two sliding panels that open smoothly. Now a division of the international conglomerate the Harwal Group, US Polymers has become one of the world's leading makers of PVC compounds for use in home products, fencing, pipes, and outdoor storage sheds. You can have a peace of mind that your Duramate vinyl shed will never rust, fade, dent, rot or mildew and it is also fire retardant.
Whatever your reason if you need a shed today but cannot afford it, we have solutions for you!
You can apply for the loan online in a few minutes and organise low monthly repayments which work best for you. A unique feature of this shed is that it comes with double doors offering good access for larger items such as bicycles, lawn mower etc. The foundation weighs about 33 pounds adds two inches of height which is useful in heavy rains and also for keeping bugs out.
They install easily by simply swapping out one of the roof ridges of the garage for the skylight. For extra strength and durability wall columns are reinforced inside by a solid steel structure, which can also be used to hang gardening tools, or shelves to keep your shed well organised. The wall columns are reinforced with a solid metal structure, giving the shed a lot of strength and making it easy to hang shelves or garden tools. It's wind tested to 115 mph and it can support up to 900 pounds of snow (or one large gorilla) on the roof.
Crafted of galvanized metals, it provides a base for installing your shed, ensuring that the shed is square.

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