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This project was quite the task.  For me building is a breeze - it's the painting that is the process!!! I started working on this on Sunday last week - it was built in about 3-4 hours.  Painting took forever, and three colors! The talking garden activity table will help enhancing the language ability of your child and will teach counting one to ten in both English and Spanish. Your Baby Will Love Playing With Bilingual Talking CubeBilingual talking cube is an interactive toy that helps developing your child's eye-hand coordination and language skills in both English and Spanish. Plioz is your great resource for modern baby toddler products © 2016 All Rights Reserved.
The activity series is a list of metals and their half-reactions arranged in order of decreasing ease of oxidation or increasing ability to take an electron. For example, if a Ag+ cation gets close to an Fe atom then the Ag+ cation will take an electron away from the Fe atom.
In contrast, when a Fe2+ cation meets a Ag atom, the Fe2+ cation will not be strong enough to take electrons away from the Ag atom. We look at the activity series and see that H+ is below Ca so H+(aq) can indeed take an electron from Ca(s). Using the activity series can you explain why the metals gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are so highly valued and called the precious metals?
Water activity's usefulness as a quality and safety measurement was suggested when it became evident moisture content could not adequately account for microbial growth fluctuations. Water activity predicts safety and stability with respect to microbial growth, chemical and biochemical reaction rates, and physical properties. While temperature, pH, and several other factors can influence whether an organism will grow in a product and the rate at which it will grow, water activity is often the most important factor.
Water activity influences not only microbial spoilage but also chemical and enzymatic reactivity. Besides predicting the rates of various chemical and enzymatic reactions, water activity affects the textural properties of foods. Water activity is an important factor affecting the stability of powders and dehydrated products during storage. Because water activity is a measure of the energy status of the water, differences in water activity between components is the driving force for moisture migration as the system comes to an equilibrium.
Differences in water activity levels between components or a component and environmental humidity are a driving force for moisture migration. I am so excited to be a part of a great team of educators and moms joining together to bring all of you amazing playful preschool activities each week.
Although I have put an activity into each of the sections below, you will noticed that there are many crossovers as well. The decorative hay and corn kernels serve as wonderful sensory play materials for children. I printed out simple farm words for practicing vocabulary, matching objects, and identifying letters. The Play-a-round activity table is designed to provide support for hours of playing and creative table activities. Please refer to the Specifications to determine what items are included since sometimes the image shows more or less items. Like us or share with your friends for exclusive discounts, tips and other promotions for all your table bases, tops and seating! It can play musical track to listen and sing in chorus for your baby with fun songs and innovative exciting sound effects.
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Very simply, any substance on the right-hand side of the arrows will be strong enough to take an electron from any substance above it on the left-hand side of the arrows.
Figure 1 shows stability in terms of microbial growth limits and rates of degradative reactions as a function of water activity. Water activity, not moisture content, determines the lower limit of "available" water for microbial growth. Water activity may be combined with other preservative factors (hurdles), such as temperature, pH, redox potential, etc., to establish conditions that inhibit microorganisms.
Water may influence chemical reactivity in different ways; it may act as a solvent, reactant, or change the mobility of the reactants by affecting the viscosity of the system. Controlling water activity in a powder product maintains proper product structure, texture, stability, density, and rehydration properties. Thus, water activity is an important parameter in controlling water migration of multicomponent products.
Knowledge of whether water will absorb or desorb from a particular component is essential to prevent degradation, especially if the substance is moisture sensitive. Critical upper and lower water activity levels can be established with respect to microbial, texture, flavor, appearance, aroma, nutritional, and cooking qualities for food products. Each week will have a fun theme for the month or holiday and will cover all areas of early learning including the arts.
We are lucky to have had the opportunity to visit several different farms in the area including a sunflower farm and a dairy farm!
I grabbed a few from the library that were different from some of ours but the ones we enjoy are in Amazon links below.
EST for a live Google Hangout talking about the activities we are doing with our preschoolers for the farm theme.
It combines the clean and simple structure of other Offi Kids furniture pieces, and can accommodate four mini-drawer chairs. Synchronized flashing lights are also included in the activity area of this table to get the baby’s attention and to encourage interactive playtime. Plum Garden Kids Play Table And Chair Set Enhance The Decor Of Any NurseryPlum garden play table and chair set can meet all your desire for modern and functional activity table for your children. The water activity (aw) concept has served the microbiologist and food technologist for decades and is the most commonly used criterion for safety and quality. Therfore, by measuring and controlling the water activity, it is possible to: a) predict which microorganisms will be potential sources of spoilage and infection, b) maintain the chemical stability of products, c) minimize nonenzymatic browning reactions and spontaneous autocatalytic lipid oxidization reactions, d) prolong the activity of enzymes and vitamins, and e) optimize the physical properties of products such as moisture migration, texture, and shelf life.
Since bacteria, yeast, and molds require a certain amount of "available" water to support growth, designing a product below a critical aw level provides an effective means to control growth.
Water activity influences nonenzymatic browning, lipid oxidization, degradation of vitamins and other nutrients, enzymatic reactions, protein denaturation, starch gelatinization, and starch retrogradation (see Figure 1). When the water activity of these products is lowered, undesirable textural attributes, such as hardness, dryness, staleness, and toughness, are observed.
Knowledge of the water activity of powders as a function of moisture content and temperature is essential during processing, handling, packaging and storage to prevent the deleterious phenomenon of caking, clumping, collapse and stickiness.
Some foods contain components at different water activity levels, such as filled snacks or cereals with dried fruits. For example, if equal amounts of component 1 at 2% and component 2 at 10% moisture content must be blended together, will there be moisture exchange between the components? Rates of exchange of moisture through the package and the rate of change in aw of the food towards a critical limit will determine the shelf life of a product. There are so many interesting aspects to farm life from planting and harvesting to the different machines used!
We experimented with the two materials to see which weighs more or less (great math terms).

Buy your offi Play-a-Round Activity Table – White directly from your place confidently now.
This toy will help your kid to develop social skills and coordination with various fun activities. Water may be present, even at high content levels, in a product, but if its energy level is sufficiently low the microorganisms cannot remove the water to support their growth. Table 1 (back page), lists the water activity limits for growth of microorganisms significant to public health and examples of products in those ranges. Typically, as the water activity level is lowered, the rate of chemical degradative reactions decreases.
Low aw products normally have texture attributes described as crisp and crunchy, while these products at higher aw levels change to soggy texture.
Caking is water activity, time, and temperature dependent and is related to the collapse phenomena of the powder under gravitational force.
By definition, water activity dictates that moisture will migrate from a region of high aw to a region of lower aw, but the rate of migration depends on many factors. The final moisture content of the blended material would be 6%, but did any moisture exchange between component 1 and 2?
Knowledge of the temperature, ambient relative humidity and critical aw values will aid in selection of a package with the correct barrier properties to optimize quality and shelf life. Our preschool activities this week touch a bit on many early learning areas including science, mathematics, literacy, fine motor skills, and sensory play. Point out how a small amount of matter of one kind can weigh more than the same amount of matter of another kid.
The removable legs of this product will let your kid to play on convenient travel or on the floor. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table With Jumbo Sized DrawerAll kids would enjoy playing in this spacious Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table. This ‘desert-like' condition creates an osmotic imbalance between the microorganisms and the local environment.
Critical water activities determine where products become unacceptable from a sensory standpoint.
I love to set up discovery tables with both self-directed play ideas and parent-included play time. The talking garden activity table is ideal for use of children aging 12 months and above, and requires 3 x AA batteries to play the music.
Consequently, the microbes cannot grow and its numbers will decline until it eventually dies. For example, moisture migrating from the higher aw dried fruit into the lower aw cereal causes the fruit to become hard and dry while the cereal becomes soggy. If the water activities of the two components are the same, then no moisture will exchange between the two components. Tip: I usually step back and let him explore the materials and tools laid out and offer ideas, ask or answer questions as needed.
Once he is satisfied with his own explorations, I enjoy sharing some simple ideas with him. If two materials of differing water activities but the same water content are mixed, the water will adjust between the materials until an equilibrium water activity is obtained.

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