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Aldi Special buys week 9 released in Friday has got garden products, kids bedroom products, security systems for your house and gluten free food. Aldi groceries with its original retailing strategy and service understanding are one of the best in Australia. With new exhibition of new prices and products Aldi Catalogue special buys week 9 is ready. Start savings visiting these parts of the catalogue and learn about new items being exhibited. Pg; 6&7 offers kids' school products for example musical instruments, stationery, books and DVDs. This week pet food varieties prices are reduced by 32% and you can see the difference between other stores and Aldi on pg; 8&9.
Big gardening deals starting on pg; 10&11 with aqua broom, spray hose, garden cart, drinks tub, and hand tools are another Aldi Catalogue special. Moreover personal care products of Dove, Five Stars, and more brands at lower values, specials of chemicals including laundry powders may be contained on your shopping list. Mamia's high quality baby care and nursery items awaiting for the buyers are priced at surprising rates. ALDI sales: essentials for ever gardener, tools, sheds, fertiliser, hoses, $1 health and beatuy Subscribe to the latest discounts newsletter: Register Help Remember Me?

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One of the biggest jobs was to apply some wood stain to the shed as it was looking a bit tired, so I shopped around and found a huge tin of 'wax enriched timbercare' in Wilkinsons. Applying the wood stain took about 2 hours, not too bad - and once it had dried I planted a new clematis against the trellis. Anyhow, I followed the instructions from one of my gardening books and dug a hole so that the base of the plant was 3" lower than the soil level. I put the iris in this semi circular bed right next to the seating area because it already has some cottage garden plants such as hellebores, aquilegia and veronica so I thought it would fit right in.
The dicentra spectabilis was planted in a neglected little area, between the shed and the tree.
But we will focus on grocery sale of Aldi on this review and baby products featured on the catalogue will be taken as a topic. Published weekly catalogues of Aldi offer general home supplies and majority is changing every week. I haven't used this one before but I've used other Wilko products and they've always performed well, and incidentally Wilkinsons had the best prices for the brand names such as Cuprinol and Ronseal.

I didn't want to paint it with a coloured stain because as much as I like them I want the shed to blend into the garden rather than stand out.
That's the problem with supermarkets selling plants, you go shopping to buy a pint of milk and a loaf of bread and you come home with a clematis and potting compost.
I love this garden but there are some plants missing that I absolutely adore so I've been busy buying them and finding the ideal spot. The shed has been stained, the dicentra and clematis have been planted and I placed this verbena at the front. Hang my lovely Green Man plaque (which I brought with me from the old house) onto the wall. Done! I haven't decided where to put the fuschia yet, I might repot it for now and decide when it's more established. Apparently it's a vigorous grower with plenty of flowers so hopefully it'll give a bit of much needed colour to that part of the garden.

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