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Near the farm stand and looking back toward the main road, you see a home kitchen garden of staggering proportions. My home kitchen garden is off to a horrible start this season on account of endless rain we experienced until mid May. So, with my lettuce bitter and bolting, my brassicas failing, and my tomatoes and chili peppers still getting used to being in a garden rather than in seed-starting planters, strawberry season is upon us. For two weeks, I had no time to process produce, and I feared strawberry season was slipping away. The woman running the farm stand pleasantly told about hassles the rains had caused for them, and graciously gave me permission to photograph the garden plot. My photos reveal that the vegetable-to-weed ratio in an Amish home kitchen garden favors the vegetables. Rows between vegetables are wide and a horse can easily walk there without stepping on the plants. I love this kitchen garden and I admire the energy and intensity its Amish owners must have to plant it and maintain it each year. This offer provides all the information you need to get started with your own backyard chickens.

This home canning starter kit includes everything you need to can your first batch using the boiling water bath method for high-acid foods. A single Amish family plants and maintains this garden to feed itself and to stock the farm stand. In fact, produce vendors at the local flea market had no local strawberries last Sunday, so by Monday I had worked up a lather about having missed out. So, periodically, the farmer hooks a horse up to a cultivator and the horse drags the cultivator along the rows. This lets a horse get up some speed while dragging its cultivator and it doesn’t have to make a whole bunch of quick turns. In this case, the farmer laid down a long sheet of plastic and poked holes through it for onion sets. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Seedlings I’d started indoors became leggy and weak, and I ended up planting lettuce on my deck rather than in my garden. As in every year, when the first local strawberries appeared at the farmers’ market, I cooked up strawberry shortcake and we had only that for dinner one night.

A horse can walk these soil rows, pulling tools that turn the soil and prevent weeds from getting established. The farm stand sat behind a roadside home kitchen garden that would make most kitchen gardeners green with envy.
The farm stand is across the driveway from the front door of the house—I suspect so the family can work inside and emerge quickly when a car drives up to the stand. It was at least 200 yards from one end of the garden to the other, and about 75 yards from side-to-side. The onions have grown up through the holes while the plastic has smothered whatever weeds might have taken root.
Of course, just when the lettuce leafed-up, the rain stopped and temperatures soared into the 90s (Fahrenheit). Of course, an Amish family may grow enough produce to eliminate their reliance on grocery stores… and this family grows enough to feed themselves and to sell to passersby.

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