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Additionally there are a lot of variations in prices between states, and even between cities and between cities and counties.
It was once said that someone in California, with a six figure income could not afford to buy a house.
The fact is that the average cost of construction in California is about $130 per square foot, and many homes cost a lot more than that.
In California most homes contain more luxury, from extravagant plumbing fixtures to the fancy tiled roof.
Additionally South Carolina residents are much more likely to participate in the construction of their homes by purchasing a shell, or by being their own contractor and doing a lot of the work themselves. Most states tend to fall between California prices and the cost of homes in the southern United States, leaving a range of $75 to $130 per square foot as an average, however homes built in the United States as a whole could vary in extreme from less than$20 per square foot for a do it yourselfer building a remote cabin, to $1000 per square foot for an extremely luxurious home. Consumer Friendly Home Building Guide: How to Plan, Build and Buy Your Dream Home, and Save Thousands!
There are three basic options when it comes to building a playhouse: Build it yourself from scratch, buy a prefabricated model or hire a contractor to do a custom build.
As with real homes, playhouses can be constructed using a variety of materials, including wood, composite, vinyl and aluminum.
Keep in mind that some states require any structure of a certain size to have a foundation. Prefabricated wooden playhouses typically cost anywhere from $1,000-$5,000, while custom-built playhouses range from about $3,000 to upwards of $100,000. A very basic 5X5 prefab cedar playhouse might cost $1,000-$1,500, not including delivery or assembly. A larger 8X9 prefab cedar playhouse with features such as functional windows and doors, a porch and planter boxes might cost $3,000 to $3,500. An 8X10 log cabin with a porch, door, windows, flower boxes and interior details such as a mock kitchen might cost $3,700 to $4,200. Answer a few short questions & get free estimates for your project from trusted companies in your area.
There is no such thing as hosting a grand prix on the cheap, but the quickest way to pull it off is to run a street race.
Street races are cheaper to stage than those on purpose-built tracks since they don’t require construction of a new venue.
However, the annual running costs of a street race are far greater than those of one on a permanent circuit. At a total cost of $16 million, staffing is the biggest single expense for operators of street races with the marketing and organisation team alone requiring a budget of around $6.5 million.
Next comes rental of grandstands which costs around $14 million for structures with 80,000 seats.
In total, the annual operating cost of an F1 street race is in the region of $57.5 million.
It means that over the ten-year race duration, the bill for hosting fees totals an estimated $478.1 million with the costs of running the race amounting to $575 million.
Last November, the Mexican Grand Prix returned to the F1 calendar after a 23-year absence with a race on the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez track in the heart of the country’s capital Mexico City. A total of 90,000 fans flocked to the track on Friday, 111,000 on Saturday and 134,850 for the race on Sunday, generating an overall attendance of 335,850. The most successful example of this is F1’s newest purpose-built track, Circuit of the Americas in Austin, the capital of Texas.
Designing a track from scratch gives the promoter complete creative flexibility, which can make all the difference when it comes to attracting interest in the race. Building the track cost around $270 million and then comes the hosting fee as well as the annual running costs which, at around $18.5 million, are far lower than those for a street race.

It means that over a typical ten-year period, building a grand prix circuit and hosting an F1 race costs around $933.1 million. The British Grand Prix should logically be the most secure race on the Formula 1 calendar as its home of Silverstone hosted the first race of the championship in 1950 and has the highest attendance.
Built on the site of a former airfield, Silverstone is owned by the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC), a group of 850 racing luminaries including Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Jenson Button and current F1 champion Lewis Hamilton.
Over the past six years, the BRDC has tried to sell a long lease on Silverstone to reduce the club’s exposure to risk. The track has also been suffering from a loss of rental income after leasing 280 acres of surrounding land in 2013 to business park operator MEPC to clear is debts. Hollywood homes of the stars are certainly different than the homes of average Californians, but most would agree that they all pay more than the residents of South Carolina, not only for housing, but also for food, and labor. The South Carolina retort is, “You can qualify for most of houses around here with a six figure income, but you won’t find a job paying six figures here.” Thus the local economy determines the cost of home building to a large extent, especially the cost of skilled labor.
The average cost per square foot in South Carolina is around $80 per square foot, but why is that? The likelihood that a pool might be included in the construction price is far lower in South Carolina as well. Costal South Carolina has many luxury homes, while some inland towns have a lot of low cost budget housing. In some highly populated areas in both states home building contractors are more expensive and tend to handle the whole job without involving the home buyer. For more information on average new home building costs, see our many other articles on the topic, and download our free 98 page book.
These rooms are a great option for families who may be unable or unwilling to take on a construction project but still want to provide protection for their loved ones. The perfect spot for kids to explore their imaginations, a playhouse provides hours upon hours of fun and entertainment. You can opt for a Playhouse with very few frills or a mock mansion complete with running water and electricity. You could build a two-story, 1,000-square-foot treehouse that would be the envy of kids across town.
Thata€™s enough space for children to move about comfortably, but not so large that the playhouse becomes an eyesore in your backyard.
That does not including finishing options such as the floor kit, shingles and paint, which could add $500 or more.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. With 425 million television viewers every year, Formula 1 gives host nations high-octane exposure and it puts them on the global sporting map alongside exotic venues such as Monaco and Singapore. After all, the only facilities required are seats for spectators and a stretch of tarmac for the cars to race on. They tend to be located on public roads in cities or on the outskirts of town, while permanent circuits are purpose-built venues designed specifically to host high-level motor races. They also promote the host nation more effectively as local city landmarks are seen by the millions of TV viewers. This is because temporary grandstands need to be built and the roads need to be upgraded to F1’s high safety standard, which is known as grade 1 homologation and is set by its governing body, the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile. In total, running a street race requires a crew of around 600 with the vast majority being temporary workers.
Securing a 3.2-mile street course with safety barriers and fencing costs in the region of $8 million which is also how much it costs to rent the pit buildings. While this doesn’t require repurposing roads and building temporary facilities every year, it does incur a huge upfront cost.

The first is using an existing circuit, but this means the promoter has to settle for whatever flaws it comes with and, unless it has been designed with F1 in mind, it could also require significant conversion costs to ensure it is up to grade 1 homologation. It was home to the previous race and has been given a new lease of life, with the highlight being a new section of track weaving through a baseball diamond which was packed with fans on race day. Eye-catching “Back in Mexico” banners were draped all around the circuit, but the real impact was felt further afield. In its first two years, the US Grand Prix had the second-highest attendance of any race, but slipped to fourth in 2015 as it was awash with torrential rain. However, talks are now underway about selling a lease on the track to luxury car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover to secure the future of the race. The British Grand Prix is the only event on the F1 international calendar to receive no government funding.
The BRDC’s plight has led to it paying the hosting fee for the British Grand Prix in arrears meaning that a letter of credit from bankers is necessary for the race to go ahead. Already it gets hard because you have both gracious southern mansions, and tiny weatherboard cottages, and a lot of other kinds of houses in between. Now consider the average wage in South Carolina compared to the average wage in California. The most confusing fact is that one could build an $800 per square foot home in South Carolina or an $80 per square foot home in California, but averages are deceptive of this fact. Unlike the Olympics and football World Cup, F1 is associated with glitz and glamour, and takes place every year. Vehicle, office and utilities payments are around $6 million, with a further $4.5 million of miscellaneous costs, including cranes and approximately 350 fire extinguishers which need to be placed every 15 metres around the track. The average F1 race hosting fee is around $30 million, but the sting in the tail of the contract is that the price increases by as much as 10 per cent every year.
Hotels, therefore, benefit from the race being in the heart of the city, which usually isn’t possible when building a track from scratch as so much space is required. The race organisers then have to sell all the tickets, promote the event and ultimately showcase the host country to the world. Instead, Silverstone has to use the proceeds from ticket sales and has had to boost prices to match annual increases in the F1 hosting fee, which comes to an estimated ?17.6 million this year. As every year goes by the pressure on Silverstone increases because the price of its F1 race hosting fee rises by 5 per cent annually.
There are huge differences between the cost of an economy home and a luxury home, and also between all the various quality levels in between. Averages reflect the number of extreme cases on either end of the spectrum, if they are a significant demographic. Be sure to check with local officials on the rules before having a playhouse built or delivered. Most new F1 race contracts are for ten years so by the end of the agreement the annual fee comes to $70.7 million thanks to the escalator clause in the contract. Adding all the prices of all the homes built in your state during a given year, does not reflect well what your home will cost. Extreme luxury homes also throw off the average, when compared to more modest luxury homes.

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