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These Backyard Chicken Coop pictures will show you some examples and give you some ideas for designing and building your own chicken coop. All of the images used on this website are found in various places throughout the internet and are believed to be within the public domain. If you think any content on this website infringes your copyright please let us know, and we will evaluate and possibly remove the images in question. This coop is built to look like a short flight of stairs, and is made for small urban back yards. For the space-conscious poultry farmer, this coop includes a rooftop garden to shade the chickens when they're in their spacious 25-square-foot run. Also made out of reclaimed wood, this coop looks a little like an old school mobile home, complete with racing stripes. This chicken coop is built to look like a tiny house, complete with shutters on the windows.
Your very British chickens will appreciate this indoor-outdoor living experience in the Buckingham Palace of henhouses.

We started with a heavy duty garden cart we found on Ebay.  These carts are rated for weight over 1,000lbs. We used hardware cloth and stapled that to the insides of the windows for some nice air flow when the weather is decent and the front window will be all season ventelation. We added a balcony for the chickens to chill by the window and check out the goings ons and made a door out of the barn board siding with a traditional "Z" style backing then attached with hinges. It's so pretty I'm checking my pockets to see if I have an extra few thousand dollars I forgot about. This designer's coops are all pretty great, but this one fits the bill for city dwellers who just want to keep three or four hens. This bright plastic coop will fit right in with your kid's garishly colored backyard playhouse.
Your chickens will enjoy a chandelier and other posh decor inspired by the Palace of Versailles. She follows me around the yard, like all of them, but waits for me to sit so she can hop up for a pet.  LUV HER!

This coop is perfect so far.  We've added a chicken door to the side and a movable run which we'll be adding a roof to so they'll have some outdoor space on nasty days. When you purchase the coop, Neiman Marcus will make a $3000 donation to a nonprofit that helps conserve endangered livestock breeds. The young ladies haven't laid me an egg yet, but hopefully in a month or two they will be giving me some lovely eggs.
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