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For those who have a keen interest and a fine eye for vintage wines, whiskey, scotch, vodka and are in the process of stocking the goodies, this is the place to be. A collection of the finest bars and bar furniture from across the globe is what is shown to you in an endeavor to help you construct a well-stocked and a functional bar. If you come across any awesome home bar idea that you think need to be featured here, please mention them in the comments.
Keeping your theme in mind, there are options you can consider for arranging and choosing unique seating.
According to the space that is available in your area, make an effort to custom design your bar.
Your bar should be constructed in a way that minimizes movements of the bartender and keeps all the products within his reach. This bar at George Lycabettus Hotel, Athens provides inspiration with its flowing Bands that cross over floors and reach the tables and chairs situated in different corners of this bar, give it a feeling of continuity.
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While basements get a bad rap at times, if built finished out or remodeled later on,A they actually offer a wealth of extra living space for many purposes and activities. Outdoor bars for the backyard or patio area are more than just a place for serving beverages, they are ideal for cooking, which includes a grill, stone oven, outdoor sinks, refrigerator, or anything that keeps homeowners and their guests outdoors under the stars, without going back and forth into the house. Enhancing a backyard or patio area with outdoor furnishings like a bar set adds monetary value to any home because realtors say that for every dollar that a homeowner invests they can see up to a $2.00 return when it is time to sell their home.
Outdoor bars are extremely popular all around the world, therefore, the materials that are available for making a bar are varied. Furnishings for outdoor bar are also available in a myriad of materials like popular wood choices of teak, cedar, redwood, pine, jarrah, kwila, and roble.
Furniture for an outdoor bar can be constructed in many styles, such as circular, rectangle, square, and L-shaped, depending on the amount of space that a homeowner has. Spruce up your backyard or patio by planning an outdoor bar where people can spend quality time together. Choose the right bar that fits your needs, such as a small bar area for entertaining just a few guests.
Basements are often left out from the general layout of the house and that is rather sad, because usually they offer quite a large space.
One of the basics to start from is to dedicate a day to going through the stuff that accumulated in your basement from all the years that you used as a junk station. If you are not limited in resources you can make the classy finishes like marble tops, dark wood bar stands, leather draped bar stools and marble tabletops. Among the most important features of making a perfect basement bar is to use proper lighting. The last one of back yard bar ideas is the best one I think, it is about back yard pool bar. This is being categorized within gazebo subject plus pool bar subject as well as sofas topic and swimming pool subject and those guys matter .
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If you pick up a lounge bar straight from the catalogue and hope to reproduce it at home, it may not work.
In a bid to stock the best gear, make sure you don’t lose out on storage space for liquor and the glasses.

If he has to run to one end to pick up glasses and pour liquor in the other, he loses time and that creates confusion. A 10 meter long interactive panel that recognizes glasses, magazines, coasters and even your fingers! We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. For instance, a media room, living room, wine cellar, wet bar, gym, office, playroom, man's cave, laundry and guest room are all popular choices for basement spaces. They allow homeowners to entertain their families and friends in a casual setting outside the house. Quality metal components help to create a sophisticated or simple look and it holds up extremely well in all types of elements. These wood types have varying degrees of durability and resistance, but they promise a long lifespan of beauty. Outdoor lighting should not only illuminate the bar area, but it is a security component and it brightens up the whole backyard or patio area. One without a covering when the weather turns is very disruptive to family and friends who have been enjoying a wonderful time.
As a backyard landscape idea, a patio bar strengthens the natural casual feeling of an outdoor environment where families and friends come together to relax and have fun.
Backyard or patio bars are available with many design principles that make them a fun and functional asset which will soon become a focal point of any outdoor landscape. Then of course it is best to draw the possible layout of the basement bar on the paper and decide on the features you will need to include there.
Moreover, it is also a good idea to have a big flat screen TV where you can have the sport’s night parties with your friends if you decide on making a sport themed bar. Since you would want to create relaxing atmosphere it is best to use the accent lights instead of a general illumination. If you have a fish pond or small garden in your back yard, you can build a small bar in the center as the center piece and as the area to gather and held a party with your friends or relatives.
If you choose the second back yard bar idea, you can place some cozy sofas as the substitute of tools. Similarly, if it is a high-volume serving bar, then you may need to have more than one or two beer dispensers.
If you are lucky enough to live in an area where basements are a commonly built element of most homes, you may just be sitting on a myriad of abundant new living possibilities! Ideas for outdoor bars are varied because of the many styles and designs that can be constructed.
Outdoor bar sets can be a fixed structure or a portable design, from traditional, tiki, modern or anything your imagination can dream up.
Decide where you want everyone to come together and how much space you have versus what your plans are for the bar. If you love nature and want to go with a natural wood type, then you have the choice of wicker, bamboo, and many other wood styles. Metal furnishings like stainless steel, wrought iron, and aluminum, will not rust and they are all very sturdy and beautiful. Modern outdoor furnishings are available in natural colors and vivid colors for all creative designs. There are many different styles of outdoor bar lighting features, such as solar, which everyone is moving into. Whether it is day or night, a bar roofing structure helps to make the perfect setting for many barside activities.

Adding the right accessories to an outdoor bar can allow homeowners to enjoy their creative venture year round.
From serving drinks to entertaining guests, an outdoor bar helps to make a home the place for having parties, celebrations of all kinds, or an area for many social events. If you have a basement that is filled with junk and love to have wild intoxicating parties, perhaps you can turn your basement into the home bar? The basic layout of the bar is to include a bar stand, and of course some lounge zone for your guests to relax. That is precisely what this collection of simple, elegant and at times easy to create home bar designs offer. Many specialty home stores already sell outdoor bar sets that generally include a table, bar and matching stools. A less expensive type of material is plastic, whose technology has been improved to withstand rain, snow, wind, and hot sunny days.
The best place to start looking at ideas for an outdoor bar is the particular homeowner’s house. Solar lighting is eco-friendly, an energy saver, and they are easy to install because their power source is the sun.
Of course if you have extra space and resources you can always include other features that we will discuss below.
You are free to place anything and arrange them to decorate your back yard bar and make your guests feel relax so they can enjoy the party and the foods you serve. It is great if you can build permanent seats inside the pool, so your friends will be able to enjoy the foods while feeling the freshness of your pool. Designing an outdoor bar can take on any design concept that homeowners can envision or they can be designed with a theme in mind.
For a wet bar, you will need a water line, electricity for refrigeration and various storage options. Solar lighting is available in varied decorative string lights, post cap lights, floating torches, oil torches, tea lights and lanterns.
Canopy coverings can be as simple as an outdoor umbrella fabric, metal shingles, awnings, wood coverings, and asphalt shingles. Using the same construction materials that are used within the house and that match the outdoors, makes for a more perfect design. Outdoor bar lighting is available in different shapes, sizes and uses and is an ambient part of any decor plan. Some canopies or roof coverings feature built-in glass hangers where people can store martini glasses, wine glasses, or other stemware. Having the right lighting for your bar area helps to make the backyard and patio area safer and very enjoyable to share with friends and family.
This is a great addition to the unit that adds convenience and maximizes storage potential.
They can also be portable because certain models are available with wheels that allow owners to place a simple bar set wherever they want it.
Not only does this make the roads safer for others, but puts you out of any potential run-ins with the law as well.Small home bar that fits in seamlessly with the rest of the houseFrom a party at home that simply rocks, to not having to worry about driving back home, a home bar offers plenty of advantages that go way beyond the aesthetics of it.

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