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The black chrome glass barn sliding door system is part of our frameless glass series of doors which feature both swing doors, sliding doors, barn sliding doors and fixed panel systems. But I have been investigating and the solution is a barn door (or similar) hung on a rail that simply slides across the wall at the side. Now in an ideal world, you would be strolling down a country lane and find a barn door just lying there which you could lug home, clean up and install. For more images that might inspire you I have found this gallery of barn doors for you to look through although sadly it is American but they do ship to the UK and this seems to be the best source I have found.
I'm a journalist who writes about interiors mainly for The Financial Times but I have also written regularly for The Independent and The Daily Mail. Just read this post I am keen to have one of this from our bedroom to wardrobe with a mirror on the front. Enter your email address to subscribe to the blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sliding barn doors are often rustic, embodying the warmth and character of the outdoors, the mountains, and even the cowboy West (like this 6’ wide by 7’ tall barn door illustrated in our new San Francisco showroom). This door operates with sleek stainless steel hardware, with large roller wheels running on a rounded stainless steel bar. I spent quite a long time trying to persuade ‘im outdoors that sliding doors would be a great solution for the bathrooms in this house but I was unsuccessful.

And if it was a beautiful door, which of course it would be, it would look great against the white wall. But there are plenty of places to buy the tracking and hanging mechanisms to perhaps the solution is to find some wood and build it yourself (by which I mean pay someone handy to do it clearly). My house has been in Living Etc, HeartHome and featured in The Wall Street Journal & Corriere della Sera.
I have written for The Financial Times, The Independent and The Daily Mail and several others.
Sliding barn doors can be contemporary or even modern in design, and create an amazing and creative opening in the home. The roller wheels can be mounted to the top of the door (as shown), or mounted on the face of the door with strap hangers, available in a variety of modern designs.
I have an open plan Craftman style home and we’re considering these very doors to make a more intimate setting when we have guest.
He was (ahem) slightly right in that I was talking about a pocket door, which is where a door slides back into the wall, which is quite a big deal to install.
I think I might paint it Downpipe so it would go with the shelves in that room and add to the cosy feel. Our open plan kitchen to playroom doesn’t really work now we have teenagers and let’s face it, who wants the scent of fried onions creeping beyond source?!

For example, here’s a beautiful door with a unique “slotted” design (no glass), manufactured by Sun Mountain in rift and quartered white oak (also from our new San Francisco showroom). And also because, at least in one of the rooms I was referring to, there was no wall for the door to slide into. This is because to get into the room you have to go down two steps so any door would just be hanging in midair and there isn’t room for it to open into the hall.
You can see it here obviously we chose that look but we could have painted the door, or hung a mirror on it.
You could use the rustic slider but spray it gold or silver too – if you wanted it to be a bit smarter.
The planks are held with a simple Z shape on the back – which you could also use a hang a mirror on.

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