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The lowest priced barn shed in our factory-direct line offers Tuff Shed quality for even the budget-minded customer. Our top of the line barn style is our largest standard shed design with the most overhead space of any model. Many people would have bulldozed the building but Philip Barrett-Lennard, a 6th-generation farmer and agricultural consultant, always had a fondness for the place and considered moving his home-office there. AND… it’s a fun, peaceful place to stay with a rustic ambience that charms your socks off. I lived here for 2 months and its been refurbished to a very high standard with great views and a very spacious living area. I absolutely love your site, very informative, creative and inspirational and the pics amazing. MELBOURNE: Recycled brick specialists, face or builder's bricks, colour matching and landscaping supplies.

The features listed below distinguish the Garden Barn from other Tuff Shed barn style sheds.
Heights are measured from the ground to the peak, are based on a 6” foundation and are rounded to the nearest inch. The farm belongs to friends of ours and we stayed in the new building for the first time over the Christmas break. His daydreams of installing a glass box inside were a tad impractical, so the idea expanded to include accommodation for visitors and finally became a B&B-style renovation with room for an office. The rust is not flaky and they have plenty of space in each room so it didn’t seem necessary.
It combines the best features of the lofted barn and cabin, but offers 3 windows and a wrap around porch.
The PRO Series features make it great looking on the outside and full of room on the inside.

I woke up with the birds and, trust me, watching dawn slide over the paddocks from a warm bed in a tin shed is truly magical. The hand-cut beams and old tin roof were features Philip and Sally were keen to retain, so the family set to work removing rubbish, sorting reusable materials and paring the building down to the bare frame. 9 months, with a few quiet moments along the way due to Christmas holidays and waiting on materials. Given the skills and no-nonsense approach of our builder and carpenter, we luckily didn’t encounter too many surprises.
But as you might expect, one of the biggest difficulties was in deciding what materials to use, and how to use them.

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