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BARNSTABLE — The town of Barnstable can call witnesses to testify about public health and safety concerns involving improperly discarded hypodermic needles as part of a legal fight over a needle exchange program in Hyannis, Barnstable Superior Court Judge Raymond Veary Jr. Sign up for our newsletter and have the top headlines from your community delivered right to your inbox. Barnstable Community Horace Mann Charter Public School is a K-3 elementary school located in Hyannis on Cape Cod.
20, when the next hearing in the case is scheduled.Barnstable Superior Court Judge Raymond Veary Jr. That thing looks like some Redneck got new rims and tires for his truck and decided to make his kids a playground out of the old ones. Our current playground was built in 1989 making it 25 years old and is becoming unsafe for our students. Maybe if Barnstable charged $31,000 a year like P-Town their kids wouldn’t have to play in an outdoor Opium Den.
The site seemingly attracts active heroin addicts from across the region.In recent months, HN has observed an increase in unusual foot traffic in that part of my neighborhood. I used to take my daughter there in the summer, the ground is always littered with blunt wrappers, empty cig packs and nips. In the meantime, there may be some cooperation between the town and the group, as a judge has ordered the two to meet regularly to talk about concerns surrounding the program.The AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod has been operating a needle exchange service out of a South Street cottage since 2009, providing those who are addicted to intravenous drugs a means of getting clean needles, a tourniquet and more.

I have observed more and more seemingly intoxicated individuals wandering the once quiet streets of my once quiet family neighborhood. 3 meeting, the board temporarily suspended the town’s cease-and-desist order issued Sept. The goal of the program is to keep drug users safe from acquiring or transmitting HIV and hepatitis.On Sept.
That is the saddest display of a playground these eyes have ever seen, I had to share it with you.
23, Barnstable's Public Health Division Director Thomas McKean ordered a cease-and-desist on the hypodermic exchange program following reports from town officials and others that used needles were discovered in public places. The Hyannis needle exchange has neither, which was the basis for the town's decision to close it down.The needle exchange had been granted a one-week suspension of the cease-and-desist order, initially approved in September by the Board of Health, under the condition the group work with the town to address safety issues with improperly discarded needles, and resolve parking and traffic issues with its neighbors.
McLaughlin didn’t say what sparked the sudden investigation into the AIDS support group.
There is a residential program for babies and young moms recovering from addiction on the corner of High School Road and South Street. I believe these babies are at risk should they wander about those grounds, supervised or unsupervised.
3, Wayne Miller, chairman of the board of health, said he supported the decision to issue and uphold the cease-and-desist order but he preferred that the two parties work together to find a solution, such as the exchange operator employing personnel to pick up discarded needles, instead of settling the dispute in court.Barnstable Town Councilor Jennifer Cullum, who represents the precinct where the needle exchange is located, adamantly opposes its operation.

The group won its second reprieve by way of a lawsuit against the town, its board of health and McKean, arguing the town’s closure of the program was illegal. In fact, in downtown Hyannis there is currently more than 70 social service agencies near to family neighborhoods and schools.We have reached a saturation point.
Page 2 of 2 - The decision called for the town and the group to meet and talk about ways they can collaborate to reduce the number of used needles found in public places and lower the risk of needle-stick injury. There will be a Board of Health Meeting looking into and ultimately deciding the fate of the 428 South Street needle exchange next Tuesday, November 10th, at 3:00PM.
21, town officials, including police and legal representatives, met with Max Sandusky, the group’s director of prevention and screening services, and the two parties talked about how to best handle disposal of used needles, Lynch said.
One idea that was floated included placing collection boxes for needles at a comfort station or police station.

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