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Produce ASTM Type I water Recirculation pump ensures water purityThermo Scientific Barnstead E-pure™ systems meet or exceed ASTM, CAP, and NCCLS requirements for bacteria free, Type I reagent grade water. Sorry, this item is now discontinued but has a suggested replacement.You can compare specifications to the suggested replacement DO-99287-30, browse similar itemsor Contact us for more information.
Recirculation of water between the reservoir, the cartridge and UV lamp ensure water is meeting your most demanding applications - when you need it. Microprocessor controlled purity monitor provides a digital reading of the water purity exiting the system.
Monitoring system alerts you to vital information including membrane performance and when it is time to change the pretreatment cartridge. 6.5 liter internal reservoir incorporates an air filter to prevent airborne impurities from contaminating the water during storage. A dual wavelength quartz ultraviolet lamp (185 & 254 nm) oxidizes organics down to virtually undetectable levels while controlling bacteria within the system.
Integral low water pump protection included ensuring pump protection in the event there is not sufficient feedwater in the tank.

A 0.2 micron hollow fiber absolute final filter at the point of use provides water free of particles and bacteria. Rating: Two Stars - This is one of those routes where a map will be useful in avoiding dead end coves. The Boston Kayaker just launched on the Suncook River from the Parade Hill Road bridge in Barnstead NH. I am following the coast on my left so I do not get distracted with the river branches on the right. Sorry, this item is now discontinued.browse similar itemsor Contact us for more information. Please note: JMI has thousands of machines in stock and the photo of the item taken at our facility is for reference. Please inspect all shock watch indications when you receive the Barnstead E-Pure D4641 DI water system from J.M.
Please note: We may need a deposit prior to sending a video of the Barnstead E-Pure D4641 DI water system to cover techncian costs.

All trademarks are not owned by Alpha Multiservices, Inc, they are property of their respective owners. A built-in, whisper-quiet recirculation pump with pressure regulator ensures Type I reagent grade water on demand. Prices & availability of products listed are subject to change or may be discontinued without notice. Product descriptions, pictures & availability are provided with intent of accuracy; however, AMSi is not liable for errors, omissions or misrepresentations. Data printing at preprogrammed intervals satisfies GLP guidelines; order external printer separately below. Real-time clock and code-protected operating system prevents unauthorized changes to system settings.

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