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We have a tile shower that was leaking a little almost 2 yrs ago - the builder had the tile guy come back and he re-grouted some areas that looked like as the house settled the grout was not in place.
Assuming this leak is on the base of the shower you may want to consider redoing the shower pan to get a proper job.
The leak appears to be right around the drain - as looking from underneath (in the crawl space) the shower. I was in the crawl space changing the whole house water filter and noticed some water (not a lot by any means) on the plastic sheeting we have over the gravel. Depending on actual drain fitting installed, you might be able to unscrew the screen for access to inner workings and add a sealant, and If I recall some are actually screwed in tight and in your case maybe loose. In our old 30ish year old house the tile was not installed correctly at least by today's standards. We had a great builder and except for a few minor things (which they resolved immediately) have had no problems at all with them..

Our good friends at Identity Designs in Jacksonville, FL, who happens to supply us with all of our graphics and printing needs, recently did a matte silver 3M vinyl wrap on a new Infiniti G37. The guys at Identity Designs took the extra time and effort to make this a unique wrap job. They also sealed the shower using some sort of aerosol spray cans (didnt see the cans, just heard the hiss as he did it).. My guess (uneducated) would be that the liner under the shower is funneling the water to the drain which is the lowest area and the only open area. He didnt immediatly say we were out of warranty (which were are by 1.5 yrs) or even mention us having to pay - but said he would get in touch with the tile guy and call me back next week to start correcting it. I hope (and half way except) them to step up to the plate and help us out on some of the cost.. The remarkable vinyl wrap job exceeds expectations taking today’s faddish matte colored exteriors to a new level.

Based on the amount of water on the plastic it has only been leaking for days, maybe a week at most.
Identity Designs utilized the best material in the business starting with 3M’s latest 1080 Matte Silver vinyl. They even took the liberty of wrapping the entire door jams making this project turn out better than one would with traditional painting.
There is no doubt that the customer base for complete vinyl wrapped cars has increased to record levels.

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