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The roof on pent sheds is made of one panel that typical slopes from the front of the shed to the back. Nearly all wooden sheds will need additional protection with the application of wood preservation products, typically applied each year in good summer weather. If your intention is to pot on your seedlings you may want your shed to have an easterly or southerly aspect.
An invested in an allotment shed will also allow you a good structure to build upon for further investment. You may also want to consider purchasing sheds made with wood from responsibly sourced and sustainable forests, such as those that have received FSC endorsement.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. In response to the absence of a fully insulated garden building with any mid-century cool, Cabin Habit brings you cabins authentically recreated (with additional urban-industrial edge) from the old wartime Nissen hut structures. During the Second World War cabins like ours called Nissen huts were used as transportable and cost effective buildings. A TREE-TOP abode, a miniature railway and a fully stocked pub are just a few of the front-runners for the Shed of the Year 2015 competition. Share this post:36040As the man of the household, you can decide to use your garden shed for whatever purpose you like. If you have a pool in your garden, then it may turn out to be a good idea to convert your garden shed into a beautiful pool cabana, where you and your friends or family can relax after a swim. You can either convert your shed yourself, or hire a company that specializes in these types of works. Alternatively, you can use larger sheds to create a small gymnasium for you and your family. In addition to treadmills and other exercise machines, you can also install a small refrigerator in another corner, for quick and easy access to refreshments while you work out. They are somewhere to retreat to, a personal space, a feature to decorate and, perhaps, put up a welcoming sign.

Their function is somewhere to store tools, but if money is an issue you may want to see my post on the best plastic storage sheds. This is a classic shed design, but is often not as strong as shiplap sheds where the panels slot together using tongue and groove joints.
Many allotmenters elect to leave their shed door unlocked so that if thieves come along they will not damage the shed in the process of stealing.
If you include guttering on your shed you have an opportunity to install water butts for rainwater harvesting. A wooden shed standing on wet ground will warp and rot – it may also invalidate any lifetime guarantee that came with your shed. They are the cool alternative to the ubiquitous wooden garden building or modernist cube. So, if you too are tired of the overdone, New England style wooden chalet, or the airy pretensions of flat roofs and sliding glass doors, we invite you to join the exciting curve of cool cabin culture - fill your nostrils with nostalgia, cook up some beans, get your harmonica out and get into the Cabin Habit.
With our addition of uber-retro style, this cost-aware versatility has been a key feature in the design at Cabin Habit.
Increasingly often, men are starting to use such spaces as their personal retreats, where they can exercise their hobbies, their passions, work on various items, or simply create an environment where they can relax. These are exquisite options if you run your business from home, or if your employer allows you to work from home. You will need a desk and some filing cabinets to get you started, but adding some shelves on the walls could not hurt either. Being in the water all day can be really tiring, so having access to a space where you can clean yourself and relax might be well worth the investment. All you really need are toiletries, running water, clothes hangers, towels and some shelves to organize everything. A 20-by-10 wooden shed would be perfect for such a conversion, since it has sufficient space to fit in a number of equipment.
Such a setup will end up saving you a lot of money on gym subscriptions, and will help keep you in shape.
It is now up to you to convert the small garden building into the perfect man-cave, by choosing what you would like your shed to look like, and making it happen.

The boat-shaped shed, owned by Clare Kapma-Saunders, from Southampton, was modelled on HMS Victory and HMS Warrior.It boasts a top deck, rigging, skull and cross bones, a hammock and captain's quarters.Do you have a shed to rival any of these Shed of the Year finalists? There is often a corresponding difference in price, and shiplag sheds often enjoy a longer guarantee of quality.
However, if you intend to store valuable items in your shed this may not be the best option! You could also consider a cold frame in a sunny sheltered position on one side of the shed, or even a plastic growhouse.
Categories best garden office, summerhouse, eco-friendly constructions and 'tardis'.Last yeara€™s winner was Alex Holland from Machynlleth in mid Wales for his boat roofed shed. Built like they used to be in fabulous prefab style, with updated and solid functional materials that are meant to last, we have worked hard to deliver cost-aware versatility and a perfectly retro-styled garden cabin - to dream, to work, to play, to create to store, to stay.
You really won’t find so much solid vintage style, versatility and economy in one garden building anywhere else. This guide provides you with a few ways you can convert your garden shed into the best man-cave. Contrary to popular belief, setting up an office in your garden shed is not as complicated as it may seem. In addition to being out in the open, a shed office will allow you to enjoy peace, quiet and natural sunlight while you work.
If you have a larger shed, you can use the extra space to store your sun loungers when they are not in use.
You could also consider installing running water, so that you can build a small shower in a corner. The quick answer is that your shed should stand off the ground and allow air to circulate underneath it to avoid damp problems.

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