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Digital Storage Research Center: Find the right Digital Storage Medium that best works for you. With capacities measuring in the terabytes, today's hard drives mean that one drive can now serve all your needs, from backup to storing all those gargantuan video files you've accumulated over the years.Of course, with increased capacities comes the need for faster drive interfaces.
And with prices falling across the board, there's never been a better time to beef up your storage capacity.The problem is, how do you choose which drive to buy? Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more!
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Next » View PhotosLaptops and ultrabooks with higher capacity hard disk drives offer the best value for digital data storage by providing the highest combination of capacity, performance, cost and data reliability. There are limitations for sure when using a Chromebook since they are primarily intended as internet-based machine.
Among the key selling point of ASUS Chromebook 12 inch is the impressive battery life that can last up to 11 hours so making through a day is very much possible on this laptop. With 32 GB SSD hard disk technology onboard and fanless CPU, this laptop is virtually silent. The list of the best Chromebook with 32 GB storage wouldn’t be complete without including the legendary Acer C720 Chromebook to the mix. The 14 inch HP Celeron Chromebook is great companion as an online media consumption device with more screen real estate.
Getting tired of deleting all your favorite recordings on the DVR to make room for new content? Offered in a rack-mount form factor, the TiVo Mega makes the solutions provided by cable and satellite providers look puny in size and function.
Of course, if $5,000 is a bit out of your price range, there's always the $599.99 TiVo Roamio Pro, which allows customers to record six shows at once, stores up to 3,000 hours of video, and allows owners to watch live and recorded TV anywhere.

So this can stream live or recorded content online to a phone or tablet and its fine, but Aereo is illegal.
And I'm here with my single 640gb hdd and they bring out a 24 tb storage thing for tv shows. The emergence of both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt means that you can transfer even the largest files across to these drives without tying up your machine for hours at a time.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. The creation of rich content by consumers and businesses continues to push the demand for storage capacity.Hence, the leader in laptop PC market continue to offer their consumers with options, which not only provide the capacity and performance required by notebook and PC manufacturers, multimedia professionals, multi-room set-top-box  and other power users, but also the benefits of a low-power, environmentally friendly drive. As such, everything is stored in the cloud that is why Chromebooks can do just fine with just a meager internal memory. As offline capability of Chromebooks improve through the course of time, it is not far fetched to assume more choices for a bigger storage down the line. Powering this laptop is an Intel Celeron 2.16 GHz (Bay-Trail) processor and a 4 GB RAM which is more than enough to handle online browsing, Google apps, video streaming with aplomb. This entry level has had received positive reviews since it was introduced and currently enjoying an overwhelming approval in the Amazon store approaching three thousand reviews at this moment.
Of course productivity apps by Google will make this a capable companion or even a primary work device without having to think of viruses and malware because Chromium is deemed a very secure OS. Come next year, those days will be over, as TiVo plans to launch a "Mega" DVR with 24 TB of storage capacity. People hate being forced to delete cool stuff from their DVR before they want to or finding a TV show they had recorded is now gone. The device will also come with the TiVo Slide Pro Remote, which consists of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and an RF signal.
So far, the company hasn't set a final price tag, but TiVo expects the pricing to be around $5,000, which includes product servicing throughout its lifetime.

Relatively, today Gizbot has listed a row of best 5 laptops with maximum storage capacity accompanied by best price, impressive specs and worthy deals. While Intel Celeron 1.4 GHz and only 2GB RAM does sound a paltry spec for a laptop computer, Chrome OS runs light with meager configuration and handles day to day internet based activity like browsing the web and playing online video smoothly. That's over 26,000 hours of SD-based TV, making your favorite episodes of Glee just a button-press away.
Now, with TiVo Mega they can always know their show or movie is still there to watch later," said Ira Bahr, CMO at TiVo.
There's also mobile connectivity so that tablets and smartphones can stream and download recorded content, and it has support for TiVo Mini, which brings the recorded content to all TVs in the house.
Content navigation will include a channel guide with filters, "What to Watch," "Collections" and universal search across multiple content providers.
Choosing a drive with a solid, well-made case has more than just aesthetic benefits: it should also protect your valuable data better. Buying Guide15 best graphics cards in the worldIf you intend to use your hard drive as a backup device, consider the quality of the included backup software. Some hard drive manufacturers only offer trial packages, while others include far more functional and useful alternatives at no extra cost. Drives with faster USB 3.0, FireWire 800, or eSATA interfaces are only worth investing in if your computer comes equipped with a similarly speedy connection.

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