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When I asked a dozen random hunters whether they prefer morning or evening deer hunts, most replied that they prefer to go “whenever their wives let them.” When I asked 12 dedicated big buck hunters the same question, most said they have the greatest success in the evening. See what makes morning stands and evening stands effective, how to identify which is best for your situation, and then how to maximize your odds at all times of the hunting day.
Some savvy hunters figure their best odds are to slip into their stands near a food source in the afternoon after bucks have retired to their beds and wait for them to return as the sun sets. Hank Tassitano has killed dozens of Pope and Young-caliber bucks on public and private land from Maine to Kansas.
If you don’t have a wife like Hank’s, a good strategy is to place your stand in the woods near a food plot’s edge so you can shoot deer that enter it but also can climb down undetected after dark. Most of the mature bucks I’ve killed were taken in the morning, amid oak woods while they vacuumed acorns. Last year I killed an old, 165-ish, 13-point buck by slipping into the woods in the afternoon.
In the end, don’t assume you’ve got a morning stand or an evening stand based on what you think.
We’ve all heard people talking about how they’ve shot a coyote at a thousand yards on a dead run.
If you want to maximize your productivity on stand you might be asking when is the best time to coyote hunt?
A few years ago I planned a coyote calling trip with a couple of good friends, one of which was new to hunting coyotes.
I recently started shooting in a trap league one night a week to continue practicing shotgunning coyotes. As I browsed through the shelves at Cabela’s I was in search of a cheaper method to take coyotes than Hevi-Shot Dead Coyote. Probably the biggest question, for good reason, that gets asked about coyote hunting is where to find coyotes. 10 mobile apps whitetail addict - north, Mark kenyon rounds up the best mobile apps for deer hunters. Enter your email to get the best whitetail deer hunting tips, big buck stories, gear reviews, and venison recipes in your inbox - plus store discounts and special offers from our partners. A fan favorite since the first season, the rut episode on Deer & Deer Hunting TV gets viewers ready for the most exciting time in deer hunting season. Discover the tactics and strategies hunters need to put them in the woods for the best chance at tagging that prize buck.
Deer & Deer Hunting magazine is packed with exclusive articles and strategies to make you a better hunter. This new, easy-to-navigate searchable CD gives you instant access to all six 2006 issues of Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine.
But the way I hunt every day of the entire season, it just doesn’t matter to me because I am hunting anyway no matter what. It was the second day of the Michigan deer season many years ago in the 1970s, and Tribe Nuge was giddy with excitement to be a part of this powerful 800,000 strong heavily armed society of venison addicts.
Nestled deep in the bowels of the vast Manistee National Forest in Northern Michigan, my dad, brothers and Uncle John and I awoke to a thunderous downpour. It was a classic November rainstorm, with sheets of solid water slamming down on the world around us.
But alas, the defiant one would not listen to reason, and donning a huge rain poncho, I rubbed an extra coat of gun oil on my Browning 7mm Mag auto rifle, and said adios to my family.

To snickers and guffaws and accusations of mental instability, I slammed the door behind me and sloshed into the waterworld and up the driveway of soup towards the big timbered ridges above the cabin. With each splashing step I must admit that I too questioned my sanity, but I was committed to deer hunt during the window of opportunity at hand despite the overwhelming odds against me. I swear to God, I had not been gone two minutes and maybe 75 yards up the powerline, the distant glow of the cabin light flickering behind me through the relentless downpour, when a trio of large does walked across the right of way just 60 or so yards before me.
To say we were all incredulous and shocked would be an understatement, but that’s exactly how that magic memory unfolded, and it forever imprinted on all of us. I could share many such experiences very much like that moment of deer hunting basics defiance, and each one has taught me the simple truism that the absolute best time to deer hunt is any and every time we possibly can. I know all about solunar tables, moon phases, high pressure fronts, low pressure fronts, cold spells, hot spells, planet alignment, voodoo, gris-gris, witch doctors, animal sacrifices, chieftains, prayers, folk lore, gurus, holy men, symbols, signs from God, the rut, pre-rut, post-rut, second rut, clean up rut, and every known and claimed advantageous rumor, plan, strategy, tradition and trick in the book.
Back when I couldn’t hunt every day, and before I got smart enough to take off the entire season so I could hunt every day, I learned that the best time to hunt is whenever we can. Sure, we can manage our priorities and schedules so as to take off the period of the rut that we love the best, and that seems to be the best strategy for hunters who have responsibilities that limit their hunting time. If a guy can coordinate his vacation time to coincide with the dark of the moon and the pre-rut, surely his chances increase as best they can.
But do not underestimate the real world chances of random hunting time, as the record book and venison jammed freezers are full of examples of kills during less than ideal time periods. When crops are still up, acorns are dropping everywhere, wild fruit trees are hanging rich with bait, the moon is huge, or the temperatures remain sweltering or extraordinarily warm, or the rain just won’t quit, it just doesn’t matter to the guy who has a break and a chance to get out there when he can. I would much rather be out there in deer country, being a part of whatever weather or any conditions there just happen to be, using my best strategy to get in the way of a deer for any possibility that may come along. When mast is available and deer can feed in the cover of woods, mature bucks will eat and loaf for a good portion of the morning. Empirically, I tend to see deer feeding at night under a full moon and at midday more so than on a new moon when I believe deer move at first and last light. So it’s best to know what type of setup you have and manipulate it to your advantage if you can. He says that in the early season he prefers evening stands, especially if these stands must be accessed by walking across open fields.
On cool mornings mature bucks don’t necessarily bed after feeding at night if they have the option to browse in cover. My favorite stands are in oak funnels or near creeks in oak forests that I can access before dawn.
While this stealthy “sneak in” strategy can also be used for evening stands, on my property I see more deer in the minutes after dawn than the minutes before dusk.
I arrowed him as he ate acorns while waiting for darkness so he could visit a food plot a few hundred yards past my stand location.
What effects does temperature, barometric pressure and moon phase have on coyote hunting and how can you use them to your advantage? We made plans for the trip and loaded up all of our gear and travelled a good distance from home for a day of calling.
There are many different calls out there and the task of choosing just one as the best coyote call is probably more a matter of opinion than reality. This week’s all-new episode of Deer & Deer Hunting TV will reveal which five days to take off from work and head to the woods for this year’s rut and the best chance at intercepting a lovesick buck. Make the most of the rut this year with expert predictions for both the north and the south.

Plus, the Deer & Deer Hunting TV team discusses some interesting insight you need to know about the behavior of rutting bucks.
Today you are invited to receive 12 issues of the nation’s #1 whitetail hunting magazine for only $19.99. So heavy was the rain that we couldn’t see the lake only a few yards in front of our snuggly wilderness log cabin. A glowing fire roared in our fireplace, and over steaming cups of coffee we all agreed there was no way anyone could hunt in this weather, and surely the deer would be hunkered down in the nastiest cedar swamp thickets they could find, and where no one could find them.
And I was certain everyone back in the cabin had heard the shot, and I was also certain they figured I had shot just to make them wonder if I had indeed shot at a deer. Most of them have some validity to varying degrees under varying circumstances in different regions under different conditions. I suppose that week or two prior to the actual rut is universally considered a prime period for ambushing bucks with their guard slightly down and maximum deer movement during daylight hours. Mature bucks are fully aware they can move undetected in darkness, so they wait until dusk to exit thick cover, feed under the stars, and slink back to their shady beds as temps begin to rise.
If hunters can access funnels or trails leading to these spots undetected and let the deer feed toward them on their way back to their midday beds, morning stands can be dynamite. The key is to take notes on your hunting property in order to study a large data set over time. Of course, the best time to hunt depends on stand locations, access routes, deer travel patterns, food sources, wind, hunting pressure, and other things—all of which change frequently—so as in all deer hunting, nothing is cut-and-dried. A good, favorable wind in my opinion could be described by any wind that will not disclose what you are or your location.
If you have the luxury of choosing which days you would like to get out calling, then answers to these questions will help you know when the most productive times would be to be out in the field. We arrived to the area we were going to hunt just before daylight and began getting our coyote hunting gear ready. Did your dad teach you the fundamentals or have you had to overcome your bad habits as you continue shooting. While most of the guys involved are shooting an over and under shotgun, I have been using my field shotgun. The first being a box of Winchester lead BB shot and the second being a box of Hevi-Shot Hevi-Metal also in a shot size of BB.
If you do a search on the internet for coyote numbers you will find the number of coyotes are growing. If a hunter bumbles into a feeding area before dawn while a buck’s still in it, that hunter might as well turn around and surprise his wife by being home early.
This should make finding a coyote easier, but with the popularity of more and more people going out to hunt them it makes it much harder to bring them in. I hang morning stands months in advance, so I don’t clank through the woods like The Tin Man.
We wanted to hunt together so we could enjoy the stories, but there was just no place to hide the truck.

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