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I had the privilege to travel to Des Moines two weeks ago to tour the Better Homes and Gardens headquarters, it’s one of those things I’ve dreamed of doing for years so it was thrilling for me!
The big highlights for me were touring the facilities including the photo sets, prop rooms, photography studios, and test kitchens and gardens. Here’s another scene being shot for a future issue of DIY Magazine where they team is creating a living room and photographing some projects for an upcoming spread.
Our tour led us into a photography zone off of another kitchen where the magazine was shooting a delish dish. Editor and Stylist Eddie Ross gave a presentation on adding your own twist to basic decor, he’s so talented, here he is demonstrating how he decoupaged a basic frame with tortoise shell paper to give it a high end look, love that!
Around the corner was the BHG Test Kitchen where they test all the recipes that make it into the magazine.
The group was led on a tour around the botanical gardens which are open to the public on Fridays during summer (as I recall) and it’s one place where they grow and cultivate many of the garden stories that appear in the magazine. This is somewhat random but along the tour we walked through an atrium filled with all of these metal pom poms suspended from the ceiling, very colorful and whimsical, I loved them.
The main focus of the event was to kick off the BHG Live Better partnership between BHG and Walmart.
It was an exciting event and I’m grateful to be part of the larger group in attendance, I loved every minute!
My favorite home accents are the Coolidge Area Rug (Cheveron) and Fish Hotel by Umbra White – how CUTE! The countertop by which Nancy is standing is spectacular, it looks like granite to me, if I remember well, brazilian or South African (?), I am in awe.

They start with their featured product and then design the room around the product, including putting walls, windows, doors, fireplaces, etc. Yes Pam, all products will roll out at Walmart over the next few months, many are already in stores. This one is a garden shed built with old windows and is added a day bed so that you can enjoy your time in the garden remaining undisturbed. These two garden sheds are designed to serve as living space and your guests will surely want to spend time in these. This shed is a bit raised from the ground level and is designed as a play and activity area for kids. This green house turned into a living area is looking so magical with the all white interior and a sheer fabric canopy that hangs above the sofa.
So, if you have a garden shed or greenhouse empty and useless, give it an uplift and turn it into the space of your choice. Garden Shed With A Country Appeal - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
There was a group of us invited to the BHG Style Showcase event where the focus was on the new line of BHG products available at Walmart.
When you admire a magazine for over a decade (and have the opportunity to work for it too!) it’s so nice to get a peek at where all the magic happens. Now Walmart carries BHG products that possess their style and quality at affordable prices. I'm a renovator, decorator, and do-it-yourselfer who writes daily about great interior design and smart home improvement.

The entrance is so welcoming and bright and your kids are surely going to have some really good time.
A lot of use of colors is made and enough amount of plants are also added making this place completely blissful. With the use of every vibrant color from the furniture to the lanterns hanging from the ceiling this place is altogether fun. We got a sneak peak at what’s arriving in stores and there were so many pretty accents and furnishings in the collections. Thanks BHG for the invitation and to the BHG Live Better Network for the introduction to the new line of decor from tabletop to bedroom, bath, and patio.
Then they surround the featured product with their choice of acres of free accessories from the warehouse. Welcome to the place where I share my advice and adventures in decorating and DIY projects! This can be made possible by revamping your garden shed or greenhouse and turning it into a afternoon nap room, living room or even a playhouse for kids.

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