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The chain is testing a "Grand Mac" and a "Mac Jr." The "Grand Mac" hasA 61%A more beef than the regular Big Mac, an extra slice of cheese, and a larger bun, Columbus Business First reports. McDonald's also recently revealed it would be building a new restaurant with all-you-can-eat fries. The Ivory Coast is Africa’s fastest growing economy, according to the IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook. Private cities like Akright have special significance on a continent where most urban infrastructure was designed for a long-gone colonial elite.
In popular imagination of Africa, the continent is more famous for its savannahs than its skyscrapers.
What starts out as as special and intimate place to share things grows into a big, impersonal, and professional platform.

Some online communities try to preserve the special and intimate at the expense of adding new users. It went mainstream but didn’t lose its appeal, because even if it lost that special and intimate feeling, it has become an essential utility for keeping up with friends and family. Facebook is still the first place where people are compelled to share meaningful updates like engagement announcements, baby photos, and vacation photos. A home for your personal press releases.Which is why the decline in meaningful personal updates is a big problem. The company has done a great job of curating professional content and giving users what they like, and as a result, Facebook is more addictive than ever. Even as analysts fret that Facebook is running out of Internet users to add, the company is turning millions of monthly active users into daily active users.

It wouldn't be that difficult for a competitor to steal users away with a better, more addicting news app, or a better, more addicting way to watch viral videos, or a new, more addicting way to consume entertainment. Beyond that, all those inside jokes, blurry photos, and half-baked opinions you used to Post now feel out-of-place amid all the professional content.On the other hand, personal updates--including the half-based opinions, but also the baby photos, engagement announcements, and vacation photos--are what keep people coming back to Facebook.
The platform no longer feels like an intimate conversation among friends, so users no longer expect full privacy.
There's always the risk that something could go viral and cost the person who posted it their job or worse.

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